Best WordPress Blog Themes

Wordpress theme provides highly customizable templates and fonts to beautify your words for easy reading practices.

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  • Personal and commercial license with SSL encryption
  • Free installation and setup with premium themes
  • Mobile friendly WooCommerce layouts
  • Customization upto unlimited possibilities
  • Great themes for bloggers and designers
  • 1 click WordPress installation with Domain name
  • XML demo content
  • 30- days of a money-back guarantee
  • 800+ of premade layouts and illustrations
  • Completely customizable with CSS styles
  • Advanced drag and drop feature
  • Menu location with primary navigations
  • Inline text editing and stunning text shadows with a draft box
  • Build an unlimited website with a single membership
  • Advanced code editing with CSS
  • Multi-select feature for bulk editings
  • Custom text with on Header image
  • Fully SEO optimized with multi web pages support
  • Premium plugins with child themes
  • High-quality minimalist web page themes
  • Custom navigation colour and footer text
  • Faster page loads and speed
  • Unlimited premium support and domains
  • Fully optimized SEO
  • Top-notch 24/7 customer support
  • Lifestyle, health and travel categories
  • Create high-quality web sites in minutes
  • Simple drag and drop for creating sites
  • Create impressive 3D animations
  • Fully compatible with Elementor page builder
  • Less than 250 kb themes for high speed downloading

Tips For Buying The Perfect Best-in-class Wordpress Blog Themes 

Most of the tech-savvy people know very well that WordPress is one of the most well-accepted blogging platforms at this age. According to the survey, more than 25 million website owners have selected this site as their preferred blog software. 

It is easy to use, simple to maintain, and also easy to modify. With a big list of powerful features, it helps the user to make their website highly functional in terms of technology. The good thing is that WordPress is completely free. With its attractive layout, you can quickly change the visual look of your website. 

There are wide varieties of attractive themes available in WordPress for free online. To get the best and beautiful plugins, you have to visit the official website, where the themes can be downloaded for free. 

Based on popularity, date of upload, and date of the latest update, these are ranked in search engines. These all are very effective for getting rank in website development on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. If you want to make your blog website visible, you need to find out the Best WordPress blog themes. 

How To Select The Best WordPress Blog Themes?

Here are some considerations for choosing good quality WordPress themes. If you select, you have to know this is nothing but a piece of software that is generally used to create your site. It contains various templates that work together to provide your blog website's desired look. 

Here are some effective tips for selecting the best theme efficiently. 


This is what your blog is all about. It defines what type of audience you want to target. For instance, if your blog is about any pet animal, it usually comes under the pet category. Or if you target the audience interested in cooking, then the category would be Food.

If you can find the right category, then you will be able to find the perfect. It helps save a significant amount of time and energy from setting up the process and then correcting it perfectly. You can find your right at WP Theme's directory and a wide variety of websites like Daily Blog Tips, Free WordPress, etc.


There are lots of people who prefer to add their favourite colour and shade to their blog. If you try to add those colours or shades to your themes as much as possible, it becomes extremely attractive. But it may not be possible all time. 

You can choose your desired plugin on the WP themes directory. Another advantage of utilizing your favourite colour to your interface is that you don't need to change or modify to get your desired colour. 


Deciding the blog theme's purpose is extremely important because it will help you choose the theme for the long term. Sometimes, we write a blog only to express our emotions and thoughts; in this situation, you need to not give much more importance to other aspects of your content like a theme, advertisements, widgets, etc.

But if your content has other importance, like it helps others or wants to make money with it, you have to consider other aspects like colours, layout purposes, etc. 

There is something that you have to consider while choosing a blog theme. It supports the advertisements or does not modify the code. Does your selected plugin support any widgets or plugins such as RSS, SEO friendly, and Protection from any Spam comments? 

If you choose SEO-friendly WordPress themes, you can get the default. Downloading is entirely free, or there are also some Paid WP websites where you can get attractive themes. They can provide a professional look to your blog. 


Some experts suggest not focusing much on the colour or shade because you can change the colour later after becoming comfortable with the theme's code. You have to concentrate more on the layout. 

You need to decide which type of layout you want to select. You can browse on WordPress's official website and other websites like Bloggist. There are varieties of layouts available in the market. 

There are some layouts available in the market which are mainly designed for photo and video centred content. You have to select a theme with the whole; you will live for a long time because you visit your blog more than others. 

With some test pages and posts, you can experiment with several plugins. You can categorize them by which you can see how it looks. It is the perfect way to find out the right theme. You need to see from the reader's viewpoint, not only your viewpoint. 


While selecting the blog themes, like Discover WordPress Theme, you need to make sure you can get the support you need. Most of the time, the website owners, from where the themes are downloaded, cannot help the user for their blog, as himself, developed by others, do not develop these. He only promotes it. 

In this case, as an owner, you need the most support. It would lead to frustration as it is a waste of your time. 


There are millions of WordPress blogs available in the market. All of them use different decent quality WordPress blog themes like Maximalism WordPress Theme to organize blogs. Many are completely free by some people for exchanging the Backlink that is usually found at the bottom of the theme. 

When you want to assembly your own set of plugins, you can take advantage of this method. It also helps you to build Backlink through the blogs. If one of these themes is used in your content, you can get the Backlink automatically. A backlink is very useful to make your blog website ranking higher in all popular search engines.