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DJG Underwater Drone

DJG Underwater Drone

DJG Underwater Driving Submarine Drone with 4K Camera, Depth Lock

DJG Underwater Drone Features

  • Rugged underwater drone for diving photography
  • HD camera with adjustable lens
  • Dives and records up to 100m depth
  • High precision control algorithms
  • High quality miniature submarine drone

DJG Five Wheel Marine Drone - Advanced Technology Underwater Drone

Searching for a drone that dives underwater and explores what is there? The five wheeled miniatures underwater drone create wonders. This underwater drone can record 4K ultra-high definition video from 100m water depth. It shoots 12MP photos at speeds up to 2m/s and has one touch depth-lock mode: Intelligent. DJG controls algorithms and one-touch Depth-Lock Mode helps to navigate freely and hover at depth to find and capture exactly what we want. 

It has adjustable tilt mode, game-like control and ± 45° adjustable tilt mode for smooth movement in all directions. DJG marine drone is one of the best underwater submarine drones with a camera, perfect for capturing underwater scenes with the option to expand the scope of shooting. It has an adjustable light source lens, LED 1200 lumens dynamic light, 4K level lens that displays Deep water brighter, and turbid water clearer. 

It has a webcast, real-time sharing underwater, wonderful. Support a large screen monitor. It is the best drone for android and iphones. It Dives down, rise-up, hover, tilt, and turn with precision. It is the best lightweight and wireless underwater portable drone that can dive to 330 feet. 

This company provides flying drones and underwater drones. Both drones do wonders. DJG has grill shaped drainage and is used for many purposes like personal entertainment, diving photography, yacht fishing, road adventure, aquaculture inspection, hull dock inspection, reservoir dam inspection, municipal infrastructure inspection etc. It comes with easy remote control and light adjustment. One can capture their beautiful moments with high clarity.

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