Best Youtube Marketing Tools

In today’s fast-paced world, Youtube marketing tools were used to create and maintain strong marketing campaigns with clients.

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  • Commenting filter and notifications
  • Insert force closed captioning
  • Ensure video loop automatically
  • Fast-loading templates for immersive experience
  • Intuitive and easy to use interface
  • Massive plugins and effects
  • Quick video trims and edits
  • 4K video and high-quality outputs
  • Built-in course authoring and gamification
  • Attendance tracking and individual assessment
  • SCORM compliance and gamification
  • Powerful and easy to use the designing tool
  • Competitive intelligence with position tracking
  • Deeplink analysis with geo locations
  • Monitors marketing activities and strategies
  • Unique side by side domain comparison
  • View most used keywords per hours
  • SEO Title and inline tag recommendations
  • Provides youtube description campaigns
  • Allows to import and export of quality images
  • Trust Arc privacy shields
  • Comprehensive analytics and reports
  • HTML5 animation creating tool support
  • Features automatic character lip sync
  • Schedule screen recordings and screenshots
  • Grab and edit with few clicks
  • Zooming system for conversions
  • Create visual effects for easy communications
  • Comprehensive social media analytics
  • Open API advanced data filtres
  • Identifies influencers to amplify the content
  • Finds most popular and trending topics
  • Get Competitors and research keywords
  • Private studio dashboard for maintenance
  • Filterable results for high accuracy
  • Reports of video views and likes
  • Graphical reports of performances
  • Schedule publishing posts on the dashboard
  • Update multiple networks with a single step
  • Track and manage youtube with mobile
  • Social analytic reports to optimize delivery
  • Customizable features with unlimited RSS integration
  • Automatically optimizes the web versions
  • Video-based start screen option
  • Features Overlay layout templates
  • API integration for product Feed
  • Analytics dashboard to measure performance
  • Provides highlights of every month
  • Fully equipped production studios
  • Get insights of live streamings
  • Quick start guide with content strategies
  • Autocomplete based keyword results
  • All-in-one SEO platform for keywords
  • Competition and search volume analysis
  • Extremely simple to use interface
  • Responds to moderate comments
  • Create and edit account profiles
  • Manages playlist and content
  • Monitoring of video and channel performance
  • Built-in fan gated tabs for increasing likes
  • Social media and forms management
  • Templates for social programmes and scorings
  • Intuitive and easy to use interface
  • Create landing pages for driving traffic

Buying Guide For Choosing The Best YouTube Marketing Tools

Are you planning to put your content-centric videos out in the open but confused as to where to start?

Worry no more, as we would certainly recommend you towards indulging in the rewarding realm of YouTube marketing, considering the outreach, scope, and trends on display. Video content is on the way up, with almost 64% of global users known to purchase products after viewing videos.

 While there are many video consumption platforms, nothing comes close to YouTube in terms of popular and curated viewing options. Therefore, if you are planning to market your videos, YouTube is the perfect platform to consider, provided the right Marketing Tools are available.

Simplifying further, it isn’t wrong to assume that video content is pretty much in demand, with 59% of company managers choosing video content over the textual ones, and almost 48% of highly viewed online posts feature embedded views. All these factors work in favor of YouTube video marketing, and we shall talk about the best tools in play, in the subsequent sections.

Best Features To Look In YouTube Marketing Tools

While there are several video marketing tools in the marketing, the feature sets on display are more or less standard with a few additional perks, here and there. Some of the best features to look out for include:

Better Exposure

Robust YouTube marketing software is capable of tracking different aspects of the video, including descriptions, thumbnails, titles, and tags. Apart from that, there is a free extension in play, making way for smooth launches. Every aspect is handled from an analytical point of view for better channel growth.


Consistency is the key to YouTube success. Filmora marketing software in 2020 should, therefore, focus on seamless video scheduling. This way, the user doesn’t need to worry about manual uploads as the interface does the same, following a specific timeframe.


