Best Antivirus Chromebook

chromebook antivirus software offer a variety of add-ons designed to ward off malicious codes and to ensure your browsing experience.

By Customer Feedback

  • Private browsings with an anti-tracking feature
  • Highlights infected websites for smart search
  • Protects from a malicious website and invisible trackers
  • Browser malware protection system
  • Convenient potentially unwanted program
  • Removes annoying click baits
  • Proactive anti-theft and anti-phishing feature
  • Compatible with five devices simultaneously
  • Simple process to full scanning of the website
  • Advanced protection against ransomware
  • Protects more than 60 million threats every day
  • Latest article and blogs for safe digital life
  • Network monitoring with anti-hacking
  • Locates device vulnerabilities and threats
  • Isolates and removes immediate dangerous
  • Anti-spyware feature to detect malware
  • Breaching and hacking professional to monitor
  • Root access administration permission for added safety
  • Safe browsing protection system
  • Reliable and powerful antivirus solutions
  • Latest business-class technology protection
  • Web protection and browser security
  • Custom-built behavioural analysis
  • Machine learning AI for malware detection
  • Split tunnelling and Internet kill switch
  • Intelligent monitoring of documents
  • Prevents from DDoS and other malware attacks
  • Advanced system disk slimming feature
  • Cloud technology for real-time monitorings
  • Wifi security and password strength check

Beginners Guide To The Best Antivirus For Chromebook


Fortunately, there are plenty of high-quality antiviruses available for Chromebook in the market that is secure and keeps the program from making changes to the rest of the system. Most files don't get installed on Chromebooks. And for that reason, it's impossible to get a virus installed in it. But it doesn't mean that your device is fully secure. They are susceptible to malware attacks, phishing sites, and data breach. Also, you require an accurate tool to identify the threat and safeguard the device. These online thieves can access personal information and hijack your online accounts. Dozens of applications and extensions are compatible with the Chromebook. We shall further discuss that below.

Amazing Benefits of Antivirus for Chromebook

When you use a gadget like Chromebook, you must be careful of various factors that can easily harm the device. These are fake chrome extensions, scam android applications, data robbing phishing websites, unprotected Wi-Fi connections, etc. Third-party apps are harmful at times and can spread the virus to the system. These stores are known to supply deceptive and unsafe applications. And to avoid being deceived, install the antivirus for the Chromebook.

Protection Against Fake browser Extension

The harmful browser extension in the chrome web store is one of the threats to Chromebook users. Moreover, it contains the phishing link, spyware, and adware. Even though algorithms are a lot tricky, criminals have found ways to get past that safety barrier. They ask for access permission in the disguise of some extension or application. Once you accept the request, they get access to the data and files in the device. Unlike, you install the Eset Next-Gen Privacy Protection System for privacy and safety.

Protection Against the Phishing Attacks

We keep most of the files saved in the Chromebook for easy access. It stores the personal data, bank account details, and credit card information in the system, which can be stolen by phishing attackers. They intrude using email text, fake application or extension, and plenty of other ways. So, to secure your Chromebook, you must get antivirus software. For better protection, you can go for spyware protection that protects you from such activities.

Damage Control

Electronic devices are victim to hacking and mishandling. Miscreants can get your access to the device and misuse the stored information. There are plenty of hoax websites that ask for access and get into your device. Without your knowledge, they use your account to do the transaction and other familiar activities. It is dangerous if anyone finds your details as it has chances to misuse the information. In such cases, the Malwarebytes antivirus application will protect from unwanted content while browsing.

Scanning the Unwanted Websites

It is difficult for you to identify the genuine websites and fake ones. There are plenty of websites coming up lately that are not genuine. They look like authorized websites, but these ask for your permission to access through your data. When you pre-install a proper scanner or antivirus, it becomes difficult for them to intrude easily. The scanner will go through the unwanted files and warn you to remove them from your system.

Safety against data breaching

Even after having strong safety guidelines, there are instances where your data gets hacked. The hackers can intrude through the data in your Chromebook without getting your password. Through an anonymous link, they can steal your data. It is not impossible to get access to your details. So, to keep your files safe, you should get antivirus software.

Tips to get the best antivirus for Chromebook

With the new technological invention, there are some best and upgraded versions of antiviruses for Chromebook. If you have enough knowledge, then you can easily define the best out of these varieties. You look for the software that gives total protection and additional features like spyware detection, scanning, firewall protection, anti-theft feature, etc.

Updated feature

While getting antivirus, you must look for the features and specifications. It should protect the device from all kinds of malpractices. With all-new threats and danger, it is significant to invest in a tool that ensures complete security. It is compatible enough to be installed on the device. There are the antiviruses for Mac and Windows that are not compatible with Chromebook.


It is not always necessary that an expensive antivirus protects you well. So, various cost-effective choices work well and give you security from all types of malpractices. On the other hand, some free antiviruses are even better than the paid ones. While purchasing it, you better compare the prices and features.

Customer reviews

If you are confused and can not decide which antivirus to purchase, you go through the customer reviews. You can analyze between the highly rated and least rated product. It gives a clear idea to the user which application to purchase, which will allow you to fulfill your needs. Customer rating also works wonders in this matter, and if any previous customer has rated it 4.5/5, it means that it's highly appreciated.

Free trial services

Before purchasing any application, it is good that you go for the trial services first. Nowadays, every software offers you a trial before opting for the premium product. It gives you an idea of the software and its features. You better go for the application only if it fulfills the desired services. Invest your money wisely to prevent further loss. The free trial services are available for both antiviruses for Windows and Chromebook.

Payment Terms

Once you have tried the free trial and found relevant for the device, you opt for premium services. Here, the various applications offer varied payment terms. Some provide one-time payment while others have monthly/yearly subscription. Once you subscribe to the premium services, you can cancel anytime you want to. Payment modes are card payment or online transactions.


There are varied types of antiviruses available in the market. Choosing the best one for the overall protection and security is vital to work. It better covers the device from all kinds of malpractices and threats. The Avira Antivirus protects from unwanted content in the websites with an advanced scanning feature. You must get your hands on antivirus for Chromebook for better experiences as it doesn't provide 100% safety assurance.