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Skandy Plagiarism App

Skandy Plagiarism App

Skandy Plagiarism Checker App for Android And IOS | Skandy Free Trial

Skandy Plagiarism App Features

  • Input file formats as RTF, GIF, DOCX, etc
  • Analyses text with unique algorithm
  • Plagiarism checker avoid copying data
  • Compatible with Android and IOS device

Skandy Plasiarism App for Android Devices

If you work a job that requires you to identify and check for plagiarism before submission If anything starting from a plain text to an image, but you are unsure whether or not the content is plagiarized, the Skandy App is here to help you!

Millions of students and professionals who are in the writing business take the aid of the internet to complete their assignments, graduate work, tasks, articles, and academic papers.

Instead of education, it becomes a complete copy-paste plagiarism fest rivalry. We all know life without the internet is unimaginable. However, the internet also has an intriguing Mobile app to help such people out.

The Skandy App uses a very interesting concept, where the user can take a snapshot of a printed or a typed paragraph using their phone, or simply uploading the file on their smartphone’s or tablet’s library, or perhaps even submitting it on the application’s URL.

Then all you have to do is click on the button that says “Check Plagiarism”. And, then within a few waiting moments or seconds, Skandy’s smart algorithm will display you the level of authenticity of the image or plain text.

Finally, after the Skandy App or it's URL has done its job, now it's up to the users whether or not they find the result acceptable. However, even for making such a decision, the app and the URL provides all the necessary information and details just for the users.

Skandy App’s schema for detecting plagiarism checking is; 1-25% is a slight match and acceptable content, 25-65% is a noticeable level of plagiarism, and 65-100% is outrageous and complete plagiarism. Similarly, there are few other products such as Plagly and Small SEO Tools that offers various features. 

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