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Accurately build viewership through optimized videos and generate brand awareness with the Best Youtube SEO Tools trending in the global market.

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  • Generate product report cards with social blades
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  • Basic analytic with creator studio dashboard
  • Support 49 MBs and SD card to control over data ,
  • Ideal to upload inspirational videos for YouTubers
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  • Publish videos for community engagement

Beginner's Guide To Optimize Videos Using YouTube SEO Tools


Do you want to know how to increase the search visibility in YouTube by 400% with SEO Tool? Here we are offering the best YouTube SEO that drives more traffic to your channels, leaving an impression on the minds of the people. On average, there are 19 billion visitors on YouTube every month and a million videos are being uploaded every hour. If you can hack the people’s mind, then you can create high-traffic on your page without investing huge amounts for promotions.

How to do YouTube SEO and what factors impact the rankings of videos?

Many factors have to be considered when you create a video and how well that video is going to perform as compared with others. It has been observed that video conversion increased by 80% when included in a landing page and 73% of B2B companies are using videos to market their products. The important factors are listed below.

Video Title

A tubebuddy SEO tool often provide video Titles are very much correlated to YouTube Video rankings. The Video title gives the user an idea about the subject of the video and if they will be interested or not. It is important to have a catchy video title. You should keep the titles short and crisp.

Video Description

The Video description helps the users and search engines to know the content of the video. To engage more audience, it is good to provide a description which is short and crisp. It should give an attractive overview of your video. Your keywords should be mentioned at least 5-6 times in the description.

Video Length

The length of the video plays a major role in video SEO and is correlated with the rankings. The longer videos have a better ranking than the shorter ones. It should at least be more than 3 minutes, as when the keywords are searched, it gives a higher probability of showing your video.


Comments are very important as they engage the audience more and also helps you in solving the problems of your users. Google highly ranks those videos which are more considerate towards the problems of their subscribers. You should encourage your users to comment on your videos.

Likes And Dislikes

Likes and dislikes also play a very important role as they show how engaged your audience is. There is a high correlation between the number of likes you have and your rankings.

Number Of Subscribers

The number of subscribers on your channel shows how many people prefers your page. The higher the subscribers, the better the ranking. It shows more and more people like your content. You should ask people to subscribe to your channel on various platforms to increase engagement on your page.

How To Promote YouTube Video?

There are many ways to promote your YouTube videos and they are listed below:

Posting on Social Media Platforms

The best way to promote a video is through posting the link of your page on various social media platforms so that people are aware of it. This will increase engagement on your page and let people know that you have one. You can also post short trailers or a glimpse of your YouTube videos to spark a curiosity in the minds of people following you on different online platforms.

You can also create a blog for your YouTube videos and tell people about it through the blog. You can create it on a paid or a free platform. You can also leave the link of your channel on different famous websites for people to see it through backlinks SEO.

Comments and Responses

You can also post the link of your video in the comments of other peoples videos to help people know the answers for the questions they are asking to other content creators. You can collaborate with different content creators for promoting your YouTube page.

Include Contact Links

Including your contact links in your youtube channel and your videos will help viewers get connected with your website and other social media links. This will help in converting them to your youtube channel subscribers.

Use of Email Marketing Strategies

You can also promote your channel or the new video created by you by sending emails at no cost via SEO for small firms. You can send these emails to your contacts who can see your video and promote it further to their acquaintances.

How to ensure high audience retention for video?

Audience retention refers to the percentage of people who are watching the video and the ones who leave it halfway. you need to keep your audience engaged till the end so that they are interested in seeing the other videos which will be posted in the future. Some of the ways are:

Comparing Your Videos

You should compare your videos to the other ones to see why those videos have better audience retention. It will help you in finding your flaws and improve them. Comparing your videos can be very helpful.

First Few Seconds Are The Most Important

The first few seconds of the video are very important as they may make a user interested in seeing your video or leaving the video. They should be well thought as they make your first impression on the users. you should say some of the main points in these few seconds as they can make a person interested in your content.

Visually Appealing

Your content should be very appealing to the people and also pleasant to listen at the same time. If your video is dark then people might not like it or be interested in seeing or hearing it.

Final Verdict

Overall, YouTube is a very nice platform to show the world what you are good at. Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming to create content liked by everyone, but striking the right balance with the best YouTube SEO Tools that are available in the market can create wonders as serpstat. Hope the information helps you in choosing the right tool for your requirement. If you have any queries, drop them in the comment section given below. Cheers!