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Purechat Chatbot

Purechat Chatbot

Purechat Chatbot Software | Live Chatbot for Business Website

Purechat Chatbot Features

  • Customized widget with powerful dashboard
  • Auto capturing, scheduling, and more
  • Best to keep up trending messaging platform
  • Natively access with Android and IOS devices
  • Equipped with a customized widget for better use
  • Real-time live chat analytics for an optimized experience
  • Helps to increase sales and product marketing
  • Compatible with Android and IOS operating system
  • Provides access to unlimited chats
  • Powerful dashboard for managing chats
  • Supports both native iOS and Android applications
  • Integrated solutions with transparency model

Pure Chat - Connect & Engage With Visitors And Customers Of Your Website

Pure Chat is a chatbot that comes with a 30-day trial period and shares the right information, which helps in enhancing customer engagement. The pure chat chatbot assists with increasing sales and customer happiness through its advanced professional software. It helps connect website visitors throughout the customer cycle by using data from the chat conversations and behavior to provide a customized experience.

Pure Chat offers a customized widget and a powerful dashboard for its usage and can be natively accessed with Android and IOS devices, unlike Drift Chatbot and Active Chat. The Pure chat application comes with auto capturing, scheduling and much more. It is one of the best chatbots to keep up trending messaging platforms and is equipped entirely with a widget for better and comfortable use. Pure Chat comes with real-time live chat analytics for an optimized experience that is more preferable than Drift chatbot and Active Chat. Pure Chat offers an integrated solution that incorporates visitor analytics and contact history to help your organization optimize every interaction.

Pure Chat comes with a transparent model and promotes integrity and embraces privacy in everything they do. It is so simple to set up and incredibly intuitive to use. Three quick steps of signing up, installing the codes and then starting to chat are only required. Pure Chat also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with its features. By connecting with live chat applications and chatbots for facebook any organization can improve their sales, marketing, and support efforts.

Moreover, Pure Chat provides access to unlimited conversations and supports both IOS and android applications, which shows how it’s equipped for different software. The price for using this software is paid annually and their customer support is brilliant. They use enhanced communication to keep customers happy and engaged. Together, the complementary tools used to give insight into traffic trends, better user experience, the marketing plan effectiveness, and much more. To generate leads and increase your business sales, Pure Chat offers an interactive experience to capitalize on most qualified prospects, that matters a lot to keep your customers satisfied.

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