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Explore a fictional world with the best selling romance novels written by famous authors available in the market for stress relief and mental stimulation.

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  • New York Times Bestselling book
  • Subtle interpretation of characters and plot
  • Available in Kindle, audible and google books
  • A workplace love-hate relationship fiction
  • Originally published by William Morrow Paperbacks
  • Available as ebooks, paperbacks and audiobooks
  • Written by Jamie McGuire
  • New York Times and USA Today Best seller
  • Available in kindle, Audible and google playbooks
  • Written by Margaret Mitchell
  • Considered as the Great American Novel
  • Originally published in 1936 by Macmillan Inc
  • Written by Nora Roberts
  • Published by Berkley books
  • Goodreads choice award nominee for romance
  • Written by Jasmine Guillory
  • Published by Berkley Books in 2018
  • Second installment in the series Wedding Date
  • Written by Diana Gabaldon
  • A historical Multi-genre fiction novel
  • Available as ebooks, audiobooks and paperbacks
  • Written by Sylvia Day
  • First installment of the book series Crossfire.
  • Available in different languages
  • Written by Colleen McCullough
  • World Classic literary gem adored by readers
  • Written by Rainbow Rowell
  • Published by Orion Publishing Group
  • Winner and nominee of many literary awards
  • Written by Nicholas Sparks
  • First book of two in the Notebook series
  • New York Time Bestseller for over a year
  • Written by Jenny Han
  • Published by Simon and Schuster
  • Lighthearted romance novel for nerds
  • Written by E L James.
  • New love story with thrilling elements
  • First book of the Wedding Date series
  • Published by Berkley Publishing Group
  • USA Today Bestselling Contemporary Romance

Choosing Classic and Modern Romance Novels Of All Time


Romance is an integral part of any love relationship as it unveils the affection between two hearts, which is truly a great feeling to be experienced for all. Choose a serene place in the evening or nighttime by lighting up some vibrant candles to set up the real mood to read and enjoy some sensual love stories. These novels can take you back to your good old memories of love back in school or college and one does not have to say that books are always healthy to personal growth and learning. Romantic novels in the market have been written to produce that pure love feeling and help the audience feel relaxed by reading some feel-good stories. The characters depicted in these are so realistic that it connects the readers with their real-life story. This is the best thing about romance novels as they keep the readers engaged throughout the reading session.

There are so many romance novels that are bestsellers and on the favorite list of many. Multiple copies of these are available as ebooks, paperbacks, and audiobooks for different users to read them hassle-free simultaneously by subscribing or downloading on one go. These are also available on many popular online platforms like Amazon and Kindle for easy accessibility for the readers to endure their passion for reading.

Buying Guide to Romantic Novels

There are plenty of romantic books and novels available in the market today that would draw the readers' attention. Buying romantic novels to enjoy a seamless reading experience.

Let us get an insight into important things to consider before ordering your favorite book in the online store.

Read Reviews on the Internet

Any romantic novel needs to keep you captivated with each page by wanting you to read more. For this, the storyline needs to be catchy and crisp as it excites the readers. So, make sure you read reviews about the book you are planning to purchase on the internet to enjoy the best buy. Reviews give a clear-cut picture of the book's plot, like whether it is embarking a boredom feeling in the readers or encourages them to read the book further. Some users look for twists in the first half or second half of the book and many novels do not have a twist. So, reviews on the internet can give an idea of such aspects that could help you decide on the purchase of the book. In a way, this can save more of your time by allowing you to choose the right kind of book that matches your taste.

Look for Discounts

Online sites like Amazon give frequent offers on various categories that include romantic books too. Wait for promotional discounts and grab the books at a lesser price to save your pocket. This way, you will get a chance to view the recently published books come bestselling on the site to choose the one you like. Keep an eye on the upcoming offers before you place an order via online stores like Amazon.

Choose Your Genre

Different sub-genres in romance lure different audiences by covering contemporary romance, romantic suspense, fantasy-based romance, and many more. Some people are so realistic and pragmatic that they do not like reading such dramatic kinds of novels. On the other hand, some people like futuristic and unrealistic stories to visualize their dreams as they read. Hence, it is essential to choose based on interest as there is no point in purchasing a romantic novel of a different genre and regretting later.

Price Comparison

Different online stores fix a different price on the books. If you are someone looking to save some bucks, then look at different sites and their prices and choose the best price. It is always good to look at pricing across different stores to experience an economical buy.

Delivery Speed

Gone are those days. where people used to rush to the bookstores to buy their favorite romance and Zombie fiction novels. With the advancements in technology, shopping has become hassle-free via the emergence of online businesses to purchase from your home's comfort. As soon as you select a book and place an order on the online site, you would be eager to receive a copy of your book to keep yourself involved. You cannot wait to read your most loved romantic novel. Look for a delivery timeline before ordering them and always choose speedy deliveries.

Go for Used Books

Nowadays, used books are available for purchase in online stores in good condition. Choose them to save your bucks as it is going to be a one-time read. This way, people can save a huge amount of money, as these are available at comparatively lower prices than brand new books. The content of the book is all that matters more than the look.

Some Recommendations

Other top-rated books in the market are The Hating Game and Beautiful Disaster and many more but, the most sought after one is the former. It is a simple love story that conveys a strong message to the readers by stirring their hearts. A must-read book if you are someone who values love and ready to face all sorts of hardships to withstand that love for eternity. Drown yourself in love by reading these romantic novels that take you to a new world of dreams.


Romantic novels are a great treat to the readers as they relate to the healthy relationship between two souls who exchange their hearts in love. Reading books is great entertainment as people get a chance to bring out their passion for reading. Enjoy a joyful reading experience with so many popular romantic novels in the market to produce positive vibes to feel the intensity of true love and strengthen bonds between souls. The bestselling 'It Ends with Us' is a contemporary romance novel with a subtle portrayal of the characters without any exaggeration. It is a breathtaking love story that everyone will embrace after reading the book thoroughly.

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