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Keep your home dirt and germ-free with the ACC and CBC approved cleaning products to leave your hard floor stain and spotless.

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  • Low VOC emissions
  • Deters dirt and grime on floors
  • Suitable for unwaxed, polyurethane finished wood floors
  • Highly safe for pets and humans
  • Splashless technology ensures smooth cleaning
  • Maintains pH neutral to protect from discoloration
  • Residue-free, fast drying hardwood floor cleaner
  • Hassle-free cleaning on multi-surface floors
  • Cleans and deodorizes the home interiors
  • Works well on linoleum, ceramic, wood, and marbles
  • Non-toxic and Biodegradable cleanser
  • Kid, pet-friendly room cleaners
  • Eliminates the harmful chemicals, bacteria stuck on carpets
  • Delivers high-level of cleaning performance
  • Makes your floor spotless
  • Citrus aroma enhances floor beauty
  • Made of eco-friendly and bio-degradable chemicals
  • Budget-friendly floor cleaner
  • 1galloon cleans upto 3000sq.ft
  • Well-suited for virgin and recycled rubber flooring
  • Made of organic and VOC-free chemicals
  • Closes the hardwood floor pores to protect against dirt
  • Makes you feel relaxed and cozy with sparkling residential floors
  • Streak-free cleaning with no debris
  • Simple and fast dispensing of cleaning solution
  • General mopping and heavily soiled surfaces
  • Removes bad odors after every wash
  • Stain protection mechanism
  • Formulated to use on marbles, granites, and other stone surfaces
  • Spray and wipe for a gleaming clean surface
  • Eucalyptus and vinegar combo floor cleaner
  • Effectively tackle grime, grease, and toughened stains
  • Preferred to use on bamboo, ceramic tiles, and hardwood floors

Beginners Guide To Maintain Cleanliness And Hygiene With Floor Cleaners

We tend to ignore the importance of medical and health strength and consequently have to pay a heavy price for our ignorance. Diseases attack faster in the spots that are left unclean as these spots become susceptible to the highest rate of contamination. Various health and hygiene products are easily available in both offline and online stores.

It is also important that the users understand the utility of the products available in the market to buy the most appropriate product that can leave the premises spotlessly clean to maintain health and hygiene. It also aids in maintaining the hygiene levels within and outside the premises. This will help to keep the contaminants and diseases at bay. The best floor cleaning agents are easily available, and the users are at the deciding end about the purchase of the product. Ingredients used in the making of such agents. It is also important to stay away from harsh chemicals at the same time. Hence, a little knowledge about the products can help the users go a long way.

Different Types Of Floor Cleaners

There are diverse floor types, and hence one cleaning agent that suits a particular floor type may not be the ideal one for all. There are different types of surface detergents to achieve optimum results.

Multipurpose Cleaners

Such household floor cleaners can be used on any surface, be it wood, ceramic, marble, or tile. These do not interfere with the type of floor and can deliver the desired results. These are powerful enough to kill up to 99% of bacteria and germs present on the surface. However, for delicate surfaces like wood, the solution's concentration can be diluted with water and then applied for the vanishing procedure.

Hardwood Floor Cleaners

Hardwood floor cleaners have been specifically designed to clean the wooden flooring. Harsh chemicals can strip the surface of the wood. Hence, exclusive wood floor detergents are available in the market to leave the wooden surface spotless without causing any damage to the surface. It is a pet and human-friendly product with non-toxic ingredients.

Multi-surface Cleaners

If the user wants a product that can be used on multi-surfaces, apart from the floors, a multi-surface detergent should be bought. It is best to be used on surfaces, countertops, window panes, and doors. Such products are generally free of parabens and phthalates. These are mostly made with plant-derived ingredients and are safe to be administered on the premises with pets and children.

Cleaners for Laminate Floors

Such cleaners are pre-mixed and come in spray bottles. Hence, these can be applied directly on the floor to derive the desired results instantly. Spray on the surface and mop to vanish the area. The ingredients and formulation of the products are gentle and chemical-free so that the protective coating of the laminate flooring is not stripped off. People who have used such products are happy with the results as it leaves the surface shiny.

Machine Floor Cleaners

Such products are a great option for the machine despite the traditional mop and bucket cleaning procedure. The formulation of the products allows it to be used on multiple   surfaces. It is mild, non-soapy, it does not leave any stain on the surface once the cleaning procedure is over. Grease and grim are treated without leaving the surface sticky.

Eco-friendly Floor Cleaners

Such products are the trendiest ones in the market. These are made with plant extracts and essential oils. Hence, these leave a nice fragrance after the vanishing procedure is complete. The favorable characteristics of the product make it ideal to be and ministered on a diverse range of surfaces. 

What Should The Buyers Look For In A Floor Cleaner?

The buyers should be aware of the product's expectations and, hence, look for the product description to make the correct decision about buying the right product. However, it is advised to consider the following points before purchasing the surface detergent so that the ideal product is bought home.


Consider the surface on which the product has to be applied. This is the first step of thought because wooden and laminated surfaces require gentle liquids compared to tile and marble flooring. Buying a multi-floor detergent can be a great option.


Some people prefer to dilute the product, use it with machines, or directly apply it on the surface to be cleaned. Hence, such points should be considered before buying the product, and accordingly, the product should be purchased.


This point is another main point of consideration. It is the best idea to read the product description and the ingredient segment mentioned in the product pack. People who want to stay away from harsh chemicals should read the ingredients list before buying the ideal product for keeping the floor spotlessly clean. SharkNinja Steam energized cleanser is a superb product from the wooden flooring.


Cleaners come in a diverse range of prices. Hence, the buyer has to make the right choice as per their budget. Deco Floor Cleaner can be applied on a diverse range of surfaces and is a pocket-friendly product too. It is powerful enough to remove tough stains and bad odor. No residue is left behind, and hence, the product has attracted positive reviews from buyers. It is simple to use, and great results are achieved.


There are a plethora of floor cleaning products available in the market. Hence, the buyer needs to make the right choice and consider the points mentioned above before buying the cleaning agent for their homes and offices. The purpose of the floor cleaner such as Bona is to maintain the hygiene level of the premises.

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