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Prepostseo Plagiarism Checker

Prepostseo Plagiarism Checker

Prepostseo Plagiarism Checker for IOS | Content Duplicate Checking App

Prepostseo Plagiarism Checker Features

  • Accessibility with .doc, .txt and .PDF files
  • Checks multiple phrases at once
  • Checking of plagiarized content in the live web page
  • Google alerts for your content against plagiarism
  • Ideal for students writing projects
  • AI-based plagiarism checker for content
  • Support many languages for content
  • Compare text with student submission and generate reports
  • Online plagiarism for competitor, classmates and publishing content

Prepostseo - Duplicate Content Detecting App for iOS

The Prepostseo online tool empowers more than 95 different online tools for plagiarism checking. It helps millions of students, reporters, webmasters, teachers, professors, SEO experts, and writers all around the globe every second. It empowers online tools such as plagiarism checker, reverse image search, paraphrasing tool, grammar checker, domain authority checker, word counter, and more.

What Are The Features and Benefits of PrePostSEO?

Easy-to-use Tools

Within the plagiarism checker, it consists of different writing and education aids such as plagiarism checker, grammar checker, word counter, article rewriter, plagiarism comparison, verifying backlinks, page comparison, code go text ratio, SEO friendly URL checkers, spelling checkers, keyword density checker, keyword and the total number of words, text comparison, tiny text generator, paraphrasing tool, readability checker, similar page checker, small text generator, image to text generator, line counter, difficulty level checker and word combiner.

Online Domain Tools

Prepostseo also consists of other online domain tools such as domain authority checker, page authority checker, Moz rank checker, bulk authority checker, domain age checker, domain whois checker, domain up history, reverse up domains, reverse whois checker, XML sitemap generator, malware checker and more.

Accurate Checker

The plagiarism checker tool for Android and Plagiarism checker for iOS devices under Prepostseo was developed to detect any all forms of plagiarism such as patchwork plagiarism, cumulative plagiarism, unexpected plagiarism, and many more, free of cost.

Multiple Purposes

It doesn't matter whether a person is working on an academic task or a professional one such as a web article or blog. It can be used by university and high school students who are working on their project thesis, lab reports, research papers and assignments. It can also check the content in multiple languages and give the users an accurate report including the percentage of originality and highlights the text that is duplicated or copied and provides links to the original content for reference.

Deep Search

PrePostSEO has its own patented search algorithm that goes deep into scanning and cross-checking the content of the unlimited number of websites that it has its database. The original checker software of this application goes through all of the databases and compares the inserted text to the billions of articles and blogs existent on the internet no matter what format it is in.

Content Safety

No matter how confidential the content is that you put on the text box of plagiarism checkers, it is vulnerable to the dangers of copying by other sites if there is an autosave option. Prepostseo is one of the safest plagiarism checkers that does not allow snooping from external sources and will not save your work in case there is a security breach.


Prepostseo is one of the most reliable and convenient tools to detect plagiarized content or text even in the tiniest chunk of time. It goes through millions of databases on the internet to inspect any form of plagiarism in content. Similarly there are a few other plagiarism checker tools such as Quetext and Plagiarism checker that offer similar features.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is PrePostSEO?

PrePostSEO is an online AI-powered plagiarism checker software that checks and detects plagiarism, grammar corrections, duplicate, and copied content by comparing the input text with billions of other articles, blogs and content from various websites.

2. What is the best article rewriter?

PrePostSEO is the best article rewriter software only next to Small SEO Tools, which has various tools that help in creating compelling content for websites and blogs. It checks sentence formations and gives ideas on how to make the sentence readable.

3. Is PrepostSEO safe?

There is no autosave feature on this platform so the users can sigh of relief as their work will not be duplicated or used for wrong purposes. The security on this application is very tight, ensuring the safety of personal data of the users if there are any.

4. Is PrePostSEO legit?

Yes, PrePostSEO is a legitimate plagiarism and grammar checker and is reliable to be compatible and work properly on all devices despite the variations in operating systems and software, and it has a large database.

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