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Video making tools allows to edit amazing videos in a creative way to engage with wider online audiences in social media platforms.

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  • Vector SVG and high-quality PNG logos
  • Social sharing and privacy options
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  • 2D characterized designs for a modern look
  • High-quality imports and exports of content
  • Trust Arc privacy shielded compliance
  • Customizable formats for social media
  • Dynamic visual effects of smoke and flash
  • Fully creative control with design and animation
  • Versatility functions for video editing
  • Video embedding and object searchings
  • Share and download videos with simple one click
  • Multi-track editing and storyboard
  • Collaboration tools with social sharings
  • Speed adjustments with brand overlays
  • Timeline and business infographics
  • Wide variety of Icons to enhance designs
  • Compelling commentary with text edits
  • Keyframe and video previews
  • Personalize mockups for brands
  • Hundreds of customizable options
  • Video splitting, merging and zooming
  • Basic and advanced video editing tools
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Everything You Need To Know While Buying The best Video Maker For Social Media Marketing

The audio-visual medium is now the strongest medium when it comes to attracting and holding our attention. Videos have become the backbone of social media for revenue and also to serve the forum’s basic features of sharing events or clips. As social media continues to grow as the new and more popular market place with respect to advertisements, it becomes vital for marketers to have access to the Popular Marketing tools which can help them create the most effective videos to create an impact on their target audience.

The Global Stat website shows that 92% of people having Smartphones are on Social Media. Several profiles and pages are created which solely consist of photos and videos, some of which are funny or even entertaining in other ways like videos which include cool effects and music. To cater to the growing and dynamic demands of the viewers, new software developments are coming up. Apart from being a highly efficient tool to upgrade your marketing game, here are a few other features that today’s modern video makers should come with:

Features and Benefits

Video Maker software has seen a huge change in recent times. Earlier the software used to take a lot of space, requiring expensive hardware and device limitations. But with the advent of powerful yet reasonably priced smartphones, many compatible video-making apps and software have been created that are intuitive, easy to use, and also take very little time in rendering the videos. The features that you should look for in your video editing tools are as follows:

There are three fundamental stages to modern video editing, which are similar to the three-act structure of a film, the process of production has a beginning, middle, and an end:

Beginning: This is the stage where you transfer all your footage into your editing software.

Middle: The theme you will be using on the video. It could be educational, funny, or motivating, etc.

End: Post-production, perhaps one of the most important steps, is where the recorded footage is organized, then stitched together in an editing room.

File Transfer

The best Video Maker software should have a wide range of codecs supported in its platform so that it is easier for you to simply import the video to your editing software. These video editing software will also retain the aspect ratio of the video or alter it if you choose to change it in your custom sequence later.

Apart from videos, these software also allow the import of photos, music, and even GIFs so you can make a collage. Once they capture the files in their library, the software with its many categorizing options will help you to list them properly so that you do not get confused if the number of files you import is high.

Editing Tools

Video Makers is known for its editing tools. Adobe Rush Editing tool that are a must-have in your video editing apps are Cutting, trimming and pasting sequences, editing sequences, adding filters, adding transitions, and rendering high-quality video with the option to adjust the size of the video. These are the necessary tools to sequence your video properly and get high-quality video output.

There are a lot of smart techniques Youtubers, Facebook Users and Instagrammers use in their videos but using the cut and sequence mechanic so well that it blends with the beats. So the editing software you download must have these features.


Social media is all about how vibrant and attractive your video looks in order for it to become popular amongst the viewers. Since filters are a feature in demand, most of the video editing software comes with preloaded filters which you can apply directly on your whole video or parts of it.

To do this, the right filter is applied to the videos. Depending on the theme you are trying to portray to your viewers, filters are an integral part of that. Certain filters fit the mood and the atmosphere of the video. So applying them might polish the video in ways you were looking for.

Special Effects

Out of all the features that are included in the video editing software, the special effects feature is the most sought after feature. The effects pack also comes as a preloaded bundle in the software. There are a lot of third party websites that give away these bundles for free or for a small price.

Special Effects add that extra flair and magic to the video. A well-scripted edit and effect can really make the video stand out. If you are one of the regular editors who edit videos on a daily basis or looks forward to using video editing for your career, then you should consider buying the bundle packs of special effects which will help reduce your workload immensely.


Being a regular uploader of content, one has to have a good, and easy-to-use, video maker that they can use on the go and render good quality videos from, too. On the Internet, there are many free video maker software available that can be used for basic editing purposes but it is a better choice to go for a subscription-based, paid video maker. The free Video Makers get the job done and use advertisements as a source of revenue. The top video maker brands have a recurring subscription plan which can be renewed monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

The biggest benefit of buying the subscription is that you get hundreds of benefits like filter presets, transition presets, special effect presets, and other useful features that can help your video stand out which otherwise would not have been present in the free or trial version. The standard rates of the subscriptions are around $8 per month on average.

Ratings and Reviews

One of the most important features of the best video maker apps is the popularity and ratings which they receive from thousands of users over the years. Filter the different video maker software in terms of their ratings from highest to lowest and choose the ones which have the best feature list and customer rating.

Choosing the most popular ones almost always guarantees a good experience. These applications have a very lenient learning curve and once you get the hang of it, making videos through Filmora video maker becomes easy.

Color Adjustments

Filters add flair to the videos you edit, but a lot of times, the videos that you capture will have some or the other problem with lighting. Most of the time, the videos are too saturated, bright, sharp, or come with other lighting issues. Therefore, a good video editor provides you the option of color correction through the video making app itself.

Color Correction brings out the raw quality and the natural light that the video is intended to be recorded in. It can also be used to change the theme of the video completely from its original video. This is done in a lot of short movie production houses that use Youtube or Facebook to deliver their content to their viewers.

In-Built Video Compressors

Videos shot from a DSLR or from HD cameras take up a lot of space, in terms of their size, no matter their length. The video maker app recommends the aspect ratio, quality of the content, and size that will best fit your requirement, and that of the social media platform you choose.

All the different Social Media sites except Youtube have a 1:1 aspect ratio (square-sized) requirement and come with a limit on the size. Taking videos in a 1:1 ratio is difficult and this is where the video maker comes into play with in-built compressors that help you reduce the size of the video as well as crop the video according to your requirements.

Editing on PC vs Phone

The kind of video you're aiming to make should help you decide whether you should get software for your computer, phone, or tablet. Today, you can make similar videos from all your devices because of the advancement in technology. A high-quality video does not have to be made on a PC, it can be a creatively utilized simple video maker application as well.

PC will always have major benefits over using smartphones for video editing as it can support all the different requirements like slideshow video maker, picture video maker, and even cartoon video maker, but it should not limit your search.


There are many video maker apps available on high-end PCs and phones depending on your requirements and priorities. For the best results, a simple search on google with the name social media platform you use will give you the desired list of the best video maker apps for marketing. The common searches you could go for are the best Youtube video maker list, Facebook video maker, etc. but keep in mind to choose the Animoto video maker that come with all the above features to get the best experience.

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