Best Sales Engagement Platforms

Sales engagement platforms maximize profits with its powerful analytics, reporting and automation tools.

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  • Advanced AI-based lead scoring
  • Intelligent workflow automation
  • Visual pipeline for managing deals
  • Sales and marketing automation system
  • Extensive task and territory management
  • Social media engagements with autoresponders
  • Automate the process with third-party applications
  • Event-triggered actions with contact database
  • Email marketing and lead management system
  • Contact and document management system
  • Provides advanced third party integration services
  • Unlimited email tracking templates and schedulers
  • Manages dashboard with a customer history
  • Provides detailed records of client data
  • Extensive collection of various integrations
  • Creates different types of tasks and triggers
  • Voicemail drops and text messages feature
  • Auto import and enrollment options
  • Email marketing and task management
  • Sales forecasting and campaign management
  • Ideal for small and mid-sized business
  • Easy to use platform with well organised
  • Proposal generation of email marketing
  • Opportunity and lead management solutions
  • Omni-channel with pre-configured bots
  • On-screen chats with sentimental analysis
  • Turbocharge of pipeline acceleration
  • Easy to use UI with fast speed
  • Prospecting tools for leads segmentations
  • Latest CRM and marketing automation tools

Step-by-Step Procedure To Choose Sales Engagement Platforms


How can you grow your business service through sales engagement platforms? This is not as easy as you think. Sales engagement platforms require a lot of effort and interaction with your prospects to help them make their best purchase. Starting from scratch, with the help of these applications, you can easily enhance your current workflows. Guiding your prospect throughout their purchase journey is the main motive of Sales engagement platforms. Many lead management platforms such as Mailshake, Mixmax, Groove, Klenty, etc., are available that help prospects make their perfect and top-notch decision. On one side, you interact with your customers, which eventually leads to growth on the other hand. 

What is Sales Engagement?

Whenever a prospect starts with his/her purchase journey, many messages or pop-ups regarding best recommendations appear during the time, which helps the prospects make a sound decision. It means you guide your prospects about what is best for them across all channels. Usually, the representative is the person who is responsible for getting engaged with the prospective customer.

Benefits Of Sales Engagement Platforms

Increase Customer Engagement

With the help of these platforms, you interact with your customers to provide the best purchasing experience. This can be done through a broad range of emailers or auto-dialers. The sales engagement software also gives you a variety of options to involve with your customer while increasing the level of engagement. With emailers, you can track the delivery of emails, email clicks, open email rates, reply status, etc. However, for a long cycle, you can go with auto-dialers.

Enhances Sales Productivity

The second best feature of engagement platforms is they enhance the productivity of sales. It represents the customer by providing him with automated workflows such as emails, reminders, templates, alerts, triggers. With the automation process, there is a lot of time saved for other work. Thus the more you save time, the more you work and leads to increased revenue.

Lead Intelligence

The lead management tools help you to engage with your leads throughout their buying process. Likely, they say a lot of information about your buyers, such as their purchasing pattern, interest level, activities on the platform, personality, etc. With the help of data, you can score leads and accordingly prioritize them with the conversion chances. This also provides you a sense of how you can improve your engagement level with your lead in the future.

Reporting and Analytics

The client management software gives you a deep insight into identifying your representative patterns, content, timings, etc. So that accordingly, a benchmark can be set for the other members of the team. The software keeps the customer relationship process strong and updated with all the activities that happen on the platforms.

Features Of Sales Engagement Software

  • Single user interfaces for the representatives to easily manage the activities. Further saving the time that earlier sales representatives had to toggle with multiple tools and applications in the daily process.
  • Efficient to work without any external application. It brings out everything together and gears the velocity to faster sales.
  • Planned workflows designed to direct the channels, timing, and messaging.
  • Strong execution with a minimal number of clicks that send automated signals from the platforms.
  • Tracks all the activities in conjunction with customer relationship management.
  • Measures analytics and reporting, effectiveness in smooth working to all management activities.
  • Optimize sales to carry out proper functioning and provide relevant feedback.

Direct Engagement and Selling

Sales Engagement Platforms work with the automation process. It requires the interface to understand the activities of each customer on the platform. And according to the response, the app directs which leads have to go first and then after. It also suggests the customer's best recommendation based on his/her past behavior. 

Personalize Response

The software stores many data about the customers landing on the page following the customer relationship management process. This enables the interface to personalize the message and forward to the customers concerning their goals, interest, needs, etc., to improve the rate of response further.

Analyze Reports

 With the responses collected, the interface of the software analyzes and understands the customer. Further, it segments the positive and negatives replies separately. And accordingly engages with the customer. Positive response asks for more information while negative response works on the existing details. This process saves a lot of time by reading the mails without even going through all of them.

How To Pick The Best Sales Engagement Platforms?

Choosing from the best sales engagement platforms is not so difficult a task. It helps you to analyze your prospects and how you can effectively engage them. However, Engagebay platforms reduce the involvement of several tools that accurately direct sales. It works on automation programs while delivering the best selling experience and maintaining maximum efficiency. Many companies consider choosing the best sales engagement platforms according to their needs and suitability. Here are some of the factors that help you to select one.


Different companies have different strategies for their customers. Simultaneously, some companies believe in a volume-based strategy that sends out as many messages to its customers. On the other hand, many companies focus on a quality-based strategy that sends out personalized and high-quality messages to the customers throughout their journey. You have to decide on the two strategies that are relevant to you. If you focus on a quality-based strategy, you need a software that helps develop unique personas and provides maximum lead scoring.

Easy-to-Use Interface

 Sales engagement platforms that you will pick should be easy to use and handle. I should be feature-rich enough to combine all the channels. The platform should consider storing all the information of your customer, emails, call data, SMS data, and other information sources. When picking one, check if it provides the complete view of interacting with your prospects.


 Complex Sales engagement tools may not be helpful. Instead, focus on simplicity and pick the platform that combines easy to use multiple tools. The sales team might not be aware of the new technology that will slow them down to work on the platform. It is better to rather look for a platform with a user-friendly interface.Otherwise, it will eventually affect your efficiency of smooth functioning.

 Customer Relationship Management

 For any digital transforming companies, customer relationship management tools are the two most crucial pillars that need to be taken care of. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the integration of these two pillars goes perfectly. Ensure that they can work with the automation process while following up with the leads and prospects using Klenty tools and customer relationship management programs.

Test and Optimize

 Once you have picked from the best sales engagement platform, test it to suit your team. Carry out work with various automation to make yourself user friendly with the interface and Assign tasks to your team members and check the proper functioning of the system. Eventually, you will want to work with the tools that bring you out with feedback from the customers about what they have experienced on your page.


 With the above information, it looks no difficult to work with the sales platform. The software is largely responsible for the three crucial tasks; firstly, it engages with the prospects across all channels, sends out automated signals to workflows, and lastly, manages marketing materials such as presentations, case studies, reports, etc.

In a world of both online and offline marketplaces, experience is the only way to make your customers drive towards yourself while turning your business stand out from others. Make yourself more engaged with the customers and make them know about you. This is important to build customer trust in yourself. Likewise, the sales engagement tool is a customer tool that helps you out to connect with your leads and prospects to serve them even better from earlier. The more you know about your customer, the more your business will likely grow.

Collect information at every stage of the sales cycle about your customer to provide strong guidance and strengthen a connection with the existing customers and boost the opportunities for your business to attract additional customers in the future. This is how you can effectively and efficiently make the most of your sales with Freshworks platform.

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