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  • Written by Patrick Rothfuss.
  • Book one of three in The Kingkiller Chronicle Series.
  • Published by Penguin Group DAW in 2007.
  • Available in kindle, audible, MP3 Audio books.
  • Written by Joe Abercrombie.
  • Published by Orbit books in 2012.
  • Third installment of the World of The First Law series.
  • Goodreads Choice Awards Nominee for best fantasy.
  • Written by J.R.R. Tolkein.
  • Published in 1955 and then in 2003 by Del Rey.
  • Third installment in the Lord Of The Rings series.
  • Made in a major motion picture directed by Peter Jackson.
  • Written by Lev Grossman.
  • Published by Viking Press in 2014.
  • Third and final book of the Magician Trilogy.
  • Available as ebooks, audiobooks and paperback formats.
  • Written by Brandon Sanderson.
  • Published by Tor books in 2010.
  • Book one of ten of The Stormlight Archive series.
  • Winner of David Gemmell Legend Award for best novel.
  • Published in 1996 by Spectra books.
  • British Fantasy Award Nominee for Best Novel.
  • Book one of three in The Farseer Trilogy.
  • Written by Robin Hobb.
  • Written by Scott Lynch.
  • Published by Spectra books in 2006.
  • First installment in the Gentleman Bastards series.
  • Nominee for World Fantasy Award for Best Novel.
  • Available in kindle, audible and paperback formats.
  • Written by Terry Pratchett.
  • Published by Penguin Random House in 2015.
  • 41st book in the Discworld series.
  • Available as audiobooks and paperbacks.
  • Written by Neil Gaiman.
  • Originally published by Headline Publishing group.
  • Adapted into a STARZ original TV series.
  • Winner of Hugo Award for Best Novel in 2002.
  • Written by Jacqueline Carey.
  • Published in 2003 by Tor Fantasy Publishers.
  • First book of the Kushiel’s Legacy series.
  • Winner of Locus Award for Best First Novel in 2002.
  • Written by Rick Riordan.
  • Published by Disney Publishing Worldwide in 2010.
  • First book in The Heroes Of Olympus series.
  • Spin-off of the famous Percy Jackson series.
  • Winner of Evergreen Teen Book Award in 2013.

Best All-Time Fantasy Books For Beginners

There is no better experience for a bookworm than getting lost in the fantasy world with talking trees and unusual beings. Entertainment has created a large fan base worldwide to an extent where popular fantasy books have sold over 500 million copies worldwide. You may be new to the fantasy section or claim to have read them all but there is always a new story, a new adventure to experience now and then. We are here to tell you about how to find the best fantasy books. There are several avenues of entertainment, personal growth and learning especially in recent years. But the beauty and significance of books are unbeatable. Though we live in the internet age, yet book-reading remains a hobby for many. Reading has also become revolutionized, and these days' people spend a lot of time in an online book reading or audiobooks. These are also equally entertaining and informative. Fantasy novels are exciting and gripping to read. Once the reader develops an interest in reading the fantasy book, it is difficult to keep it until it is completed.

The fantasy world and fiction books are the best selling novels because people love to read stories. Several authors write such articles and have a unique style in writing and describing the story so that the readers are delighted with the plot. Some of the best books and novels are easily available online also. A fantasy article is a piece of fiction and is often inspired by the real world. But they are earmarked with the presence of unrealistic situations, magical, and hypothetical circumstances. These are some of the elements that make the books interesting to read.

Things To Look In Fantasy Books Before Purchasing Online

Pay Attention To Story

While selecting a popular fantasy book like Game Of Thrones try and read the description to get an idea about what the book has to offer. The description of the story behind the book is like the trailer of a film. You get to know what to expect when you read it. You may be into witches and wizards or any such fantasy themes, and the cover or title of the book may not depict that. Reading the description may inform you that this book contains many of your favorite elements, characters, and themes. There are times when we are planning on reading books with a certain theme and cannot find it. However, if we pay attention to what the description has to say, we may find what we are looking for faster.

Do Not Pick A Book Because Of Its Cover

The cover of a fantasy book has nothing to do with what the book has to say. There are times when the best books have had the least appealing cover. The cover art is not always designed to represent the story, but to make the book look attractive. If you do see a good cover art in a book and it catches your attention then it is always best to read up a few pages of the book to see whether the cover justifies the story. A poorly designed cover of a fantasy book can cause a good book to be left out.

