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Medquip Kids Nebulizer

Medquip Kids Nebulizer

Medex Supply MedQuip Fire Truck Rescue Nebulizer System For Kids

Medquip Kids Nebulizer Features

  • Interactive and fun respiratory treatment for toddlers
  • Integrated holding post makes treatments easy
  • Durable piston compressor ensures comfort during treatment
  • Nebulizer compressor effectively delivers aerosol medication

Medquip - Most Comfortable Treatment For Respiration

The Medquip compressor nebulizer system is a quiet, easy-to-use unit with a child-friendly design. This durable Piston driven compressor comes complete, to ensure child comfort during treatments. It is an effective nebulizer like that of the Omron compressor nebulizer. This Pediatric Nebulizer is safe to use and has a lifetime warranty. It is the best nebulizer for kids. Package includes a pediatric compressor, nebulizer cup, tubing, pediatric mask, mouthpiece, and 5 Filters. It has a liter flow range of 4 to 8L/min. The nebulizer medication capacity is 5mL with particle size of 0.5 to 5 micron. Compressor pressure ranges from 30 to 36 psi. Operating pressure ranges from 8 to 16 psi. Operating temperature ranges from 10° to 40°C. Operating humidity ranges from 10% to 95% RH. Storage temperature ranges from -20° to 70°C. 

Storage humidity ranges from 10% to 95% RH. Power requirements are 120V, 50-60 Hz.  The power consumption is 80 VA. It is quite a nebulizer with a noise level of 55 dBA which is similar to Drive Airial compressor nebulizer. With one of the largest catalogs of medical, surgical, and diagnostic supplies available online, medical supply nebulizer can accommodate your facility's needs for respiratory. This product creates a stream of air that travels through a clear tube to the nebulizer. When air enters the nebulizer, it will convert the prescribed medication into the aerosol mist for easy inhalation. It is quiet, easy to use, and is a piston-driven system. Encourage patient compliance by stimulating the child’s imagination, which helps to eliminate stress and anxiety during treatments. Fun for all ages, providing patients with years of reliable service. Checkout some Nebulizers for COPD for kids and elders.

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