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  • On-board evaluating recruiting management software
  • Automatic email trigger technology for hassle-free use
  • Offer multiple communication sources for applicant convenience.
  • Equipped with fool-proof client portal, CV processing platform
  • Automatically highlights the top three candidate profiles.
  • Flexible recruiting software to hire the best match
  • Offer more than 500 companies intended tool
  • Track and manage the interview process for a reliable experience
  • Hire scheduling panel to track clear information
  • Advanced automation techniques for all jobs
  • Allows to generate offer letter for selected candidates
  • Get e-signatures on documents with few clicks.
  • Third-party configurable integration system platform
  • Extensive applicant controlling functions for agencies
  • Helps to increase remote and flexible working
  • 360-degree evaluation technology recruiting software
  • 100% customized report builder features software
  • Allows instant data sharing and saving functionality
  • On-the-go resume screening for a great applicant
  • Organize and rank candidates to keep employee matching post
  • Simple and easy to use recruiting dashboard function
  • Employer branding features to find a skilled candidate
  • Industry-leading ATS integration for better recruit
  • Free and paid pricing policy service for a convenient experience
  • Get more than 300 pre-equipped integrated software.
  • Analyze evidence and data for a better hiring decision
  • Transparent features and alerts technologies for candidates
  • GDPR protection platform gives data privacy
  • Personalized campaigns source for collecting employees
  • Intuitive and simple hiring platform for faster decisions
  • Offer data visualization technique allows applicant insight.
  • Advanced HR and startup toolkit integrated software.
  • Get end-to-end recruiting solutions for diverse employees.
  • Automatically free up with high volume recruiting work
  • Fully GDPR compliance to navigate client performance
  • Award-winning messaging functionality for better interaction
  • Cutting-edge business scheduling for productivity
  • Over 100 pre-designed featured to engage candidates
  • Onboarding documentation with e-signature features
  • Advanced automation and reporting for great workflow
  • Equipped AI techniques increase work automation.
  • Get a secure and transparent recruiting platform.
  • Innovative conversational interface for new employees
  • Helps to improve department productivity

An Ultimate Buying Guide for Choosing the Right Recruiting Software

Hiring employees for your firm can be a daunting task. The whole process of posting a job, selecting the best resumes, and then conducting interviews is a total nightmare. On top of that, you obviously require the top candidates that will add value to your company. Vanish your worries by opting for the best recruiting software. It will ease off your work and will also enable you to attract the best talents for your corporation.

With promising software, you can get the process done faster and more easily. If you wish to improve the quality of the candidates that you hire, then opting for Human Resource Softwares is a must. To dispel your confusion about recruiting tools, we have a complete buying guide for you to select the right software.

Buying Guide

Since there are several types of recruiting HR software available in the market, it can truly be a task to select one. Before you finalize a service, consider important factors like the features you require and the solutions the software provides. Here are some essential things that you should look for in recruiting software.

Central location and Database

When you do the recruiting process manually, you may miss out on some of the top candidates. To prevent this, recruiting software provides you with a central location and database. All of the candidates will be in one place, so you can easily go through the screening procedure. 

Instead of spending hours finding the required qualifications, a decent recruiting software will allow you to search it in the database. Quickly see the applications of candidates and choose according to the skills you expect. 

A database makes it easy to narrow down the number of applicants by applying certain criteria. Save information and customize workflows with the help of a central location. This factor is a must in the recruiting software that you opt for. 

Making the candidates wait for a long time is not fair. This process is simplified by sending automated responses to the nominees. Save your time of writing the same emails repeatedly as you can now create email templates for various situations. Look for recruiting software that lets you schedule interviews and also shares the important details with the candidates automatically.

High-quality job applications

If you are not getting quality applications, then the recruiting software should help you with that too. You can create a career site by simply adding photos as well as videos. Without any prior coding knowledge, users can still avail this feature. 

Recruiting software enables you to post any job vacancies on various job sites in just a single click. See to it that your job openings are SEO friendly so that candidates can find them on search engines. 

Share the vacancies on various social media platforms to increase the reach. Investing in good recruiting software means that you are going to get a set of high-quality applications from the best candidates. 

