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Pledge Floor Cleaner Liquid

Pledge Floor Cleaner Liquid

Pledge Wooden Floor Cleaner | Dust Remover, Germs & Bacteria Killer

Pledge Floor Cleaner Liquid Features

  • Quickly removes stains and dirt
  • Spotless cleaning of wooden floors
  • Provides refreshing lemon scent
  • Just spritz and mop

Pledge - Quickly And Safely Cleans Wood Floors

Restore your floor's health by reinstating it with its former color, shine, and luxurious look with Pledge sanitizing hardwood floor cleaner. Wooden floors can be sensitive to water-soluble disinfectants as wood reacts badly with water. But Pledge products are very gentle with unwaxed wood floors and counter surfaces. They are mild and smooth, giving the floor a gleaming finish.

This Anti-bacterial liquid floor cleaner is most suitable for smooth kitchen counters and floors stained with stubborn oil and dirt marks. It makes cleaning and scrubbing a child's play. It ensures that the floors dry off in no time with no stains or residue left behind. It is specially formulated and tested so that it does not leave any soap traces behind as they release harmful fumes. This allergen-free tiles cleanser makes your bathroom floors, tiles, and ceramic washbowls look spectacular without a single stain. It also absorbs terrible odors and carbon dioxide to make your bathroom and living area smell great with a fresh lemon scent.   

If you are searching for equally efficient alternatives, then try Detco Floor cleaner and Bona disinfectant spray. These both are very similar to Pledge in ingredients and features. They also deliver a smooth and unchallenging cleaning experience to get rid of nasty and unyielding stains.

Cleaning floors, glass walls, and counters with a high-grade sanitizing solution let people enjoy their playtime with their kids and pets with no fear of falling sick or suffering from allergies.

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