Best Lead Management Tools

Specializing lead management tools focus more closely on the sales pipeline to get a high-end product with follow-up customer contacts.

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  • Visual dashboard for effective monitoring
  • Offers best online sales productivity tools
  • Prioritize calls with sale/lead tracking activities
  • Receive schedule tasks and assignment
  • Streamline processes to meet complaint obligations
  • Best to ensure a healthier business culture
  • Live webinar to deliver presentations with audience
  • Industry-standard SSL encrypted 128-bit AES protocols
  • Screen sharing and remote control application
  • Automatic enriched with public information
  • Ready-made templates to generate leads
  • Built-in knowledge library and resource center
  • Best to monitoring sales processes
  • Automatically update CRM with lead data
  • Content prospectus to build better sale pitches
  • Easily hide and filter companies data
  • Full transparency and security on data usage
  • Custom chatbot and web forms to sales around clock
  • Best to reduce work pressure and stress
  • Compatible with IOS devices
  • Accessible with android and iphone devices
  • Intuitive designs to make a tailored tool
  • Opportunity to glance at sales updates
  • Transfer outlook, Gmail, vCard, and more with ease
  • Offer real-time assistance with customer live chat
  • Integrated with email templates, page landing builder
  • Appointment scheduling for client relationship
  • Cost-effective and dedicated team support management tool
  • Drag and drop page builder with unique templates
  • Secure checkout forms for credit cards and PayPal payments
  • Allow building prospects and customer database
  • Multi-page funnel flow with campaigns
  • Make long-lasting relationship with clients
  • Bulletproof calendar with SMS reminders
  • Actionable invoice and friendly payments
  • Perfect management tool helps to increase revenue
  • Boost staff member collaboration for productivity
  • Automatic log email conversation processes
  • 256-bit encryption to ensure security
  • Keep two backup copies to prevent major disasters
  • Synchronize with computer, tablets, and smartphones
  • Google calendar to record meetings and synced
  • Create advanced dashboard, charts, and reports
  • Easy to take data-driven decisions from multiple sources
  • Automatically finds and updates contact details
  • Capture events to get real-time information
  • A powerful lead management tool to increase efficiency
  • Globally compliant standardized data platform
  • ABM advertising technology to make more customer
  • Dashboard allows the immediate business picture
  • Seamlessly monitor calls, emails, and meetings
  • Simple setup assistant for streamlining sales
  • Best to increase team coordination for reducing mistakes
  • Self-hosted version to control over data
  • Real-time collaboration for efficient work
  • Accelerated team success like reminders, time tracking
  • Ideal to provide roadmap to create better customer journey

How To Choose The Best Lead Management Tools For Your Business


If you are looking to boost your business, at some point you will heavily depend on leads. Converting leads to your regular customers is the main goal a brand or a company needs to achieve. How do you do that? Well, here is where the lead management tools come into the picture. About 70% of well-established businesses are already using Lead Management Tools and every day newer businesses are investing in marketing tools for sales.

So what does a Lead Management tool do? It is the process of acquiring and capturing leads, tracking their activities on your website, and then engaging them after qualifying them as potential customers and then transferring these leads to the Sales Department. This conversion from a lead to a customer is very crucial for a business to grow and prosper and it depends upon various factors that make the website and the products look attractive.

Features And Benefits of Lead Management Tools

Lead Management Tools are full of important features and beneficial in many ways and are indeed a good investment of your hard-earned money.

Automated Capture

To help identify potential prospects, most companies look towards increasing awareness about their products by using marketing leverages. This includes catchy adverts, stalls in malls, and other innovative marketing techniques. But what the lead management tool does here is that it automatically analyses the data that are stored in the system and lists out the potential people that can be classified as strong leads. This where the feature of automated capture comes into play.

The benefit of this feature is that you would not have to spend extra hours searching and tallying data by prospects and then decide which one of them should you put your sales team on first to target and make your customer because the Lead Management Tool will do that for you. It takes up leads from the data filled in by the respondents through the company’s website, email, form submissions, etc. This also takes care of any duplicate entries or entries that may have been falsified so that it saves your time even more.

Intelligent Routing

Various companies have different styles of representatives. These representatives are assigned to be a spokesperson on behalf of the company or the brand name in terms of geography, online website service, customer representative, etc. Now, instead of manually assigning each representative. their task, the Lead Management Tools does that for you in a matter of minutes where the role and the email id of the rep. is stored inside the Lead Management Tools database and it does 90% of your job.

The benefit of having Intelligent Routing is that your reps. are automatically assigned leads according to their area of expertise via email which the representative can later discuss with their seniors if they have queries. But you do not have to manually sit down and discuss strategies with them because Lead Management Tools takes care of that too, by providing possible ways to approach the lead.

Lead Activity Scheduling and Tracking

While running a big company and a huge customer database with the potential of a large amount of new customer influx, it is difficult sometimes for the Sales team to remember which leads they have already contacted and which leads are still pending on the list. It is sometimes impossible to keep a 100% accuracy regarding this matter when dealing with thousands and thousands of leads. Therefore, Lead Management Tools takes care of this too.

It creates smart reminders to contact potential leads that might have been overlooked and also creates a detailed list of when and how the leads were contacted. For example, by calls, emails, video calls, etc. Also, this helps keep a track of the employees' activity and notifies the management if any priority leads are pending for a more than usual time.

Reporting and Analysis

Lead Management Tools also provides state-of-the-art Reporting and Analysis for all the promotions, lead conversions, product reach, and other important aspects that are needed to be monitored by the company to make key decisions for the company moving forward. Hence, the important Big Data compilation is already done by the Lead Management Tools telling the exact statistical analysis that you will need to make future decisions and work better in making more and more customers from leads.

Big Data Analytics if required separately costs a hefty sum and extra years to get in flow with the way the company works. Most of the premium software comes with an in-built Big Data Analyser which helps you to see which advertisements were well received by the leads and which ads performed the worst in terms of views. Also, it gives insight into the products that were viewed more by the customers, and those viewed the least.

Advanced Security

When taking in the lead’s information, it indeed comes with great responsibility that the data, like their emails, phone numbers, etc. are kept confidential and used by the company for commercial purposes only. Customers can only trust you with their details when they know their information is not going to be exploited. Hence the Zoho Lead Management Tool receives regular software updates and security patches that protect the database from potential hacking and misuse of the details provided by the leads.

Flaunting the quality of your security system and ensuring the customers that their data will be secured in the right way is always beneficial, for business, as then, the customer does not think twice before filling in a form.

Ratings and Reviews

There are a lot of premium Lead Management Tools out there that can manage your whole lead conversion process but to know how they work and how reliable they are, check the customers’ reviews on the different software they have bought. The Lead Management Tools Companies will always try to flaunt the best reviews so check the most critical reviews and see how their problems were solved. Here we offer freshworks freshsales lead management tool, which is fully trusted by customers. 

This indeed helps you to get an idea of the customer relation of the Lead Management Tools brands and how quick they are to fixing the problems and how reliable their services are.


There are a lot of Lead Management Tools Software in the market but how do you choose the best one? Choose the ones that have all the features mentioned above and have extra features that are the ones to invest in without giving much thought like hubspot. Rest assured your business will see instant gains. Lead Management Tools are must-have software for every business today. It can perform all tasks that may otherwise take days to complete manually. So, what are you waiting for? Choose the best Lead Management Tool today!

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