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Intermedia Meeting App

Intermedia Meeting App

Intermedia - Video Conferencing Software for Business & Education

Intermedia Meeting App Features

  • Equipped with meeting transcription, HD videos, and audio
  • Exceptional hosting with an affordable conference
  • Integrated applications like slack, outlook
  • Online interactive and face-to-face communication
  • Support 720p HD video conferencing webcam
  • Personalized logo and background for brand meeting
  • Unlimited recording storage with sharing facility
  • Ideal screen sharing tool to improve online training
  • Solid integrations for video conferences
  • Context-based authentication system
  • Audits and compliance visibility integrations

Intermedia - the Great Video Conferencing Software for Business and Education

Video conferencing enables people to meet and share information with others in different locations through video conferencing software. It is a setup where teams can work together but sitting in a different location to view the same things on their computer screen.

Besides this, it allows the users to add the power of visual to the conference call. Video conferencing can help you to save time, money for travel, and also help to do the work faster. It can help to maintain better customer service. The best Video conferencing software enables users to communicate with each other through sharing information, documents, and applications.

Now video conferencing is becoming increasingly popular all over the world because it is a great way to save a significant amount of travel costs. It helps the business marketing to reach a vast area and beyond geographic restriction. The powerful Video conferencing tools enable the host to conduct effective multimedia presentations during the business meeting.

With the best video conferencing software like Intermedia, the conferencing helps the business owners avail some advantages. It provides a new dimension to do business with other companies or organizations that are located significantly outside of the geographic location.

Unlike other tools like RingCentral and GoMeetNow, Intermedia helps to save time and money for the business firm because a significant amount of money and travel time would have been used to communicate with the employees or business associates to finalize different arrangements and deals.

Video conferencing has helped to bring the expert and skilled retired professional back into business, it can improve the business. The retired professional most of the time is unable to go to any office or workplace, but they can also help business organizations move the business forward through video conferencing at home.

It is a great idea for growing a business. With the excellent free video conferencing tools, the business owners can achieve the goal of responsible corporate carbon footprint targets named ‘greener tomorrow'.

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