Best Directory And Listings WordPress Themes

Build a beautiful website with eye catching themes and page layout which helps to attract more Site visitor.

By Customer Feedback

  • Customize homepage and layout page
  • Offers drag and drop WordPress editor
  • Work with Geo-location technology
  • Upto 97% fast page loading
  • Google map integration and google analytics
  • Built with MVC framework and HTML design
  • Provides fully response pre-designed layouts
  • Autopilot listing submission
  • Offer live search algorithm
  • Directory admin dashboard
  • Easy one-click setup for admin with Email Notification
  • Suitable for professional board job
  • Provides predefined page templates
  • Custom shortcode for job dashboard and job summary
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Fully integrated with Woocommerce
  • Smooth scrolling option system
  • Advanced listing type builder for website
  • Provides Multiple styling preset
  • Advanced and interactive filtering system
  • Customize front page and listing layout
  • Ideal for small scale online business
  • Flexible subscription plans
  • Provides User front end dashboard
  • Compatible with visual composer
  • Built-in official WPML for multilingual website
  • Easy to setup and customize
  • Well suited for webmaster
  • Offers Modular content layout
  • Built in block content and customizable widget
  • Social integration for Facebook and Instagram
  • Use dashboard to edit and manage profile
  • Includes custom widget and API Theme API
  • Fully responsive themes and templates

Buying Guide To Best Directory And Listing WordPress Themes

You probably won't find a better option than WordPress for creating a directory and listing service. WordPress works and blends perfectly with this kind of thing. Businesses, service centers, attractions, commercial stations, everything can become listable using this technology. You would find all the necessary tools to make the listings' best and help you expand the directory.

Top 5 Features To Look In A Directory Wordpress Theme

Among plenty of options, finding a theme that is most compatible with your structure can be confusing. That's why we have come up with some factors to help locate a suitable piece for you. Let's see them.

Dashboard Design

For the convenience of the user interface in web development, the dashboard design has to be friendly. You will manage most of the listing via the dashboard, and it needs to be easily accessible. If possible, it would be great if directory and listing WordPress themes offer multiple designs. By ensuring that you can work with different designs as per your suitability. You might also want to ensure that the dashboard allows the listing to be easily manageable. Most of the dashboards suffer from inefficient listing, which is why this factor is essential. In any case, you must look for a dashboard layout that maintains the flow of work without any hitches.

Listing Pages

Directory and listing WordPress themes let users add listing pages to their compositions. These listings represent the type of business or product you are selling. It also shows the owner that is in charge of that business. An ideal listing tends to add an unlimited number of companies. That's what you should inspect well whenever getting a directory and listing WordPress themes. With complete details, you won't have the hassle of running out of slots. Plus, it will be easier to assign an unlimited number of owners and expand your network.


Admins must be able to customize the statuses of various businesses listed on the network. When it comes to customization, you need to take many things into account. For instance, users must have access to verify individual owners on the listing. By doing so, these businesses can gain the trust of the customers. Furthermore, the freedom to make featured listings is essential to promote a specific organization further. Apart from that, creating custom fields and managing tabs of entries are basic things that WordPress can possess. These are a few customizable elements on which you can focus on selecting the best directory and listing WordPress themes.

Map Access

Map access contributes to view the location of the mentioned business on the forum. It serves as an excellent tool for keeping track of the activities of the companies. Most of the relative layouts do provide this feature, but you must confirm it before-hand. Additionally, choose to move up with One-page themes for WordPress for landing up on your goals with more pace. While peeping into map access, make sure it has a geolocation search benefit as well. In some cases, these frameworks also offer different map skins. Hence, you end up with a lot of options to choose from. From the presentation and customization point of view, it works pretty well. However, for extending the scope of your startup, you can also go with Jobify.


Now there are various ways one can monetize using directory and listing WordPress themes like Wyzi. If you are intending to earn some good money via these designs, then grab the assurance that it has to monetize features. The most basic of the quality in this is commission. You will find it integrated into most of the themes. It is up to the admin to set some percentage of commission on each product/service sold. Another method of making money via this is establishing a point-based system. In this system, businesses can directly buy points from admin for setting up ads. Like this, other forms of earning are also available like business claims, subscription packages, etc. So first, you must structure what kind of methods you will be employing. Only after that, you can select the most appropriate one.

Final Words

Lastly, these are some aspects that you can consider while finalizing a directory and listing the WordPress theme. Moreover, you can think about Listify as the most appropriate pick. It may not be very clear to choose the best option, but these factors will certainly aid you. Establish your requirements first, assess your situation, and then go for the rest.