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Antarestec-PA17 Nebulizer

Antarestec-PA17 Nebulizer

Antarestec PA17 Portable Mesh Nebulizer For Adults | Small Nebulizer

Antarestec-PA17 Nebulizer Features

  • Pocket sized design nebulizer
  • Use mineral water for liquid medicine
  • Patented ultrasonic mesh technology
  • One button operating system for easy use
  • Doctor recommended nebulizer for Alveoli and bronchi
  • Embedded for long-term use
  • Automatic shutdown feature to avoid oedema after long-term treatment
  • Micro USB power cable for easy charging
  • Ergonomic design allows to easily hold the nebulizer
  • Bronchi and cough treatment for kids
  • Innovative patented ultrasonic mesh technology
  • Rechargeable battery for longer performance
  • Built-in Piezoelectric sensor for small particle

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