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Rent The Runway Face Mask

Rent The Runway Face Mask

Rent The Runway 5 Pack Reusable Face Masks For Men & Women

Rent The Runway Face Mask Features

  • Helps to reduce the spread of diseases
  • Made with 100 percent cotton blend
  • Elastic ear loops for perfect shaping at nose

Rent The Runway - Assorted Range Of Reusable Non-Medical Face Masks

Rent The Runway brings forth this brilliant range of reusable face mask with a design that is of the non-medical grade and comes in a pack of 5. Although the colors and print may vary, these face masks come in an assorted range of designer masks that have been crafted in 100% cotton or a cotton blend to put it precisely. It comes with 100% cotton or poly blend lining. Like, the best Sentry face mask, Rent The Runway face masks have been crafted with superior fit with elastic ear loops that are latex-free and the wire has been inserted for the perfect shaping at the nose. 

You need to push it down for a closer fit and the face masks have been assembled in New York and New Jersey. Face masks comes with proper care instructions that need to be followed for the best results like best Koral face mask comes with its particular set of instructions for ultimate care and safety. Rent The Runway has its own rules for care purposes. It needs to be washed before use and machine wash warm and tumble dry low. Only non-bleach chlorine when needed and it is highly recommended that the face mask is washed before use. These masks are not meant for medical use or that of clinical use purposes. Best Rent The Runway offers protective face masks with a keen eye towards that of fashion and sustainability and the masks come in a pack of 5.

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