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MROSW Underwater Drone

MROSW Underwater Drone

MROSW Five-Wheel Drive Miniature Underwater Drone with 4K Camera

MROSW Underwater Drone Features

  • Innovative submarine drone with flexible controls
  • Supports and connects with smart devices
  • Ultra megapixel camera perfect for underwater filming
  • Integrated LED light for better visuals

Mrosw – Get Best Underwater Quality Images With Minimum Cost

Are you searching for miniature submarine drones that capture underwater moments with great quality? MROSW drone is a cheap underwater drone that fills all your purpose. This underwater drone has the best cameras. It can shoot 12MP photos at speeds up to 2m/s and has a one-touch Depth-Lock Mode that helps you navigate freely and hover at depth to find and capture exactly what you want. 

It has an adjustable tilt mode and game-like control and ± 45° adjustable tilt mode for smooth movement in all directions, perfect for underwater scenes. MROSW helps to expand the scope of shooting with an adjustable light source lens. LED 1200 lumens dynamic light, 4K level F2.8 FOV=95° lens for the clear view of Deepwater and turbid waters. It has a webcast, real-time sharing underwater, wonderful. MROSW supports a large screen monitor and comes with a wireless controller. 

It can go to a depth of 330feet. This underwater drone has 4k UHD cameras; it is highly useful for inspection, search, and rescue. This underwater drone can capture spectacular shots with its 1,200 lumens LED lights, enabling it to deliver clear, high-quality footage and images in deep waters. It has advanced design technology. 

MROSW is easy to use, portable and comes with a backpack. MROSW has a simple wireless controller, so the user can control the drone with fewer actions, and dive to a fixed depth, and move the drone forwards and backward. It connects easily to wifi and comes with a winder and a 100m cable. Overall, it is the best underwater drone to capture and preserve blissful moments.

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