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Opesta Chatbot

Opesta Chatbot

Opesta Chatbots For Online Social Media | Opesta Bot for Messenger

Opesta Chatbot Features

  • Link wizard software to understand work
  • Equipped with database to interact through facebook messenger
  • Simple and customized device for making decision
  • Offer 14 days free trial services
  • Best messenger chatbot for small businesses
  • Keyword and pixel-based tracking chatbot platform
  • Saves customer responses for product requirements
  • All plans offer unlimited ad campaigns and chat templates

Opesta - Customizable Social Media Messenger Bot

Opesta is another Facebook messenger chatbot automation tools.opesta is much more like Manychat chatbot as it also provides the same features and functionalities for building subscribers and communicating with clients. So if you want to ensure the marketing approach and increase brand visibility, then chatbot is the perfect platform that provides maximum customer satisfaction and engagement with a high open-rate of more than 30%. 

Opesta gives you unique data-saving options for creating the customized fields with its social media messenger chatbots that individual store responses to your also includes an advanced pixel-based tracking facility to track the message clicks and opens with the platform and also tracks the conversion rate. You can also checkout Healthcare Chatbot for emergency cases.

If you haven't gotten your Facebook chatbots, .you should look into Opesta or BotPenguin Chatbot. Then Opesta is the highly recommended choice to provide a complete array of unique marketing functionalities. Opesta is for people who run an online business and wants planning for reliable channels for communication with customers that actively build and email lists to generate new leads and tracking of existing leads for selling products with chatbots and helps for deeper on targeting and personalization with advanced triggers for sequence segmentation's with support tag, keywords, and goal tracking.

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