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Pallmann Hard Floor Cleaner

Pallmann Hard Floor Cleaner

Pallmann Hardwood Floor Cleaner Concentrate Liquid for Large Space

Pallmann Hard Floor Cleaner Features

  • Non-toxic and Neutral PH water-based formula
  • Makes 8 gallons of ready to use liquid with a lemon scent
  • Abrasive and caustic free ingredients
  • Self rinse cleaning mechanism for cleaning

Pallmann - Residue Free Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Ensuring the floor remains clean and smooth in texture with appropriate cleaning products without leaving stains. For this purpose, Pallmann would be an excellent choice for anyone who wants shiny and neat floors in their rooms and offices.

Pallaman Hardwood floor cleaner is the highly recommended product for cleaning your room. It doesn’t leave single streak marks on your favorite hardwoods, and it does not contain any caustic and abrasive ingredients for cleaning, and it is residue-free through its neutral pH water-based formula. It enables you to restore your shiny floor conditions as when it is first installed.

Environmentally friendly and non-toxic formula floor cleaner best for health and hygiene. That no-rinse concentrate cleaner is safer for cleaning and maintenance of dry floors than the pledge and Quick shine floor cleaners. It concentrates on waterborne, unwaxed finishes and polyurethane. Pallmann has a fresh lemon scent that shines on your floor without leaving behind a foggy residue.

The detergent comes in one-gallon capacity, which helps to serve as bathroom cleaners as well. Further, it can be used merely for deep cleaning and provides the ability to clean and maintain residential and commercial floors. It is also used as various types of floor cleaners  that are coated with polyurethane.

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