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chromebook antivirus software offer a variety of add-ons designed to ward off malicious codes and to ensure your browsing experience.

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  • Private browsings with an anti-tracking feature
  • Highlights infected websites for smart search
  • Protects from a malicious website and invisible trackers
  • Browser malware protection system
  • Convenient potentially unwanted program
  • Removes annoying click baits
  • Proactive anti-theft and anti-phishing feature
  • Compatible with five devices simultaneously
  • Simple process to full scanning of the website
  • Advanced protection against ransomware
  • Protects more than 60 million threats every day
  • Latest article and blogs for safe digital life
  • Network monitoring with anti-hacking
  • Locates device vulnerabilities and threats
  • Isolates and removes immediate dangerous
  • Anti-spyware feature to detect malware
  • Breaching and hacking professional to monitor
  • Root access administration permission for added safety
  • Safe browsing protection system
  • Reliable and powerful antivirus solutions
  • Latest business-class technology protection
  • Web protection and browser security
  • Custom-built behavioural analysis
  • Machine learning AI for malware detection
  • Split tunnelling and Internet kill switch
  • Intelligent monitoring of documents
  • Prevents from DDoS and other malware attacks
  • Advanced system disk slimming feature
  • Cloud technology for real-time monitorings
  • Wifi security and password strength check

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