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Brooks Brothers Face Masks

Brooks Brothers Face Masks

Brooks Brothers Breathable Face Masks | Face Mask With Filter

Brooks Brothers Face Masks Features

  • Synthetic elastic band for comfortable fit
  • High air filtration capacity avoids pollutants
  • Flexible metal contours perfectly fits to nose and face

Brooksbrother - Lightweight And High-Quality Designer Face Masks

Brooksbrothers is here to offer exclusive designer face masks with designs that have been crafted in the U.S.A and these masks have been seen at their factories. The face masks are extremely light-weight and are made in a non-woven material that is sure to filter 95% od particles as per the FDA required filtration efficiency testing. The innovative material of single-ply has been developed with a leading university to provide for high breathability and superior protection which helps minimize interior humidity inside the mask when it is worn for long periods of time. 

There are other available options for face masks as well, like, best Etica face mask, etc. The fact where Brooksbrothers leave their exclusive mark is that these masks come synthetic elastic bands for superior fit and have been specially designed to offer significantly a much higher filtration capacity than that of ordinary cotton fabric ones. Just like Arnold Schwarzenegger's face mask, Brooksbrothers face mask needs to be hand-washed with soap and water and air-dried after every use. Wash your hands every time before and after handling the face mask. It has been made with American-made fabric along with imported components. The face masks are three pleats, single ply with elastic ear loops, and come with flexible metal contours for that perfect fit on the nose and face. Best Brooksbrothers face masks come in the dimensions of 7" x 4.25" and the masks cannot be returned as against cash or credit.

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