Best Online Proxies for Schools and Colleges

Pick the best online proxies that provide access to restricted content on school and college devices with multiple IPs and military-grade encryption technology.

By Customer Feedback

  • No data limit for web browsing in schools.
  • Kill switch automatically cancels inactive operations.
  • Ultimate protection from IPv6, IPv4, and DNS leaks.
  • IP leak protection for students using college devices.
  • Ad-free streaming facility available for free users.
  • Unlimited data traffic for uninterrupted torrenting.
  • Hides users' IP addresses and browser information.
  • A large set of proxy servers for users to switch easily.
  • Complete control over the usage of cookies and scripts.
  • Easy access to social media sites for digital promotions.
  • No additional software is required for unlimited access.
  • Offers HTTPS proxy network for access over servers.
  • Affordable proxy plans with no data or bandwidth limitations.
  • DDoS protection and no logs provide unmatched privacy.

A Buying Guide to Choose the Right Online Proxies for Schools and Colleges


No student would want to be caught red-handed by the school or university officials while streaming or browsing restricted content on devices owned by themselves or the school. So, to avoid such a situation, it is highly suggested to use online proxy websites which are available free of charge or even the paid ones to stay undetected with hiding the IP while using the net.

What are the Uses of Proxies in Schools and Colleges?

It is a fact that this list of proxy sites help maintain security and privacy from ISPs (Internet Service Providers). Likewise, they are beneficial to mask and change the location of IPs to get information from restricted websites for students who deeply indulge in research. They are also used to unblock torrent websites which help in downloading videos related to entertainment or content banned by the university or school.

They are not only limited to the regions in the user’s home country; some of the most popular private and residential proxy services provide servers all over the world to get updated information about all educational streams and access international media like movies and documentaries. The military-grade encryption technologies and no-log policies of these programs will keep the user anonymous.

Applications of Online Proxies

These high-quality proxies are responsible for 100% security, and privacy on any website users open using a college’s or a school’s internet.

The compatibility of these software tools is not limited to some specific devices or browsers, so they can be installed and used on any web browser as extensions and applications on devices like smartphones, laptops, etc. of Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the best proxies for schools and colleges?

HideMyAss (HMA),, Proxysite, and 4everproxy are a few of the most reliable proxy options available on the market for school and college students.

2. Is it illegal to use proxies at schools?

No government is against you or will try to punish you if you use proxies at school. But accessing anything which is banned for a reason will put you in a difficult situation.

3. How can one get past a college firewall?

To get past a college or university firewall for research purposes, students can use safe proxies which allow encrypted data transfers, change of IP location, and hidden IPs.