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Audiobook Services allows you to listen to favorite podcasts and content during a busy commute or while working on other tasks.

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  • Offers unlimited access to libraries
  • Unique audible originals and swap any books
  • 30-days of free trial and cancel anytime
  • New content updated every day with summarised title
  • Easy to use app with Key insights in 15 minutes
  • Offline mode of learning without Wi-Fi
  • Great platform for entrepreneurs
  • Cheapest audiobook membership on the market
  • Perfect for both occasional and avid listeners
  • Most anticipated and trending fiction ebooks
  • Allows to post favorite quotes on social media
  • Allows to set sleep timer and playback speed
  • Weekly special fiction and non-fiction audio books
  • Bookmarks automatically and sync across multiple devices
  • 30-day risk free trial period with deep discounts
  • unlimited book or audiobook rental service
  • Paperback books and CD audiobooks
  • Sets bookmarks and add notes for inspired thoughts
  • Discover new authors and genre
  • Unlimited listening subscriptions
  • Simple to use audiobook application
  • Wide array of different genres contents
  • Best for ebooks and magazine readers
  • Family-friendly contents for kids
  • Access to latest release bible readings and podcast
  • Beautifully narrated premium listeners
  • Set sleeper time till current track ends
  • Remembers important arts of book with bookmarks
  • Multitasking for background downloads and audio controls
  • Attractive and easy-to-use interface
  • Access to smart TV using chrome-cast or airplay
  • Sleep timer and variable narration speed
  • Allows to stream and download audiobooks
  • Browse sample and save on estories wallet
  • Automatically syncs upto 10 devices
  • Provides DRM-free downloadable content
  • Compatible with both android and ios devices
  • Resume playback functionality
  • Personalized recommendations from experts
  • Paperback and hardcover books
  • Flexible service for those who read regularly
  • Provides access to almost all audiobooks
  • Best services at affordable pricing
  • Allows to browse by genre and author
  • Flat monthly rentals with unlimited access
  • Unlimited free audiobook cloud storage space
  • Stream and download music or content
  • Unlimited access to audiobooks
  • Various subscription plans with customizable services
  • Huge selection of amazing book collections
  • User-friendly platform uploads unique content everytime
  • Perfect for business and teams
  • Discover exclusive original audio books
  • Allows to download audiobooks for offline
  • Most talented and mesmerizing voice for kids storytelling
  • Most compelling stories in variety of genres
  • Offers more than 50 million tracks
  • Allows to search for audiobooks in search bar
  • Provides book analysis services
  • Professionally summarized and narrated stories

How To Choose The Best Audiobook Services For Entertainment

The audiobook services definition is simple as its name; it is the audio version of the book. Tons of entertaining audiobook services which are perfect tools for personal growth and learning today help one browse through thousands of audiobooks in different ways. Some models imitate what we see on the television over the years. Audiobooks are easy to rent or purchase or even subscribe to for some time, as required. The demand for them is ever-growing, and with that, the audiobook services related to them are also increasing. It comes with a display of different features and libraries. Some come with an experience similar to a play, while some shorten the story into small summaries. Besides, finding the perfect narrator can be a task, but certain points and factors keep in mind to make this decision easy.

What Is An Audiobook?

An audiobook includes a voice over artist or actor reading out a novel, word by word, replacing the whole reading the book from your own eyes experience. It comes with different variations wherein multiple cast members are also involved in the whole reading process, and the book gets abridged when being read aloud.

While audiobooks have come after e-books or the actual books and novels, there is now an option and are widely available and accepted in different digital formats that can easily be decoded and even played on the latest electronic devices. They can be listened to on phones, tablets, eReaders, TVs, set-top boxes, and computers. Common files included are MP3, WMA, FLAC, and AAC.

Working Of Audiobooks

How to listen to  and access audiobooks are two separate questions but have a similar answer. For listening to an audiobook, you have to download it or stream it on the device you want to listen to, using the software that already exists on the device. One does not have to buy new hardware altogether for these files.

Most of the audiobook services come with their app or portal, which you can use to buy a subscription and choose the audiobook you want to listen to and It an be listened to from the app itself.

Many audiobooks stores don't let the user buy the title directly from the app, but then you have to buy them directly from the website, and then they become accessible through the app.

Why Prefer Audiobooks?

Lots of avid book readers always wonder what the buzz around recorded stories is about. People who love reading might even hesitate to try on one because it doesn't give them the same experience but they are great, and one should give them a try and test the waters of audiobook services. Lots of these services are available online to assess and understand the different experiences of people.

Advantages Of Audiobook Services

Multi-task Like A Pro

Audio Book services are great to use. They can be listened to while doing your everyday chores, running errands, or even when you are hitting the gym. The format that these services offer lets you be more productive and functional in different areas.

Time Flies

People who have to travel quite a distance to their work or have to go to and fro to run errands can easily be entertained for long periods with the help of these services.

Achieve Your Reading Goals

As per the reviews of audiobook services, it has been noticed that many reads read faster once they start listening to audiobooks of any genre like fantasy books and romantic books. The speed of their reading increases by hearing these stories. With the help of these services, one can multi-task and read simultaneously, and readers are also given the flexibility of adjusting the speed of narration faster than reading with the eyes.

Exclusive content

The experience of books can be taken to an altogether new level by listening to book narrators. By lending their voices to the story's characters, the narrator takes you on a ride where you feel you are around the characters. They come with full-cast recording, music, sound effects, and even the feature of audiobook editing services making one thoroughly involved and excited for listening to them again and again.

Get Starstruck

With the advent of these services, one can listen to their favorite actors and celebrities anytime they want.

Exclusive Goodies

There are tons of audiobook services that come with extras like author interviews, podcasts, behind-the-scenes insight, and much more, adding to your whole reading experience.

Tips And Tricks For Audiobook Services

Sample First

By listening to a great narrator, you can enter an entirely new world experienced through the powerful voice of an artist. It's always recommended to listen to the sample at first and see if the narrator's voice works for you or not. The services like Blinkist and Rakuten Kobo offer a huge variety of samples.

Speed Up, Slow Down

When you are using an app for these services, you will be given the option of speeding up or slowing down the book's narration. While some like to read faster, one should always experiment with different speeds when it comes to choosing the perfect one for your ears.

Listen Together

Audiobook services are great for providing a collective experience. You can easily enjoy these with friends and family during road trips or even have an audiobook listening night in your homes. This is great for the family to bond with one another, and it is a great way to teach and encourage kids to start reading.

Read Along

The best experience for one would be to read along while listening to these records. The whole process of comparison can also be made easier at this stage. It contributes to being a complete and wholesome experience. You can either read a physical book or an e-book and even encourage your children to read along.


Audiobook services are a great way to enhance reading books' whole experience, and it is always recommended to test the waters before immersing yourself in the experience. With these platforms, one should always start with recommendations from their family and friends because they will have some great ideas and suggestions. Many people first go for old books because it helps provide them with a great new understanding of the character, story, settings, and lots more. The services like Audible have the best authors and the best stories in their library. They are a great way to fasten up your reading and are very convenient as they can be listened to while doing other important things.

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