Best Nebulizers For COPD

Portable Anti-spill nebulizer with breath enhanced technology for fast effective and optimal treatment for ,asthma, and COPD.

By Customer Feedback

  • 35 psi maximum pressure with a 10 psi flow rate
  • Integral storage space for nebulizer accessories
  • Thermal fuse with overload protection
  • Best for aerosol medications
  • Virtual valve technology for high efficiency
  • Robust and one-button operation for simple use
  • Shorter inhalation time of 0.5 ml/min
  • Respiratory airways of bronchitis, bronchiolitis, and COPD
  • Secure seal with an Anti-spill design
  • Lightweight and portable nebulizer
  • 5 replacement filters and extra filter door
  • Best comfortable nebulizer for travellers
  • Best for asthma, allergies and COPD respiratory problems
  • Airial compressor with six filters
  • 13 ml of maximum medication capacity
  • 3-in-1 adjustable nebulizer kit
  • Treatments for upper, lower and middle airways
  • Easy to clean and maintain nebulizer for a healthy life
  • Small aerosol particles for effective reliefs
  • Offers fast and effective optimal treatments
  • 3.4 L/min average flow rate of the compressor
  • Compact size breath enhanced reusable nebulizer
  • Rechargeable lithium-Ion batteries
  • Versatile connectivity with AC and DC power supply
  • Extremely quiet piston pump compressor
  • Breath enhanced technology for effective treatments
  • Perfect for adults and pediatric patients
  • Optional disposable neb kit
  • Noiseless operation with 60 dBA
  • Powerful piston-driven compressor
  • Covert’s inhalable drugs into a small mist
  • Works on the USB cable and 2AA batteries
  • Fast treatment time with small particles
  • Small and portable size for easy carrying
  • Convenient quiet operation
  • User-friendly device for airway clearance
  • Ergonomic and lightweight device for comfortable handling
  • Reduces hyperinflation and dyspnea
  • Low resistant valves for inhalation and exhalation