Best Magazine Themes For WordPress

Create and customize online magazines with premium, and responsive Magazine WordPress Themes, it easily adapts and supports in all smart devices.

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  • Complete tool kit for frontend web design
  • Smart and flexible header builder
  • Built-in translation panel with 90+ languages
  • Monetize with ease Adsense and Banner Ads
  • Ultra high resolution graphics layouts
  • Extended layouts with unique animation effects
  • Customizable filter panel for all post modules
  • Enhanced price comparison functions and affiliate features
  • Hybrid wordpress template with multi store features
  • Modern wordpress theme for articles and blog posts
  • Designed to handle large amounts of content
  • Easy google analytics support
  • Includes WPBakery page builder plugin
  • Flexible layouts for every template
  • Perfect wordpress theme for online news
  • Customizable typography settings
  • User friendly navigations
  • Features 9+ modern and unique layouts
  • Elementor blog and RTL wordpress theme
  • Specially designed theme for magazine
  • Gives elegant look on all screen resolutions
  • Supports all premium wordpress plugins
  • Dedicated support team answers queries 24/7
  • Unique posts system eliminates duplicate posts
  • Ideal magazine style wordpress theme
  • Contains different social icon options
  • Sticky menu feature enables easy navigation for visitors
  • Built with elegant features to customize website
  • Contact form feature for email inquiries
  • Inbuilt schema attributes increases search results
  • Ready to use wordpress templates for magazines
  • Adaptive layout gives best user experience
  • Responsive theme with pre-designed templates
  • Provides extensive control of typography
  • Unlimited layout combinations with integrated search functionality
  • Fantastic shop layout set and Woocommerce compatibility
  • Creative magazine theme packed with professional features
  • Redux framework with admin back-end settings
  • Premium wordpress theme with latest browser technologies
  • Unique homepage builder with 25+ custom elementor widgets
  • Easily accessible language translation plugin
  • Creative and modern homepage layouts

How To Opt For Best Magazine Themes For Wordpress

When it comes to selecting a theme for websites, the process could get a little daunting. Beginners especially get a little overwhelmed. But, WordPress is easy to use and has tons to offer for different industries and businesses. While some themes are paid, the others are not. It is easy to choose and create magazine themes for WordPress with a plethora of options available with the technology today. One can create any theme, keeping in mind their ideology and specifications. There are certain things to consider while finalizing a theme that will complement your site, especially when choosing WordPress's best magazine themes.

Features of Wordpress Magazine Themes

Beginners usually opt out for free platforms, but tons of paid options are available that offer more than the free WordPress Themes for magazines.

Free WordPress Themes for Magazine Websites

  • The themes come offering simple and easy designs.
  • There are limited options and settings associated with this feature that helps to make changes in website development.
  • The magazine theme creator sometimes ends up not supporting all updates.
  • There isn't much support available on these websites.
  • The thing with free WordPress themes is that the coding might not be up to the mark and get a little disruptive to work with.
  • The security of the website reduces every time the portal is not updated.
  • It is recommended to check the reviews of different magazine themes and then come to a conclusion.

Premium WordPress Themes for magazines websites

  • The themes are quite affordable.
  • WordPress themes are usually high in quality since they are constantly being checked and updated for bugs by the creators.
  • These themes are usually sold by companies and come offering great support.
  • WordPress's premium magazine themes come with great customization options that are well organized and help people navigate easily through their design interface.
  • Usually, most websites come with user ratings and even sellers' ratings.
  • These themes come in a more complex design but are unique and different.

So, if you are looking for something simple and do not have too many plans for customizing your website, one recommends going in for a free theme, where one does not require too much support, and they are easy to use. If you are looking to create and build a website for a particular magazine business, then the correct option would be to go in for the premium WordPress themes. In earlier times, when free magazine themes for WordPress were not available, one had to get the hang of a coder and make them build their websites from scratch. With the themes and templates that are provided, all this becomes much easier to create and use.

Tips To Select The Perfect Wordpress Magazine Theme

A lot goes into making a website, and lots of points need to be considered before choosing the right theme and template. Even though there are many best themes on WordPress, you would still want to go with something unique and creative. Not all themes come with efficient functionality and features, and hence, one needs to carefully assess these factors before knowing which one to go for.

Theme or Framework?

So, WordPress does not only offer themes but also uses something called frameworks wherein one uses child themes for improving the customization on the front end. There is a difference between stand-alone themes and frameworks listed as follows:

WordPress Themes

  • These are built to work away from the core WordPress technology
  • The settings in these are quite a lot, but lots of people can download the same theme.
  • Many customization options are available, but sometimes they can have difficult coding that can get you stuck.
  • There is great support and communities when it comes to common themes.

Theme Frameworks

  • Frameworks usually work with the parent themes to control the child themes.
  • One doesn't need to know when it comes to coding because frameworks come with advanced modifications requiring only a few clicks. Lots of them come with front-end drag and drop options.
  • Great support and communities are available for frameworks as well.

What happens usually and that too with beginners is that they end up buying the theme, uploading it, and realize that their website looks nothing close to what they had imagined and the demo had projected. But a magazine theme or blog theme for WordPress doesn't start working as soon as it comes out of the box. Some themes work better than others, but one should consider the reviews and then take a call. One thing that could be considered is taking a look at the features list in the dummy content. This helps you understand what content can be uploaded on your website and its supposed look. This demo content helps place menus, images, and text on your websites, which provides you an idea of how your website looks in the future.

Important Points To Consider While Choosing Wordpress Magazine Themes

Easy-To-Use Interface

One must consider whether the settings are organized for the theme or not. Some developers end up scattering their settings, which eventually becomes quite complicated when one has to customize their website or manage it. The settings should be nicely organized in a single tab on the left-hand side of the dashboard. Websites like Soledad and ReHUB have Accordion-style tabs or button settings easy to use and find on the websites.


When you create and choose magazine themes for WordPress, you should keep in mind the fact that it should be compatible and responsive for all devices present. Usually, people end up browsing through their smartphones, and hence, the themes should work well on smartphones. If you choose a non-responsive theme, it would be like a useless investment, and one needs to always keep up with the changes in technology. Do not believe everything that has been said to you. Once you buy the theme, test it on all devices and if it doesn't work for you, then ask for a refund.

SEO-Friendly Tools

One should easily install plugins with your magazine themes for WordPress, and if it does not support that framework, then dive into the SEO mentions and test it.

Ability To Customize

You often might come across a theme that makes use of professional fonts. The best magazine themes for WordPress come with unlimited font changes and offer unlimited color changes as well.


For choosing a magazine theme for your WordPress website, above are some of the points that need to be considered into account before going in for something that works for you and your company. Magazine themes are meant to be either quite colorful or must ooze class, and such options are easily available on WordPress. Still, always look into a theme that is easy to use and navigate through. Because magazines use many images, one must go for an image-heavy theme and carry such a heavy load. It is also recommended to go for a paid theme like  Newspaper because it has more to offer and has great support that might be quite useful for your website.