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Drive Medical Nebulizer

Drive Medical Nebulizer

Drive Medical Compact Portable Compressor Nebulizer For COPD Patients

Drive Medical Nebulizer Features

  • Optional disposable neb kit
  • Noiseless operation with 60 dBA
  • Powerful piston-driven compressor
  • Covert’s inhalable drugs into a small mist

Compact Design With An Integrated Handle for Support

Do you suffer from respiratory problems and suffocation during nights or cold climate days? Check out the high quality nebulizers from Drive, a pioneer in supplying health care products. With this device, you can definitely overcome breathing difficulty just within minutes. This is the best portable compressor nebulizer, which is compact in size, due to which, it is easy to be carried out as an emergency to places like schools, offices, or any weekend outings with family.

If there is a problem regarding the respiratory system, this top COPD nebulizer is used to deliver medication drugs in the form of mist prescribed by the doctors into the lung passages to fight against discomfort and soothe suffocation in the elderly. It is a best  product recommended by physicians from all over the world because of its highly beneficial amenities and compact build with comfortable handle support. The whole contraption, including mouthpiece, optional neb kits, cups, etc. is disposable to prevent contagious diseases due to bacterial contamination.

The operation of this device is carried out without noise, which makes it suitable to use at clinics, hospitals, or at home during nights. Features like a convenient handle, double valve system, and portability overlap with the attributes of nebulizers from DeVilbiss Pulmo-Aide and Philips-Respironics. Disinfecting daily and washing it will enhance its functioning and elongates the shelf life.

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