Best HR Softwares

HR Software allows you to manage and streamlines operations with Artificial Intelligence technology to evaluate the performance of employees.

By Customer Feedback

  • Leave policy management
  • High customization report modules
  • Shared virtual wall charts
  • Employee scheduling with FMLA tracking
  • Payroll deductions and processings
  • Free data migration and setup
  • Automatically calculates pay for each employee
  • employee management with self onboarding feature
  • Advanced AI-based lead scoring
  • Intelligent workflow automation
  • Internal chat integration system
  • Organises all employees database securely
  • Offers effective hiring process
  • Profit and loss trial balance reports
  • Create estimates and quotes easily
  • Supports working of multiple users in a single software
  • Simple process of drag and drop interface
  • Attendance management to time tracking
  • Simplify employee performance and reviews
  • Management for tracking deadlines and due dates
  • Self-service portal with employee profiles
  • Biometric recognition and payroll managements
  • Digital signature with e-verify and I-9 forms
  • 360 degrees feedback and peer appraisals
  • Hiring management with e-signatures
  • Interview scheduling and reportings
  • Application and email tracking system
  • Hiring collaborations with screening questions
  • Attendance and performance tracking
  • Interviews schedulings and candidate trackings
  • Compensation and payroll management system
  • Convenient mobile application for effective results
  • HR analytics and reporting
  • Provides employee database and profiles
  • Self-service portal of application trackings
  • Onboarding and time off management
  • Employee database and DTS calculation
  • Offers remote and dual working modes
  • Diversity and equity managements
  • Manages compensations systematically
  • Email reminders and notifications
  • Consistent performance management
  • Time and attendance management services
  • Create and track staff goals for company objectives
  • Recruiting and insurance services
  • Perfect HR services for small business
  • Premier workforce optimization solutions
  • Financial services and expenses management
  • Unique 360-degree feedback system
  • Compensation and recruitment management
  • Geolocation syncing for attendance management
  • Advanced employee onboarding and exit tools
  • Coordinates in interview schedulings
  • Seamless manage candidates in one place
  • Advanced application tracking system
  • Perfect for fast-growing tech business