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ECOTOUCH Radiant Electric Cooktop

ECOTOUCH Radiant Electric Cooktop

ECOTOUCH Radiant Electric 2 Burner Cooktop With Premium Heating Element

ECOTOUCH Radiant Electric Cooktop Features

  • Residual heat indicator
  • Premium europe heating element for instant cooking
  • 2000W and 1200W powerful burners
  • Perfect for a beautiful look in countertop kitchen

Ecotouch - Smart And Best Cooktops

A smart, sleek solution for your kitchen is the 2-burner electric cooktop launched by Ecotouch. The best cooking companion has built-in use as well as countertop use, suiting your interests. The premium Ecotouch cooktop can adapt to any type of pans and pots, catering to a safe cooking experience. The high power Ecotouch induction cooktop meets all your cooking needs, whether it is boiling, simmering mushrooms, or slow cooking your perfect cuisine dish; the 2-burner electric cooktop is the best pick. The burners come with a European element of heating, which heats the cooktops in seconds. You do not have to wait for your induction to warm up when the smart Ecotouch induction cooktop is at your rescue.

Easy controls

The 2-burner electric cooktop comes with nine levels of settings, which caters to power control, allows instant change of standards, and increases the level of cooking with each step. A pause button is fitted at the cooktop, allowing you to prepare other meals at the same time. Enjoy leisure timing with the user-friendly timer, allowing you to set the timer from 1-99 minutes.

Safety options

The Ecotouch induction cooktop comes with several safety options, including the Residual heat indicator, child lock system, over-temp protection, and auto shutdown. Furthermore, every piece at Ecotouch is well-scrutinized and tested to ensure 100% safety. Customer service is catered to ensure easy installation and resolve issues in the future. The 2 burners electric cooktop is the best pick for purchasing, order yours today.

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