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Comprehensive streamlined platform entitled to resolve customer complaints and enhance workflow visibility with clear firm insights.

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  • Powerful encryption for more security
  • Equipped with screen popups, data-driven routing
  • Administration and management system
  • Personalized and informative demo platform
  • On-demand cloud-based remote support session
  • File transfer with SSL 256-bit AES encryption
  • Simple and intuitive gesture control system
  • Confirmation prompt for unattended sessions
  • Drag and drop appointment scheduling dashboard
  • Best to reduce repetitive work and save time
  • Fastly resolve complex and multiple-stage issues
  • Track and manage incoming tickets with inbox
  • Get IP and network restriction for login access
  • Support robust self-service operation system
  • Manage complex and cross-functional service
  • Artificial intelligence technology for customers
  • Perfect to boost sales and profitability
  • Simple and easy to configure management system
  • User-friendly catalogue to place and receive requests
  • Simplified dashboard with tracking indicators
  • Perfect software to reduce operational costs
  • Automatically get email notifications
  • Effective collaboration with complaint resolution record
  • Streamlined communication to increase productivity
  • Ideal to reduce brand and market damages
  • Complementary bundle and donation program
  • Automatically search engine optimization system
  • Offer streamlined content creation, revision, etc.,
  • Access with HTML, CSS, and Javascript language
  • improve decision making for great accuracy
  • Customized accelerated integration with iPaaS
  • Regulatory information management to promote collaboration
  • Report and dashboard to run specific queries
  • Customized easy-to-use templates for users
  • Offer real-time chat integration to issue assignments
  • Advance configuration technology manage workflow
  • Ensure to protect reputation for handling complaints
  • Regulatory compliance to track information
  • Built-in response templates for quick complaint
  • Perfect to scan customer concern and issues

Best Complaint Management Software Features And Buying Guide


Every organization, regardless of its size, requires a fully functional software system. Here is one organizational tool that makes it easier for the authorities to interact with the customers by looking at their grievances and other impending issues.

Moreover, as the global entrepreneurial dynamics change courtesy of the unrelenting pandemic, having the Best Complaint Management - CRM Software will help organizations retain customers in a better way, as compared to the contemporaries.

A sound complaint management system should include cross-functional features and even advanced reporting and analytical capabilities. Apart from that, a dynamic interface works well for the concerned organization, when it comes to handling and remediating customer complaints, go with the top zoho-assist software.

Features of Complaint Management Software

For starters, complaint management software is an essential organizational tool that helps companies manage, handle, report, and even respond to customer issues and complaints. While most companies are still following the standard approach of handling and solving grievances, nothing works better than a streamlined tool that boasts of several monitoring features. Here are some of the features that you must look for in the best complaint management software:

Ticket Collection

The most productive feature is the one concerning ticket collecting. Customers having issues can connect with the complaint interface, feed in the nature of the grievance, and send across a token for the authorities to look at. There are specific organizational segments that encounter issues on a daily basis, and with tickets in place, handling, managing, and solving the problems become more comfortable than ever.

Multi-Channel Systems

An excellent way to improve the quality of complaint management is by integrating several channels into the mix. This approach makes it possible to segregate complaints into homogeneous groups and solve them accordingly. The channels supported include emails, live chats, social media handles, and even web forms.

Agent Spread

Most companies assign specific agents for handling complaints of similar nature. Therefore, the promptness of the agent assigning and sending out clear instructions for solving the complaints is an aspect that differentiates the best complaint management software from an average one.

Collaborative Platforms

Complaint management software for banks features collaborative interfaces. This feature means that there are specific forums where customers can enlist grievances, and if any other client has an idea to solve the same, the agents aren’t brought into the mix. This collaborative approach simplifies complaint management for the concerned authorities.

Key Elements of Complaint Management System Software

Besides the essential features, there are specific physical or somewhat analytical segments associated with the complaint management software. These include:


Company managers have access to detailed reports regarding the traffic and nature of the complaints. In addition to that, these reports also help track the resolution times, average agent responses, customer feedback, and other details.


The freshdesk complaint management software for healthcare, banks or any other industry features dedicated dashboards. These include interactive options, tools to resolve and respond to complaints, and factors that help in scheduling responses. One such panel is the HQ that features happiness ratings, threaded tickets, ticket traffic, and other granular analytical details.

Agent Scorecard

The ability of the agents to respond and remediate complaints forms the crux of the scorecard. This interface includes aspects related to the agent response times, happiness ratings received by the agent, and other stats that help organizations view the performance and quality of service.

Happiness Rating

This element concerns the happiness levels of the customers, if and when, their complaints get resolved. If the customer happiness rating is low, the concerned agents try to reconnect and give them the best possible experience. This aspect works like a feedback form and accounts for multiple to no client follow-ups.

Benefits of Complaint Management Software

The best complaint management software works across diverse industry verticals and makes room for a more streamlined complaint and grievance management system. However, some of the other benefits include:

Creates a Customer-Centric Environment

The success of an organization depends on the happiness levels of the customers. Therefore, with the best complaint management software into the mix, it becomes easier for the companies to focus entirely on customer satisfaction.

Minimizes Costs

If you can identify the areas that bother the customers, it becomes easy to concentrate on targeting them and saving operational costs in the long run.

Increases Loyalty

Customers who understand that you take complaints and remediation seriously will stick with your business for long!

Reduces Brand Damage

It is evident that at some point, a business will encounter an unhappy customer. However, complaint management software makes sure that he or she can directly address the issues and take up the same with authority. This approach minimizes social media interactions and eventually, brand damages.

Increases Sales

Sound complaint management systems make sure that customer issues get the desired resolutions. If the customer leaves the interface happy, he or she is expected to make a purchase, sooner than later.

Pricing of Complaint Management Software

The prices associated with complaint management software vary according to the feature sets. However, no expense is high for the utility they bring to the table. Most importantly, the software prices are also set based on the AI analytics and the extent of predictive intelligence they offer. There are specific tools which preempt customer complaints based on their website behavior, and costs more than the regular ones.

Customer Support

It is entirely appropriate that companies offering customer management software have a decent customer support system. Regardless of the vendor or the package, the customer support system on display is active 24x7, via live chats, emails, and social media interactions.


You are on the right track if you are considering the need for the ringcentral complaint management software with security for your business. Once the system is live and running on your website, it will become more comfortable for the customers to interact and get immediate solutions to their problems, regarding products, services, interfaces, and almost anything else.

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