Your video marketing initiative shall fall flat on the face if you aren’t getting the desired analytics. Most tools come with built-in tracking features that allow marketers to compare and track rankings based on Google and YouTube searches. Specific tools like VidIQ also allow keyword score monitoring, tracking of engagement metrics, and influencer identification for better marketing results.

Screen Recording

Self-help and explanatory videos do wonder on YouTube. Therefore, it is advisable to opt for a tool that offers a screen recording feature for a more professional outlook. This feature also makes way for better video annotations, voice narration, and more.

Mobile Optimization

Some creators work straight out of their smartphones. Mobile optimization, therefore, is an essential feature that supports seamless channel handling sans a dedicated desktop. Some of the best YouTube marketing services feature tools that bring extensive mobile optimization into play in the form of push notifications, monetization settings, scheduling, and more.

Are YouTube Marketing Tools Customizable?

While we did talk about some of the more desirable features of the best YouTube Marketing tools, it is necessary to understand that most of these options offer extended customizability to the creator.

For example, there are excellent marketing tools that trim link lengths for the creators, making it easier for them to share the same across platforms. Apart from that, many tools are multi-dimensional and offer a host of options to the users regarding channel optimization, keyword discovery, long-tailed keyword suggestions, and even country-specific content.

Moreover, if you have an entire team managing a YouTube channel, you require additional levels of customizability. These include using Hootsuite and a couple of best YouTube marketing software in 2020. Apart from channel management, these tools support team interactions via separate login IDs for each member of the team.

Benefits of Deploying YouTube Marketing Tools

While there are many perks of going online with your videos, having high-end marketing tools make the job easier for you. Here are some of the perks of persisting with the best YouTube marketing tools and techniques:

Professional Outlook

If you are using exclusive Canva marketing tool with graphics designs resources, your videos will undoubtedly look more professional with time. These include better music placements, improved thumbnail quality, and detailed descriptions. Even if you ignore these elements, the software will notify you.

Better Content Management

Having a tool to perform the marketing job makes way for better content management. With YouTube marketing resources in play, it is easier to organize, sync, upload, and even delete video content based on preferences.

Increased Personalization

For a new creator, adding personalized touches to the videos is the most challenging task. The best YouTube marketing tools help them with the same by offering perspective, keyword suggestions, and other elements.

Team Access

As mentioned previously, there are specific software units that support teams to collaborate and coordinate video uploading tasks. Therefore, it becomes more comfortable for the more professional channels to grow.


Uploading videos via tools offer options to encrypt the same. You can either add restrictive access or copyright guidelines to each uploaded piece of content as a protective measure.

Flexibility Of YouTube Marketing Tools

Most of the YouTube marketing tools are flexible enough to incorporate other online platforms. This way, platform integration, involving the likes of Instagram and Facebook, becomes more natural. Moreover, creators can directly access the user base across the mentioned platforms for popularizing the videos further.

The flexibility quotient also extends further and involves the inclusion of content-specific effects, video edits, transitions, and more. Every tool under the scanner is entirely customizable based on user requirements and flexible with feature sets appropriate for specific scenarios. The only thing which you need to do is come up with good content, and even these tools can help you by helping you compare multiple channels, looking at content trends, and more.

Pricing Factor

In most cases, if you purchase a YouTube marketing tool, you can use the same for an extended period. However, desktop and smartphone tools require unpaid updates to strengthen the software kernel, accordingly. Apart from that, specific video marketing tools come as yearly subscription models that are affordable yet extremely useful for creating and curating content.

Customer Service

These tools precisely target the professional in you, and therefore the feature sets can look overwhelming at times. Thus, these resources come with technical support teams to help guide the creator through the content-creation process. As a part of the support system, several uploaded tutorial videos can guide you through the process of keyword research, video editing, scheduling, and more. YouTube is a tech-intensive process that requires a bit of hands-on training.

Bottom Line

YouTube marketing is booming its way to the zenith. However, with lockdown keeping people indoors, it’s time to create the best possible content and market the same using the mentioned in Tubebuddy YouTube marketing tool. Without a doubt, this is the best time to get noticed, and these marketing resources can make it easier for you.

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