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Surverysparrow Chatbot

Surverysparrow Chatbot

Surveysparrow Chatbots for Healthcare Research | Messaging Chatbots

Surverysparrow Chatbot Features

  • Omni-channel management program
  • GDPR keeps privacy on data
  • Recurring survey to sort repetitive tasks
  • Assortment question type like opinión scale, rank order
  • White labelling functionality for brand awareness
  • Intuitive dashboard design tool for client insight
  • High-level of data privacy on sensitive information
  • Automatic visual workflow configuration service
  • Multiple language compatibility for better survey

SurveySparrow - Engage Better With Your Audience Using SurveySparrow

Trusted by over 20000 customers worldwide, Survey Sparrow helps build better customer experiences the right way. This chatbot builder platform uses an omni-channel management program, keeping all the data in one single place. This website chatbots creates customer engagement, inspires performances and helps in achieving solutions. The GDPR used by this chatbot helps in keeping privacy on the data and ensures high-level data privacy on sensitive information. It also comes with the feature of recurring surveys to sort out repetitive tasks and offers white labelling functionality for increasing brand awareness.

The intuitive dashboard design tool is excellent for providing client insight as compared to the Virtual Spirits chatbot. This software ensures an improved customer experience by providing an optimized customer experience through Customer Exit Surveys, Customer Satisfaction Score and Customer Effort Score. It also offers multiple language compatibility for better surveys and improved performance. To engage employees and constant employee productivity, Survey Sparrow offers Employee 360 assessment, employee check-in and employee exit interview surveys.

For enhanced product experience, it is important to develop solutions and build loyalty. Survey Sparrow helps provide superior product experiences through market research analysis, user experience feedback, and product loyalty and satisfaction. Survey sparrow makes use of a lot of surveys to improve their performance, unlike the Virtual Spirits Chatbot and the Rocketbots Chatbot. Survey Sparrow provides a 24x7 chat and email support with a lightning speed response time. One can even book a demo or get into a one-on-one discussion with a product consultant. It also comes with an automatic visual workflow configuration, which is easy to apply and use.

Survey Sparrow provides white label surveys, embedded surveys, conversational forms, mobile-first surveys, video surveys in a safe and secured manner to ensure complete privacy to the customers for ecommerce chatbot tools. A unique feature of the survey sparrow chatbot is that one can collect data in the Internet's absence, using the offline survey app. 

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