Best Customer Support Software

After researching dozens of customer support services, here we listed the best customer support software for various markets with real-time analysis.

By Customer Feedback

  • Easy to use multiple ticket options
  • Supports multi channel communication
  • Real time interaction tracking system
  • Easy integration with custom domains
  • IT asset and knowledge based management
  • Advanced AI-based lead scoring
  • Intelligent workflow automation
  • Internal chat integration system
  • Visual pipeline for managing deals
  • Customizable views with marketing synchronizations
  • Email, phone and website integrations
  • Intuitive drag and drop communicator
  • Offers tracking and scheduling processes
  • CRM and deals integration
  • Pipeline management and automation
  • Social media engagement with live chat
  • Email marketing of landing pages
  • Scheduled faxing with vanity numbers
  • Custom text message alerts
  • AI to allocate incoming messages
  • Strong mobile and cloud support
  • Voice and video chat support
  • Reboot remote access in safe mode
  • Share files during live sessions
  • Handle multiple products with a single CRM account
  • Wordpress and Magento plugins
  • Convenient real-time chat support
  • Escalation and campaign management
  • Best live chat software for Wordpress
  • Unlimited calls storage, transferring and routing
  • Simple click to call button for website
  • Compatible with both android and IOS devices
  • Multi level interactive voice responses
  • Desktop applications for MACos for better audio quality
  • VoIP system collaboration audio conference
  • Real time hands on sales trainings
  • Intelligent triggers to automate prospects
  • Segment visitors based on their interests
  • secure email hosting platform
  • Free help services on own servers
  • Imap functions for opening tickets with mails
  • Standard responses and custom fields
  • HTML5 responsive layouts for mobiles
  • Robust self-service operation platform
  • Management for tracking deadlines and due dates
  • Services for IT’s, SaaS and enterprises
  • Display relevant statistics and documents
  • Appointment and automated schedulings
  • Waitlist and calendar management
  • Easy to use user interface platform
  • Web Hosting to perform digital marketing
  • Assets and change management system
  • Automated routing with document storage
  • Organise and track current issues and requests
  • ITIL support with numerous integrations
  • Great search capability system
  • Flexible ticket management system
  • Multichannel support of web and email
  • Compatible with various mobile devices
  • Best customer support software for startups
  • Smart triggers to increase conversion rates
  • Auto messaging and email marketing
  • Canned responses with website tracking
  • Fully featured solution with great UI
  • Creates top-notch functionality

Buyer’s Guide To Customer Support Software For Small-Scale Businesses


Business is the pious relationship between the buyer and the seller. If you pay heed to the words of your customer, then the buyer-seller relationship flourishes and so is your business with an Advanced Software. When your business is on a small level, it is easier for you to address the requests and issues of the customer. But what when your business starts to grow, and along with the increasing customers, the customer's requests and issues are also increasing? Now it becomes hard for you to address their requests, and when the customer's requests remain unheard, they turn towards a different and better option. So, do not let your customers go anywhere. Advanced and efficient Customer Support Software (CRM Software) may help you to build a better relationship with your customers.

Now if you have queries like what is customer support software, how it is going to help me in my business, how it functions, and many such queries then you are in the right place. We are going to answer all your queries below.

What is customer support software?

The best customer support software compiles all customer requests, inquiries, complaints from various customer-facing support mediums in a centralized dashboard and regularly tracks them as well. Along with this, it communicates with the customers and deals with other issues.

Benefits of Customer Support Software

For instance, if any customer sent you an email regarding a request or complaint and later that customer again sent you a message on any social media platform and want to know the progress of his request so in this situation customer support software will help you.

This software will provide you with the context of the email so that you know how to respond to the customer. To make things easy, this software combines all different conversation threads into a centralized dashboard.

User-Friendly Nature

The customer support software assists your agents and helps them to reply to emails, answer calls, and chat with customers from a single platform i.e., hubspot software for productivity. There is no need to manage different tools and platforms. The software makes the time-consuming tasks easy and saves the time of your agents. The interface is user-friendly, so it gives agents ease of use.

Enhanced Communication

A freshsales customer support software offers a unified database so that you can easily access the past interactions with customers. This feature makes the communication better because you have past context and you understand the need and interest of the customers so you can respond more promptly and provide apt solutions to customers.

Team Management

Online customer support software helps you to keep an eye on your team. Cloud-based or online customer support software allows unattended access and lets you manage your team. The increased visibility lets you see who is handling what task, how many queries are being responded, and how many still need to be responded. Thus, you can easily assign and monitor tasks online.

Analysis of Team Performance

Efficient B2B customer support software provides enough data to analyze your team's performance. You can easily track their performance efficiency and how good they are at serving customers. This monitoring of team performance will help you to analyze and enhance the performance of your team.

Automation of the Customer Support Process

A help desk customer support software automates the support process, and your team and agents do not have to look for paperwork and maintenance. They can focus on resolving customer's problems. Thus, your customer requests would be addressed efficiently and promptly.

Gaining A Loyal Customer Base

Customer support software addresses customer's requests and provides them with apt solutions. When customers get a quick response, they feel happy and satisfied. A business's greatest asset is happy and satisfied customers! These loyal customers will keep returning to your business and will help in the growth of it.


Expensive customer support software not always proved to be fruitful for you. Sometimes, even free customer support software can do the job efficiently. So, choose smartly, don't just waste your hard-earned money. Decide on your requirements and budget and then choose a suitable one.


A customer support software with a complicated user-interface does not mean it is an efficient customer support software with leading-edge features. Customer support software with a simplified user interface will help your agents to understand the working of the software, and they can perform all the tasks without any training.

Customer Support Style

Do understand your needs of customer support style before subscribing to any customer support software. Decide whether you prefer one medium of communication with your customer (it maybe email, chat, phone, or social media platforms) or you want a combination of all these communication mediums. Choose software that fits your style.

Some Essential Features Of Customer Support Software

Automation Tool

An efficient automation tool provides a quick response to the customer by creating a workflow so that calls or requests are routed to the right agent.

Multichannel Ticketing System

A multichannel ticketing system is an essential feature of customer support software as it streamlines multiple communication mediums.

Reporting And Analytics

This feature helps you to analyze your team performance and also the impact of customer service on your business.

Centralized Dashboard

A centralized dashboard helps you to prevent agent collision, which ensures that not multiple agents are working on the same task.


Make sure it lets you customize your help desk according to your need because it is you, who understand the needs of your business and not the software. On the whole, the digital revolution has made our lives easy and comfortable. The freshdesk customer software make our tasks less-stressful. Now it is our time to embrace technology!

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