Choose the Best Ultra-Smart TVs for Your Home

If you are thinking about shopping for a TV, you have come to the right place. A big-screen TV has become one of the most sought-after electronics when it comes to décor of your living room. We curated a list of different categories of modern TVs that every home must-have. You can now choose from a wide range of 80-inch 4k to even bigger and better 85-inch OLED HDR TVs.

You can select TVs from different categories - some belong to 4K TVs while others are 4K OLED or even QLED TVs. If it seems a little confusing, we are here to help you understand which category of TV you should purchase. Samsung 82-inch TVs are primarily aimed at people who are looking for 4K TVs for the first time. These TVs have an excellent picture and sound quality, including all the bells and whistles that a 4K screen provides. Samsung is well-known for its display prowess, making these TVs an excellent option to choose from.

Sony 85-inch TVs are for those who are looking to brighten their living room with this true 4K HDR TVs. These HDR TVs feature some of the widest range of colors with a contrast level of 20,000:1. This makes it one of the few truly HDR 10 displays ever manufactured.

OLED 4K TV is a whole different beast altogether. Their ability to individually turn off various pixels when it comes to black color is the main USP of OLED TVs. This allows the OLED display to produce an inky black contrast ratio that no other TVs can ever achieve. Samsung Flat 82-Inch QLED 4K Q70 Series Ultra HD Smart TV feature 4K HDR with an auto adjustable contrast level so that you can enjoy those dark scenes that your favorite movie. With its AI intelligence, the display will auto-calibrate to show the most cinematic way possible.

Samsung 82-Inch QLED not only features an excellent 4K panel but also features an ultra-low response time. This allows the gamer in you to enjoy any games without any lags whatsoever. From X-Motion display technology to custom calibrated color gamut; it has everything you could expect from such a high-end product. LG Ultra-sleek Design OLED TV features the true beauty of OLED display technology. With Sony’s custom tone-mapping technology and the inky black OLED display levels, the TV will mesmerize you with its life-like picture quality.

Wrapping up, TV’s revolutionize the way you watch your favorite movies and shows. You should opt for the one that perfectly fits your criteria. You can go through the reviews and buyer’s guide for different products in each category to know which one best suits your choice and requirement.