Best Antivirus For MAC

Antivirus software performs various scanning functionalities to manage and wipeout the high-risk threats and attacks immediately on mac devices.

By Customer Feedback

  • Easy to use and simple design
  • Superfast scannings with malware detection
  • Intuitive interface with advanced functionalities
  • Eliminates unwanted data and caches
  • Provides effective malware protection mechanism
  • Protects against unwanted applications potentially
  • Offers Cloud-based configurations
  • Enables to monitor the ransomware
  • Equipped with anti-phishing tools
  • Performs speed and accurate malware detections
  • Detects every threat and attacks quickly
  • Provides periodic and in-time updates for maximum protection
  • Identity and privacy shieldings for secure browsings
  • Outbound firewall and infrared defence technology
  • Provides multi-environment support with online protection
  • provides antivirus and spy-ware protections
  • Next-gen anti-malware for safe browsings
  • Offers mobile security with theft protection
  • Advanced ransomware protection mechanism
  • Protects PC, Mac and mobile devices
  • Intelligent firewall online protection with VPN
  • Strong ransomware and antivirus protection
  • Provides fast virus check for offline computers
  • Variety of tools for monitor system performance
  • Detects and protects the dangerous malicious viruses
  • Quick and effective file system custom scanning
  • Faster scanning with optimized scan engine
  • More secured browsing with anti-ransomware engine
  • Provides ads removal extension and surfing protection
  • Scans incoming emails for maximum protection
  • Provides on-demand scanning for stored data and documents
  • On-screen virtual keyboard to protect passwords
  • Real-time malware protection with innovative tools
  • Multi-layer endpoint security for fraud protection
  • Enhanced security and IT management software
  • Provides cyber security education and training
  • Centralized management for cybersecurity service
  • Offers real-time security with manual scans
  • Automatic definition updates through network protection
  • Advanced management console integrations
  • Easy maintenance with lightweight security
  • Provides vulnerability scanning through threat response
  • Detects and responds to cybersecurity threats
  • Deep guard protection for applications scanning
  • Latest intrusion detection system
  • Free up spaces for files and important documents
  • Cloud-based technology with an anti-ransomware toolkit
  • Performs anti-virus, malware and ransomware protection
  • System protection through wifi security checks
  • Provides smart scan for safe zone browsing
  • Hassle-free automatic software updater
  • Secure DNS of firewall protection
  • Intelligent antivirus for browser cleanups
  • Auto-sandbox technology to run unknown files
  • Scans necessary system files in real-time
  • Website filterings and controls buffer overflows
  • protects from malware and phishing attacks