Importing candidates from other sources is a great way of receiving top-notch applications for your company. Sourcing is an important feature that the software provides as it covers job posting management, social media advertisement, and promotions, so make sure that your chosen service has it.

Types of Recruiting software

Mainly, there are two types of recruiting software: Applicant Tracking software and candidate relationship management. You can use either one of them or opt for a combination software. While some software focuses on the recruiting process, the others focus on bringing your company's best talents. 

Choose recruitment software according to your requirements. If your company receives job applications in bulk, then application tracking software is going to be the best for you. 

From organizing and posting job listings, tracking as well as scheduling interviews to screening resumes, this type of software will do it all. In contrast, a candidate relationship management software allows you to attract candidates through analytics and multichannel use. 

If you want to have the top layer of candidates, then this software is perfect for you. Know your requirements first to see which type of recruiting software will suit you the best. Moreover, there are other types of software, like the interviewing software, to explore your options.

AI and Automation

Improve the experience of both recruiters and the candidates with the help of automation. Screen candidates, analyze data, offer a chatbot, and much more with AI tools. 

Look for recruitment software that features a chatbot as it will save you a great deal of time as well as money. When your company is closed, it can respond to queries at odd hours. Do not lose potential candidates even during your off-hours. 

Artificial intelligence tools are the best when it comes to getting work done instantly. See to it that you can accept all the resumes online and save data in a systematic manner. The software you have chosen must create prescreening questions to select only the candidates who are qualified. 

Promising recruiting software will break down the process of hiring in several organized steps to make things simple for you. Features like contact management, scheduling, management, and to-do lists enhance the integrity of the software. 

Also, ensure that the software is easy to use, and the dashboard is manageable. Not only this, but the software should make the career site engaging for the candidates. A mobile-friendly site, along with customized application forms, is going to attract a lot of candidates. This way, you will be promised a batch of highly qualified candidates for your business.

Data Streamlining

Your work does not end just by posting the job. It is vital to know how your advertisements are doing and how many candidates applied for your job after viewing your postings. Opt for recruiting software that will collect data for you about the applicants. You will have a better idea of your campaign by knowing what to improve. 

Also, look for recruiting software that is cloud-based so you can view the applicants on your mobile phone from everywhere. Such recruiting software also helps in increasing your productivity. Since all the tasks are taken care of, you can focus on your company's other important work. Decent software will provide you with establishing a workflow to maintain schedules, all under one roof. 

Alongside, see to it that the application process is fast so that the candidates can fill it easily without facing any problems. If you have never used such services, then opt for software that gives you a free demo. It is important to know what you are actually getting into. Invest in that service only if you are completely satisfied with the demo sessions.


Recruiting software does not limit its features to the outside candidates, but it also helps you with your internal staff. For instance, if you wish to see how productive your team is, the software will precisely let you know. You can compare the performances of your employees and motivate them by giving out rewards. 

Furthermore, the software enables you to track your best candidates' data so you can view where they come from. Collect insights on aspects like the most unproductive areas of your business or even the recruitment process. 

Also, engagement analytics is yet another feature that your recruitment software must provide you with. This enables you to track those candidates who are most likely to fill the form of applicant. Focus on those who are truly interested and qualified to work for your company. You can find out the elements people love the most about your career site and enhance it even more.

Additional Features to consider

One of the most important features of recruitment software is engaging talents. From targeted email campaigns, automated invitations to your workshops, candidate surveys, to video communications, the software should do it all. 

Create, export, and share reports along with viewing the offer acceptance rate. See to it that the career site is branded as well as multilingual so that more and more people can have access to it. 

Another great feature of recruiting software is that it offers career blogs along with employee testimonial pages. Automated boolean operators plus smart sourcing algorithms make your work very easy. To organize your selection process, look for features like automated interview scheduling and interview kits. 

Moreover, the customer service of the software should be professional and helpful. Go through the user reviews once to see if others faced any problems with this service or not. However, in this row, you can look for Sage Recruitment or Vettery, Breezy HR.

Final Words

Narrow down your preferences to three recruitment software services and then compare them to see which one is the best for you. Before selecting any one software, ensure that you get all the above-mentioned features for a smooth experience. Attract the best candidates that will help you in increasing the value of your organization.

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