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YWAWJ Underwater Drone

YWAWJ Underwater Drone

YWAWJ Professional Underwater Drone with Camera & Headset for Fishing

YWAWJ Underwater Drone Features

  • Advanced pressure resistant underwater drone
  • Professional drone for underwater shootings
  • 4K camera captures stunning marine visuals
  • Featured with 9000mAh lithium ion battery

Ywyaj – Enjoy Underwater Sceneries Without Difficulty

Are you Facing difficulty while shooting underwater? Can't go to places that are small for a person to enter? There is an advanced technology that clears all your problems. YWAWJ is the best underwater drone available in the market that can resist pressure underwater. It is an advanced technology drone, and mostly used drones for shooting underwater. 

It is the best underwater drone available in the market with ultra stable-shooting features. World's first balance stabilizing system to capture professional high-quality wifi live-streaming video. Best Resolution for Aqua World. It is a 4k camera drone providing 30fps video, including Full HD 1080P 120fps resolution and 16MP megapixel still underwater photo. YWYAJ has a diving speed of 6.6ft/s that can dive down to a depth of 328ft underwater with detachable Battery Design - 3-hour C-hyper helix rechargeable power battery. 

YWYAJ is great for capturing moments during Scuba Diving View, Boats Maintenance Cam Ice Fishing Camcorder, Scientific Exploration, Rescue Explorer, Mapping, Study Marine Life, Film Recording, etc. There are similar drones like MROSW Five-Wheel Drone, DJG drones, which fulfill the same purpose. In contrast, YWYAY also serves a wide variety of professional purposes, including underwater exploration, filmmaking, ship inspections, scientific research, and more. 

YWYAJ has closed-loop contents with a multifunctional plug, and It connects to wifi easily. It also comes with color filters. This underwater drone has a high angle shooting of 120 degrees and a low angle shooting of 60 degrees. It flexibly rotates at every possible angle. Enjoy your underwater experience and capture every moment you enjoy.

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