Best WordPress SEO Friendly Themes

Explore plenty of SEO friendly wordpress themes with high flexibility, and well-organized layouts for professional websites.

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  • Equipped library allows importing ready-made sites
  • Best for freelancers and hobbyists
  • 100-speed grade WordPress theme
  • Modern one page theme with high performance
  • Offer slider and video headers
  • Customized homepage with shortcodes
  • User-friendly mega menu to arrange content
  • Synchronized with Javascript to increase page speed
  • Easily change the background colour and parallax effects
  • Header option includes social icons, logos and more
  • Over 630 advanced typography functions
  • Offer optimized codes and secure website
  • HTML5 and CC3 language ready
  • Premium technical support service upto 24/7
  • Powerful panel and well-documented WordPress theme
  • Powerful and fast page loading WordPress theme
  • Enjoy free plugins and market vectors
  • Drag and drop content page builder
  • Auto-updates with Envato market plugins
  • Unlimited sidebar wrapper
  • Multi-site page for education, spa, a technology company.
  • Simple editing system for images, videos
  • Integrated with Mail chimp and Google analytics
  • Proven techniques to improve conversion
  • Fast and clear theme for a better visual experience
  • Automatically get visitor call while browsing the site
  • Risk-free environment with a money-back guarantee
  • Lightweight and unmatched theme performance
  • Intuitive and deep integration with Woocommerce
  • Page builders like site origin, elementor, visual composer
  • Archive page with control designs in blogs
  • Search engine optimization for high ranking
  • Retina ready and crisp sharp on screens
  • Updated WP page builders
  • Compatible with Contact form 7, total cache
  • Responsive designs for a better visual experience
  • Offer video tutorial and theme documentation
  • Admin panel helps to upload colour, menus
  • Solid framework for high performance

Useful Tips for Selecting Most Popular Seo-Friendly WordPress Themes

SEO plays a crucial part in making a website successful, especially if you want to get sufficient traffic for your website. But making a search engine optimized, the website requires advanced technology and a big budget, which is quite difficult for beginners, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and online shops. 

Fortunately, nowadays, WordPress has developed as the most used CMS or content management system today worldwide. In recent times, more than 30% of websites run on this platform. So it is considered one of the best CMS platforms. 

So, the high demand for the best WordPress SEO friendly themes for website development has increased tremendously due to massive traffic.

Precautions While Picking a WordPress SEO friendly Theme

In this tech-savvy world, it is essential to create every type of website. So, every WordPress needs to be SEO friendly and cater to a different market. That you want to use should complement the content of your website. 

For instance, if you're going to create a blog on social issues or politics, you need to choose a theme for your website, improving the readability. While selecting the best for your WordPress, then the available Theme can be overwhelming. 

To choose the top WordPress themes, you have to narrow down your search according to the functionality, style, user-friendliness; these are extremely important for creating a WordPress website. 

You need to ensure that your selected Theme can be optimized for search engines. SEO is significant for being successful in your website to get a high rank in popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing and attract massive traffic for your website. 

It is recognized as a well-known platform as it is SEO friendly; it offers clean code instead of some of the hand-built sites. That's why it loads faster, as well as easily. 

So, selecting good quality and the top WordPress themes will leverage this further. 

Exciting Features To Look Into Before Buying Seo-Friendly WP Themes

Here are some significant considerations to add to your checklist while selecting the best WordPress theme to ensure SEO-friendly. 

Mobile Version

When smartphones were not used, mobile versions of websites were not needed because at those days; the users usually accessed the website on the desktop. But now, of course, the situation is a little different. Currently, the website is created with the mobile version in mind.

So, you need to select the best WordPress themes that are designed with the mobile version in mind because most of the people today access the internet on mobile, and even they shop online through mobile. That's why recently, Google rolling out Mobile-first indexing is more important than ever. 

Browser Compatibility

Users will view the website on different screens, but they will also see it on other browsers that the website owners always want. Browser compatibility is one of the essential features for every web page that can be viewed on any web browser. These browsers can be found on any web browser.

The essential browsers to ensure your WordPress theme is compatible include Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc. The websites which cannot adapt to the different web browsers must have a high bounce rate. It is not suitable for SEO. So websites need to be compatible with other web browsers. 

SEO Plugin Compatibility 

We, who used WordPress, know very well that itself it is fairly SEO friendly. With these plugins, you will be able to ramp up your website's success. There are varieties of Plugins to choose from; they offer different but useful features. 

After selecting the themes, you need to ensure that you are selected. It offers the highest compatibility to the SEO plugins. So you can get the freedom to add your preferred plugin. 


You need to search for the most effective Theme created by expert developers who perfectly know about the most updated SEO best practices. They have incorporated these into their design. Most effective SEO-friendly themes are correctly coded into clear, clean, and optimized code. It only includes a variety of features that enhance the usability, responsiveness, and mobile-friendly layout. 

Avoid Homepage Sliders

If you add a sliding carousel at the top of your website homepage, it might look very smart and updated, but it can hinder the website's SEO. It helps to avoid these sliders. Otherwise, you need to compromise the ranking of your website. 

The homepage sliders utilize multiple H1 headings for every page. But the best Seo practice is the opposite of this heading on the homepage. The sliders can slow down the loading of the homepage, which can make the visitor frustrated. It can significantly impact Google or search engine ranking because search engines always prefer the speedy website. 


Your website needs to view different devices and windows, which means it needs to be responsive. And this is the desire of everyone that websites' users must have a good viewing experience regardless of what device or platform they are using. 

WordPress's responsive themes like Hestia Pro WordPress Theme always have a fluid layout that can adjust the WebPages to suit the Smartphone, Laptop, Tablet, or computer. 

Search engine optimized websites that meet the users' requirements include those websites created to be viewed over different devices or platforms. 

User-Friendly Navigation.

Enhancing the chances to attract and engage visitors. Your selected WordPress theme like Adsense must have effective and increased navigation in a convenient location so that the visitors can find the information very quickly. 


While choosing the WordPress theme, we depend on the matter, and then we don't pay attention to anything else. But we must also find a decent quality WordPress Seo friendly theme like NEVE

The above guideline is extremely useful in finding out the best Theme according to your website requirements. Your website gets a higher ranking in the search result of a popular search engine.