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IFGfit Filter Masks

IFGfit Filter Masks

IFGfit Washable Filter Face Masks | Multi-Layered Reusable Masks

IFGfit Filter Masks Features

  • Easy to wash and fast drying face masks
  • Comfortable and daily use cloth face masks
  • Multi-layered and washable filter face masks

Ifgfit - Easy To Wash, Multi-Layered, Washable Filter Face Masks

Ifgfit claims to be the best designer mask makers who are here to offer easy to wash and fast drying filter face masks that are absolutely comfortable. These face masks are for daily use and make for multi-layered and washable filter face masks. There are a number of face masks that are easily available in the present times, like, best Brooksbrothers face masks, etc. The arena where Ifgfit leaves its special mark is that for every mask that is bought, a mask is given under the Buy 1 and Give 1 scheme. So, for every purchase of the mask, a mask shall be donated by them to a frontline professional in need to put it precisely.

The masks are specially crafted locally in Southern California and the range of multi-layered, washable, filter face masks are reusable and are made with a permanent non-woven polypropylene filter. Keeping the highest standards of safety and hygiene in mind, all face masks are recommended to be washed before use. Like Rent The Runway face mask has its exclusive set of safety instructions, Ifgfit recommends to clean properly the face masks, you can hand wash or soak the face masks for around 15 minutes in warm water with a mild soap or detergent. They recommend the face mask to be washed on a daily basis for the best of hygiene standards. Best ifgfit also provides for this special offer to donate a mask to the frontline professionals across the country.

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