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Cold email software increases the campaign response rate with hyper-personalization and scheduling to boost email outreach and conversions.

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  • Powerful team activity dashboard
  • Advanced analytics with Gmail and Outlook integration
  • Personalized automated email sequences
  • Enables cold email campaign tracking and scheduling
  • Search prospects, find emails and add them to your campaign
  • Automate emails and follow-ups
  • Maximize email deliverability with Spam Test Reports & Free Email Validation
  • Sync prospect and email activity data with Hubspot, Zoho, and other CRMs.
  • Personalized outbound sales campaigns
  • Customizes and share cold email templates
  • Monitors campaign performance with analytics
  • Get real-time desktop and mobile alerts
  • Social media and task management integration
  • Easy to use and intuitive interface
  • Private and shared pipelines with basic API’s
  • Advanced permissions for consolidated billings
  • Allows to create personalized drip campaigns
  • Enables to share and customize email templates
  • Lead generation and email automation tool
  • Automate the process with third-party applications
  • Event-triggered actions with contact database
  • Automated CRM workforces
  • Email marketing and lead management system
  • Chrome extension for contacts synchronization
  • Quick email verification system
  • Browse leads based on specific domains
  • Narrows search of business and emails
  • Contact and document management system
  • Provides advanced third party integration services
  • Unlimited email tracking templates and schedulers
  • Marketing automation system and CRM integration
  • Ideal application for corporate sector
  • Vast selection of pre-built templates
  • Notifications and auto follow up functions
  • Advanced third party integration mechanism
  • Email marketing and lead generation
  • Outreach automation of lead and prospect management
  • Implements personalized email drip campaigns
  • Features fast and accurate reports
  • Email marketing and task management
  • Ideal for small and mid-sized business
  • Sales forecasting and campaign management
  • Marketing automation integration and territory management
  • Easy setup and user-friendly interface
  • Powerful automation feature to set campaigns
  • Collaboration tools for email marketing teams
  • A/B test email sequences with analytics
  • Intuitive platform to navigate and tracking of communications
  • Provides customer database and contact management
  • Proposal generation of email marketing
  • Opportunity and lead management solutions
  • Allows to set email automation triggers
  • Creates personalized images and videos
  • Performs A/B testing for effective results
  • Integrations with Zapier and CRM software
  • Simple set up with a user-friendly interface
  • Quick import of contact lists from google
  • Seamless integration with third-party applications
  • Automates email sequences using zapier and google sheets

Buying Guide To Choose Cold Email Software For Businesses

Cold email is a type of marketing tool sent to the concerned person without any prior connection with them to start a discussion and engage them in a business proposal. It is substantially different from spam email, though it can be mistaken as one. It is a much lighter and non-intrusive format of email marketing and a preferred way of increasing business opportunities by both the sender and recipient. 89% of people have found that email marketing is a lucrative and affordable way of taking their business forward, and the most successful marketing tool.

Features Of Cold Email Software


Whichever software you choose to increase your company's engagement through emailing, you should always check if they provide data analytics. The analytics will help you to understand the reach and response that you are sending. Not every person who will read your email needs to reply to you, but it is important to know which have successfully made it to the inbox, of how many people, and out of them how many have replied, and other such stats. If you understand the recipients' response rate, then your campaigns will be progressively more successful every time.


Your campaigns through cold emails must look and feel personal. It should be customized for the person on the other side of the screen. It should spark their interest and engage them to comply with the email. Before choosing the email marketing software, carefully see what and how you are allowed to personalize. Preferably, choose a software that allows you to put pictures, graphics, etc. so that your cold emails are more visually appealing than the rest.

A/B testing

A/B testing is a very effective tool for marketing. It sends two versions of the same campaign to two small groups and collects responses, and helps you understand what the mass wants and expects. This will benefit you in formulating the master campaign and set it on the path to success. A/B testing in an email marketing service for Shopify and other ecommerce sites is so powerful that it has won ministers' election campaigns in the past. It is a very important tool to have at hand if you need to survey the likes and dislikes of a certain campaign. It gives you a greater guarantee as well.

Automated follow-ups

If you are using cold email, then your emails are sent automatically, without the approval of the sender. Hence, you don't always notice the response or keep in mind which email they are responding to. Automatic follow-up will keep you stress-free and automatically send the follow-up mails without worrying. It will automatically adjust time according to the person, and their response will not have to wait for the follow-up email or have it sent too early. You may find these features easily at SmartReach.

Time zone detection

If your business is internationally established, you might want to look for this feature. Nearly all countries in the world have their time zones. You can track those once and use the time zones to acquire more engagement. In other words, this feature will help you to send the emails at the best hour of the day according to the different time zones. This increases engagement as at the opposite side of the globe. Someone will not be getting an email at midnight and eventually lose it under others. They will get the email at the best and most productive hour of the day according to their time zone.

Campaign Automation

Lastly, this is the most important feature to look for in cold email software. Choose software that will make email marketing as easy as eating a piece of cake! The software will create email lists, update contacts, keep track of their engagement, and automatically generate money by being quick and responsive. Cold emailing should not feel like a heavy task for you. It should have a simple interface, compact usability system, and fast to toggle between tabs.

Benefits Of Using Cold Email Software


Cold email softwares helps you earn more money. Through consistent cold email campaigns, people earn $38 for each dollar of investment. The return of investment is very high, and email makes it a lot easier for the sender to stay at the top of the game. You could also look into AI marketing tools.


There are various advanced softwares available in the market that are as cheap as $10 per month. You have the liberty to choose from a wide range of processes and features according to your business's scale and achieve success through cold email marketing.


It is extremely time-efficient to have software that will take care of all the campaigns and have the capability to send 100s of emails automatically, send the follow-ups, track the response, etc. It does the job of 10 people and saves you a lot of time.


You have the option to make very visually appealing emails for your business without hiring a designer through cold email and its personalization tool. It is a more convenient way to make your campaigns look more targeted and attract more attention.


Cold email software successfully initiates more conversations and increases the prospect of business. Since it is not the same as spam emails, they are less annoying for the receivers, and more people tend to respond to them better, and the cold email software makes them a lot more prompt and personal looking. Streak is software worth looking into, which comes with highly-efficient analytics tools.


It has been observed that cold emails are six times more successful, a method of email marketing from Woodpecker, and yet you have to put barely any effort if you get email software. It is almost a guarantee card for successfully stepping up the ladder of making your business a large enterprise.

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