Best Landing Page WordPress Themes

Grab the customer attention with the primarily designed websites for product marketing via lead forms.

By Customer Feedback

  • Info-graphics elements for data showcase
  • Enable product tags with shop layouts
  • Highly Customize page with a smooth transition
  • Child theme ready function
  • Best for drawing, animation, and illustration
  • Change typography, colour, style, and more
  • Visual composer page builder for professional sites
  • Mega Menu for a large navigation
  • Customize online platform with documentation, faqs, and videos
  • Best for leading marketing themes
  • Pre-built inner pages with a single-click installation
  • Lightweight and intuitive WordPress Builder
  • Access with Woocommerce plugins
  • Background templates for image, slider, and video
  • Perfectly suitable for digital marketing
  • Fully customizable grid builders and custom posts
  • Google friendly mobile search engine optimization
  • 2x graphics retina ready option for a crisp look
  • Multi-site tested WordPress theme
  • Best for web professionals and business owners
  • Drag and drop page building for initiative experience
  • Responsive and retina ready WordPress theme
  • Animation holder shortcodes
  • Mikado search functionality
  • Compatible with WPBakery and Elementor
  • Use-friendly admin panel
  • Equipped with modern layouts for great shops
  • Flexible content control settings
  • Create UpQode Google maps for visual composer
  • Cross-browser access with Chrome, FF, Safari, and more
  • High-converting homepage for a professional look
  • Offer 369 designed templates
  • Quick drag and drop editing system
  • Conversion-optimized plugins
  • Suitable to create a header, footer, etc.
  • Built with social media icons like Facebook, Twitter
  • Image slider support touch gesture on smartphones devices
  • SSP spirits for reducing loading time
  • Compatible with Woocommerce
  • Unlimited pricing theme packages
  • Multiple page navigation setup
  • WPML certified WordPress theme website
  • Latest designed blocks in visual composer
  • Best for Realtor, Creators, Freelancer
  • Enable google map via data attributes
  • Seamless calculated Boostrap for browsing images
  • Strong and modern designed typography
  • Perfectly grid control system
  • Metabox helps to update backgrounds and images

Buyers Handbook To Choose Landing Page Wordpress Themes

Landing Pages are quite useful because they are the ones who are directly involved in the process of conversions. They are the smart technology that creates a scenario in which the user ends up landing on your WordPress website. This is the entry point for your website.

Templates create great and useful pages that help grab the visitor's attention and help convince them to go ahead with a certain action on the website. Usually, it would either be to get them on to subscribing or buying a product or even applying for a particular job or course. Even social-media related activities are possible to provide landing page themes for WordPress. The ultimate goal is to grab the visitor's attention and persuade them with a marketing process on WordPress themes, rather than waste time on the home.

What Makes Landing Pages On Wordpress Special?

Although a web-page does persuade the visitors to perform a specific action, you do not necessarily need one to convince them entirely. This can be done from any page built on the WordPress platform or the homepage and yield great results. 

The landing page construction is an important part of website development that will always provide better results than the others because it aims at one specific goal and doesn't end up displaying a lot of things and excessive information.

What is so great about these landing pages is their design. The landing pages on WordPress themes are quite simple and minimalistic and are created entirely separately from the rest of the content. This sheet ends up being very simple and different from the other platforms' brightness on the website. Every element or action is made to persuade and reinforce the sheet's main idea, and everything else is not required.

Tips To Design The Best Landing Page Wordpress Theme

  • A simple structure that is made using minimalistic design
  • It is recommended that there mustn't be any sidebars as it can end up distracting the user more.
  • No footer must also be present.
  • The header should be minimal so that the attention doesn't go to that. The user should directly get to the link after reading about it.
  • In case if you are making use of a logo, you must ensure it is unclickable.

Must-Have Features For Highly Responsive Theme


Nowadays, there are plugins for everything, and free landing pages in WordPress themes are nowhere taking a back seat in this. If you are looking to create a great-looking and useful web-page quickly and in a stipulated time, it is recommended to use plugins.

Plugins don't come in too much variety and are not readily available. The features that they exhibit are also quite limited, and nothing is available for free. To get the actual features, one must make the use of something called a plugin purchase. The only functional plugin that is available and is free is the WordPress Landing Pages. These plugins are quite easy to use and offer all the features one needs when starting.

Drag and Drop Theme Builders

The entire idea of creating a WordPress theme for landing pages is to make it unique and stand out against all other pages. But the best WordPress themes like Landkit are quite limited when it comes to the design. Drag and drop builders are integrated with some of the developed themes. You can easily customize according to your design and specifications, which is offered through an easy-to-use interface.

Lead Pages

Build high-quality landing and ecommerce WP theme templates that offer integrated opt-in forms and lots of other features to make WordPress attractive and useful. This method is a paid one and hence, is a remarkable tool that is easy to use and apply.

Leadpages Hacking

Lead Pages such as LeadX provides a new template that can be used as an HTML download. They can be purchased from the official website and be used readily. To get them compatible with the top landing pages on WordPress, there are certain steps one needs to follow, and once done, it ends up yielding great results.

Customizable Page Template

This is one of the most traditional approaches when it comes to building a landing page. You can create a customized template and make it as per your specifications completely. The best way to create a landing page on the WordPress theme for free is to take the default page and experiment with the HTML structure. This will end up making the whole process easier for you and creating a web-page par excellence.

Landing pages are quite simple to make and use from Engin, but to make them minimalistic. Certain elements are required to be attractive and stand out because everybody wants conversions. It should contain an attractive call to action through links, buttons, and testimonials. To create these elements, you can use software like Photoshop or CSS/HTML that ends up providing great solutions and design.


Landing pages are necessary for any business, and landing pages on WordPress themes like Innovio offer simple but great solutions. With a combination of plugins, theme builders, custom templates, and even Leads, one can end up making the best landing pages that can be used and developed by a beginner as well. It is also always recommended to use simple language that keeps the users engaged while presenting your idea in a clear, concise manner. Lastly, pictures do a great deal of good on the landing pages, and if you use large, high-quality ones, it will enhance your pages on WordPress theme.