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Top Famous Fantasy Books And Novels To Read Online

Who wouldn’t want to escape from reality to go on a journey to a faraway wonderland? No matter how many TV shows or movies you see, reading a fantasy book is entirely different. It has the ability to make you experience beautiful moments that can only happen in dreams. It is a great solution for growing kids to enhance their creative skills, learning, and personal growth. Some of these novels have high-quality literature that is considered as education and curriculum to aspiring writers.

Our category gives you a brief introduction about all the famous books and novels that have attracted even some renowned book critics. Some of the fantasies are inspired by true events or places. This makes it even more exciting to read those who have read the original tale or history. The stories could be about magic or a journey of a powerful protagonist and his conflicts at every point of his life.

We have an impressive collection of the best fantasy books that have been New York best sellers and award-winning novels. Some of these are epic sagas with more than five installments and made into TV series or movies due to the vast-spread of the tales all over the world like wildfire. Though they belong to the same category, their storyline and character conflicts are different from each other. This is perfect as no reader would want to read a predictable fantasy.

We can take Game of Thrones and Harry Potter as examples. Although they both are fantasy sagas, Game of Thrones is all about dragons, seven kingdoms, and the war between them to claim a powerful Iron throne. In contrast, Harry Potter is about the adventures of a boy and his two best friends to kill a dangerous wizard. There may be many other stories about wars and magic like The Name Of The Wind, but with a different plotline; in this case, it is a heroic fantasy.

If you want to look into more original and classic fantasies and fairy tales, it is best to browse for them online or search at a bookstore once in a month. If they are unavailable in the form of paperbacks, you could always search for audiobooks on Audible or e-books on Kindle.