Best Antivirus For Android

Secure web and mobile browsing with the best android antivirus featuring heuristic analyzer to detect unfamiliar malicious and phishing attacks.

By Customer Feedback

  • Multi-device security for android devices
  • Protection against phishing activities
  • Award-winning protection against cyber blackmail
  • Support for malware and ransomware
  • Scans WhatsApp, Facebook messages for added safety
  • Advanced technologies for dangerous ransomware software
  • Automatic update of the virus database
  • Perfect suits for android and window devices
  • Security auditor feature and real-time schedule scanning
  • Advanced web browser for IOS and android
  • Cloud-based security solution for smartphones and tablets
  • Offer mobile security for shopping, browsing and banking
  • Back and restore data precious data
  • Fast and On-Access antivirus scanning
  • Antitheft control system for complete protection
  • Antivirus security for smartphone and tablet
  • Privacy and security for personal information
  • Automatic blocking malicious websites
  • Built with advanced cloud technology
  • 350% faster scanning for android app
  • keylogger detection to data from stealing
  • Built with a parental control feature
  • Protect for PC/Mac and Android devices
  • URL filters and security auditor for smartphones
  • Best antivirus from malware attack
  • Online privacy for all android devices
  • Secure your public WI-FI network
  • Well- Suited for online business data
  • Basic to advanced full security protection
  • Encrypt connection to stay safe on a public network

Know Everything about Best Antivirus Applications for Android Devices


The electronic devices are prone to get infected by malicious software variants. The virus can corrupt our data and system without our knowledge. Antivirus applications help protect our devices against malware and cybercriminals. They scan the network to the devices and search for threats and monitor the behavior of all programs. 

New viruses are coming out all the time. And it is the task of the antivirus to keep away the latest threats. These applications are easy to install and upgrade. And there are many antiviruses for android devices that provide complete security or warn of possible threats to the system and make your device run faster with no issues. And these antivirus applications are for more secure internet browsing experiences.

Benefits Of Using Antivirus For Android Mobiles

The cyberspace is filled with threats and vulnerabilities. With our awareness and usage of the right tool, we can safeguard ourselves from getting bugged. The installation of antivirus is quite easy, which requires good internet speed. We can upgrade the antivirus to the newest version. 

Virus Protection

The vital role of antivirus is to protect from malware in your devices. It scans the device and identifies the threat. It not only saves the data from getting damaged but also improves the performance of the device. When we install the antivirus in the device, it removes the virus without further harming your data. It is safe and secure to use premium antivirus software in your android device. It secures the device from online threats too. These attacks consist of unidentified attempts by the third person to steal or infect the device's data. 


We must invest the hard-earned money in the right tool which provides security from threats and danger. The antivirus applications are pretty cost-effective as you get many features like spyware protection, spam protection, web protection, etc. We can either ask for a monthly or yearly subscription. We can cancel the subscription anytime we want to. 

Fast Processing 

When our device succumbs to viruses and threats, it is obvious our system gets slow. As an additional advantage, antivirus keeps the danger away and helps improve the performance of the device. With the storage of unnecessary files, the device doesn't function properly and gets damaged easily.

Prevent Data Loss

Stealing and manipulating private information by malicious attackers is common. Invading online privacy is currently the biggest threat faced by us. We keep documents like personal information, Banking details, photos, and videos on our devices. And this information can get stolen through illegal activity. To protect them from getting robbed, we require antivirus that protects from these malpractices. It informs us of the possible danger and protects from it using the spyware feature.


The antivirus application is easily compatible with our devices and is trouble-free in installing or using. The easy accessibility of the application makes it more user-friendly. The application's functioning is not at all complex that makes it handy for anyone who is not tech-savvy. The Webroot antivirus comes with mobile security for shopping, banking, and browsing features.

Lost or Stolen device

If we are more prone to losing our devices and do not want our information to get mishandled by an anti-social element, we better consider using an android antivirus program that will remotely locate the phone and wipe off any confidential data. 

Factors To Consider For Selecting Antivirus Software Online 

It can be a tough job to choose the best program for our device. Choosing the right tool can be simplified by the features and specifications. We can compare and find the best-rated antivirus program for our device that is significant for us to know the difference between the various programs to select the legit product. 


When we are about to purchase an application for the device, we go through the price. Along with the product's features and specification, the thing which draws the attention is the price. When the software is cost-effective and provides good protection against malware is considered the best choice. It is not necessary that buying an expensive program will provide good security to the device.

Customer Ratings and Reviews

When we need to purchase anything online, we go through previous customer’s ratings and reviews. We buy the product when we find the ratings or reviews helpful and that meet our requirements. Similarly, while purchasing the antivirus for windows, we see the reviews of the last users. When it is highly rated, we tend to get attracted to the program and end up buying it. A comparison of the best products can help us pick up the searched program.

Free Trails

We may consider purchasing the antivirus application that provides free trials for the users. We get a good idea first of how it works and if the program is right for us. At times the features are not fully accessible in the trial period. So, it is good to choose the program that gives us a full glance at the features available. As it's vital to be transparent with the user. Transparency among users creates a sense of trust and honesty.

Updated Feature

We prefer those applications which give the updated features and specifications. Along with virus protection, it better secures against the web threats, spyware/malware scanning feature, etc. When we wish to purchase the application, we expect to get additional benefits from that.

Payment Options

It is important to identify the payment terms which suit our requirements. Different antivirus programs have varied payment terms. Some ask for one-time payment while others have monthly/yearly subscription plans. We better go for the plan that we are comfortable with. 


When our devices are susceptible to threats and damages, we use antivirus for its protection. Antivirus for androids is designed to secure it from getting scammed and attacked by anonymous threats. The ZoneAlarm antivirus has made the process much easier for us to protect viruses and identity theft. It is worth purchasing to save our device from being intruded on.