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Lighten Up Your Mood With All-Time Romance Novels

Authors have always put forth their thoughts in the form of words, be it some scientific discovery or a novel. Shakespeare portrayed Victorian culture through his plays. Jane Austen came to be known as one of the queens of romance. Edgar Allan Poe was the first detective minded story writer. No other author has ever used the element of surprise better than O'Henry. Starting from short stories to sonnets, the literature world has many treasures hidden within the books and novels pages.

Books aren't just a hub of knowledge or entertainment. Rather, it's a living manifestation of one's thoughts, perception, memories, and to some extent, the beliefs. If you are reading a book or a novel, you are paving the way for personal growth. When you read a story and delve deep into the meanings, you will find resemblances to your life events. Sometimes, one can learn many unknown facts about life that aren't taught in first-year students or colleges. But, you understand the meaning of the sentences, you will have to choose your favorite genre.

Love is one of the fiercest emotions that exist amidst. It can either make a man or break one. And this harsh truth has been written over and over again in best romance novels. Whether the story is century-old or a decade old, the feel behind the words remained the same. The style of writing, the portraying of visions, and the characters- all have undergone changes. But, the true essence of romantic books has not been lost.

Sometimes, these love stories get a happy ending, which sounds so surreal. On the other hand, reality sometimes wins over love, and the story gets a sad ending. But no matter what, nothing can ever intrigue you as the best romance novels can. If you live literature and want to know more about this field's kings and queens, no other book will be as apt as the Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Again, you can experience a complete new phase of love and romance in the form of Fifty Shades of Grey from none other than E.L. James. You will find considerable differences between the plots, characters, and even the scenes. But why remains the same throughout is the feeling of love, solicitude, admiration, and so on.