Best VoIP Services for Mac

VoIP services provide additional software capabilities to broaden their horizons and increase accessibility with various features supporting Mac devices.

By Customer Feedback

  • Quick replies with text messages
  • Reporting/ Analysis and voice recognition
  • Simple and easiest audio and video callings
  • Fax and file-sharing management
  • Unified communications with SIP trunking
  • Call recording and contact management
  • The advanced US-based bilingual support
  • User-friendly unified communications
  • Interactive voice responses with call recordings
  • Improved communications through SIP trunking
  • Contact and call centre management
  • Multi-purpose admin panel technology
  • Enterprise-grade phone services
  • Built-in speakers and control devices
  • Advanced hardware and software components
  • Advanced communication API’s
  • Call monitoring with voice recognition
  • Presentation streaming with real-time chat
  • Advanced single sign-on functionality
  • Provides dynamic password managements
  • Real-time audit and compliance visibility
  • Performs scripting and logging feature
  • Controls devices with built-in speakers
  • Advanced voice compression algorithm mechanism
  • Call monitoring with virtual call centre
  • Campaign attribution with caller identity
  • Usage tracking and analytic reportings
  • SIP trunking and voicemail transcription
  • Multi-user collaboration and file sharing
  • Feedback collection and complaint management

Buyers Guide To Pick the Best VoIP Services for Mac Devices


The great features of your Mac device cannot reach its full potential if your VoIP service is falling short. What exactly is a VoIP service you may wonder? The voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a method and a group of technologies for the transmission of voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol networks.

As per the recent survey, more than 55% of all Mac users have taken up VoIP servers as their means to communicate over traditional telephone servers and the numbers continue to rise. The reason for this shift dwells in the massive convenience and benefit the VoIP services provide Mac users with which we shall elaborate on.

How VoIP Services Work on Mac Devices?

The VoIP technology enables and allows a traditional telephone service to function over computer networks by using the packet-switched protocols. Packet-switched VoIP applies voice signals into various packets or packs, just like that to an electronic envelope. VoIP packets/packs can be transmitted and circulated over any VoIP compatible network, such as a local area network (LAN).

Benefits of Using VoIP Service On Mac Devices

Lowers Overall Call Cost

The VoIP service will make calls from your Mac device using the IP instead of the telephone lines. The communication takes place over the internet and not the telephone network. This allows you to use your IP server as a means to make calls as well as surf the web thus saving overall cost by making your telephone bill lower as you can make calls through your IP with any package you are on.

Greater Mobility

Unlike telephone lines, VoIP users do not have to worry about losing signal or having connectivity issues when they are moving. As long as the IP server is activated all calls will be placed without any issues. This is a major advantage if you are someone who is often on the go. There are no physical limitations when it comes to making calls over a VoIP server.

Diverse And Modern Features

If your Mac device is connected with a VoIP server then Virtual PBX VoIP for seniors, which will be able to utilize all its multimedia features efficiently. The VoIP service will allow you not only to make calls but also to send texts, voice mails, media files, documents, etc. It also allows financial transactions to take place electronically via the security of banking apps. The various forms of communication that can take place through a VoIP within the cost of a subscription is much more beneficial than any telephone service operator can provide.

Ease in Managing Calls

Conference calls are of great importance, especially when you use them for business purposes. VoIP services make calls by converting data into packs, thus there are slim to no chances of any issues of cross-connections or poor audio quality during a conference call via a VoIP server. Moreover, businesses that use a traditional phone system have to pay extra charges to the host which conducts a conference call. With the help of VoIP, one has no extra expenditure on any number of calls, normal or conference.


With the help of your Mac device, there is no chance of you to miss a call due to poor internet connectivity. VoIP supports features such as voice mails and call forwarding which allows you to be reachable by callers wherever you are in any condition of connectivity. Similarly, you can even record and store your message which is to be sent immediately and forward it as soon as there is better connectivity. The aim here is that VoIP serves to be a reliable and time-efficient service for all Mac users.

Flexible VoIP Services

VoIP services are the most flexible calling and media sharing service a Mac user can subscribe to. Unlike telephone and mobile lines, the calls placed via VoIP are not limited by any number of connection lines. In this case, it is a matter of bandwidth which allows large numbers of data to be transmitted together without any issues.

Worldwide Access

VoIP is not limited to a local or regional framework. Mac users can access and communicate with anyone around the globe who is similarly connected with an IP protocol. Making long-distance calls has never been easier, cheaper, and clearer. To top it all, sending and receiving media files and documents from anywhere around the world is also possible via a VoIP service.

It is also worth noting that more and more companies are recognizing this benefit of VoIP and have learned the getting work done and hiring employees have become much easier with the help of VoIP. The VoIP structures and supports the entire 'work from home' model of employment, thus increasing productivity and job opportunities.

Features To Look While Selecting VoIP Services

Voicemail And Call Forwarding Option

It is sure that the Mac device you use supports the call forwarding and voicemail feature but you must ensure that your VoIP service provides you with these features. This feature is what makes the best VoIP service a reliable one for small enterprises.

In most cases, the voicemail and call forwarding features will come in free with the service subscription but can be chargeable depending on what the company offers. If you are a business owner then this feature is a vital one as customers and clients may want to communicate with you but are unable to do so due to various factors. With the help of these features, no essential information will be missed.

‘Do not disturb’ Feature

Staying connected is important but everyone needs a break from being on calls and receiving messages and emails all day. Moreover one may not be in the right place and the right time to receive calls and messages. The 'Do not disturb' feature is essential as it mutes all incoming calls and messages for as long as you need. The calls and emails are recorded for you to tend to them later when the time is right.

There may be times when you may be expecting an important call but are not in a condition to attend it then there are various VoIP service providers who provide an advanced DND feature which not only mutes the incoming calls and emails but also transfers them to your colleague or friend, whomever you chose to assign the call to be forwarded to.


We are aware that conducting conference calls via VoIP servers is easily possible and inexpensive. However, some VoIP service providers with security may hold back this service until you ask them to activate it. Activating this feature is usually free of charge but can be chargeable depending on which company you chose to subscribe to.

Unified Communication Process

This is a highly important feature that all Mac users need to look for while selecting a VoIP service. The unified communication feature allows you to not only make calls and send voicemails but also send and receive media files, chat messages, collaborate on calendars and many more features varying from the price range of the subscription package. This is an essential feature that a Mac user should have access to in order to utilize their device to its maximum potential.

Analytics feature

This is a highly advanced feature that allows one to get a statistical review on the calls made and received on their contact number via the VoIP server. This allows one to see where most of their calls are coming from, the duration of the call, how many calls are placed and received within a given time frame- a helpful feature for Mac users who like having an extra insight on their call history.

Call Recordings

Call recording is a feature that not everyone uses on a regular basis but can be mighty helpful for business purposes. A Mac user can access this feature for free from their VoIP service provider and can have their calls recorder for future reference or to use it as a document of proof. Taking calls where there is just too much information to collect at that moment can be stressful, this is where the call recording feature shines.
Rating a call is a factor that functions in 2 ways. VoIP providers often ask users to rate a call just after the call was disconnected to get feedback on the quality of connectivity. This helps them to analyze the calls which were weaker in connectivity through the user ratings. Secondly, business owners can unlock features that allow their clients to rate the effectiveness of their interaction over the VoIP supported call.


In today's age where all industries are heavily interlocked with the internet, it is essential for a Mac user to have access to a good quality VoIP to get the most out of their device and IP connection. Considering the cost and service of a VoIP, you just install the Grasshopper VoPI for international calls, it is a must-have service for all Mac users today.