Look For Something Original

It is like every creative work that when one style of work catches the eye of the masses and gains popularity it is not long before we start finding similar content emerging from different sources. The case is no different when it comes to fantasy books and novels.

Readers should always look for new and original stories when they are finding the best fantasy storybooks. In the years, we have seen multiple books being written, which seem to be inspired by one popular book series. The plot and characters seem to be homogeneous to that of other similar fantasy books. Hence, as a reader one should keep an eye out for fresh work and original stories to find a good fantasy book.

Look Into Old Books

In 2020 readers can find a new fantasy book every month at any bookstore or even online. However, not all of these books may appeal to all readers. While looking for good fantasy books, readers should try and look into older authors and their work. Old books may very well have the ability to catch your interest. Kushiels Dart fantasy books are always a good option to look into if you cannot find the perfect fantasy book for yourself in recent times.

Know About Authors

Several authors gain recognition earlier than others. The number one bestseller, however, may not be offering the stories which match your taste. Hence, while looking for the best fantasy books one needs to be open-minded and consider books written by less popular authors.

Sticking only to the mainstream books readers will easily miss out on several brilliantly written books that have not gained much popularity. These books may gain popularity later when the right promotion reaches out to a larger scale of readers. Readers should always be ready to explore books by new authors due to the sheer uncertainty of what new magical tale they may come across. This will help you to find excellent fantasy books more often. Furthermore, if you are a fan of zombies, check out the zombie books curated by our expert’s team.

Know Your Interest

Popular and bestselling fantasy books may not always appeal to you. Your taste may vary from what may be trending. Different authors use different styles and tones to narrate their story, while looking for a new fantasy book to dive into, make sure that you have an idea about the author’s narrative style.

Readers often lose interest in great books because the narrative style makes it difficult for them to keep up with the plot. It is always encouraged to read a few pages of the book to get a clear idea of how you are connecting to the language. Readers must understand and connect with the plot and author while reading a fantasy book.

Discover Popular Tales

We often see readers who have never picked up a fantasy book. If you are a reader who has explored many genres of books except fantasy then you should start with the most popular fantasy book you can find. The popular fantasy books help new readers to get an idea about what this genre has to offer. Reading popular books allows new readers to discuss plots and characters of the book with other readers of the book which allows them to create more interest in fantasy books.

Types Of Fantasy Books


A book that reflects its own set of rules and laws and is set against a magical backdrop. The background is grand, and the genre is also associated with a hero or heroes' strong character.

Magical Realism

A fantasy that takes place in the real world is associated with such novels. The characters of the story have some magical or supernatural powers.


In such stories, it is seen that characters travel from the real world to the fictional world. The characters are drawn into the problems of the unreal world and finally return to their real world.

Contemporary/ Urban

A fantasy that is set against the backdrop of the present world is a contemporary fantasy book. Paranormal fantasies are often related to such fantasy books.


A fantasy story with a romantic plot can fall into this category. Magic, romance, sex, betrayal, and sometimes cruelty become the center of such stories' themes.


It can be referred to as juvenile fantasy too. A child protagonist is the center of attraction in such stories. A spike of portal fantasy also is seen in children's fantasy books either paperbacks or audio books online.

Fairy Tales

These are evergreen and classics. People are aware of the stories, yet they are spellbound with the magic created in such books, and they can read the stories repeatedly. The characters in such stories leave an impression in the mind of the readers.


Violence, battles, victories, and swordplay are the focal point of such fantasy books. People often get carried away by the plot of such stories.


A novel set in a historical period is very interesting. It has larger than life costumes for the characters, and a slight alternating view of history is depicted in the stories. This is interesting to read. Dragon, magicians, and mythological influence are seen in these stories.


A perfect blend of fantasy and comedy is the subject of these books. Quirkiness and absurdness are the high points of such articles, and this is also the USP of this type of fantasy book.


A story in which the reader will experience a perfect combination of scientific theories Scientific credibility and influence make such stories close to reality in some way or the other. Planets and aliens are the focal and interesting part of such stories.


Anti-heroes are the real heroes in such stories. Anti-morals are shown in the light of morality, and the characters are seen depicting theft, piracy, assassins, ghosts, graveyards, etc.


Winding up, our pick from the list is Magicians Land If you are a lover of fantasy novels then these books are just the thing you need. With books now available online and even in digital formats it is very easy to get your hands on any one of the best fantasy books. New and regular readers, alike, can easily find the perfect novel based on these tips. There are no barriers to reading a good fantasy tale.

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