Best VoIP For Small Businesses

Improve the productivity of business with smart and effective VoIP Service providers that give cloud-based calling systems and automated greeting feature to receive clients.

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  • Instant and easy to set up virtual services
  • Easy to use cloud-based phone system
  • Professional greeting and employee extension options
  • Mobile app manages and maintains calls
  • Virtual receptionist services for small business
  • Customized cloud based phone services
  • Advanced and reliable virtual calling system
  • Automated greeting directs them to employees
  • Simple and easy to use audio and video conferencing
  • High quality business communication platform
  • Cloud-based communications solutions
  • Smart phone services for customer engagement
  • Features helpdesk software and CRM tools
  • Modern and remote working solutions
  • Ultimate calling service with 24/7 customer support
  • Great virtual phone system for small budgets
  • Fully featured application with easy to use interface
  • Dedicated conference room with premium benefits
  • Offers unlimited calling and video conferencing
  • Intuitive and accessible dashboard management
  • Advanced rules with customizable call forwardings
  • Virtual meetings with voicemail options
  • Unlimited calling and video conferencing
  • Easy to customize and configuring of number
  • Voicemails sent via email as a WAV file
  • Boosts a built-in chrome TM dialer extension
  • Fibre-optic network with industry-leading speeds
  • Allows to set up virtual phone number
  • Wide range of B2B products and services
  • Uses internet connection to make and receive calls

Buying Guide To Select VoIP Services For Small Businesses


If you’re looking for VoIP for small businesses, then you can get all the information here. With the best VoIPs , you need to think about the stakeholders considering all the business planning processes. In this, you need to include the folks working with data security or IT people as your communication will be converted into data now. Also, the people who have to use the system for ensuring a smooth working process, aim for customer engagement within the business.

In the leading VoIP, you get all the functionality that can enable you to switch to improved revenues. It is just the beginning with a video chat function and an automated call attendant. Other modules are also available for certain purposes, including managing streamline call workflow, collaboration enhancement, or improving customer experience. It is one of the reasons why VoIP systems turn out to be better than traditional systems with the Ooma.

Features of VoIP For Small Businesses

In the advanced era, things are turning better and superior to traditional settings. Similarly, VoIP emerged as a replacement from the traditional landline system. No doubt, one can use any one of them as per his or her requirement. But, when you learn about the stunning features and high-class functionality associated with the VoIP provider system, it would surprise you. Presently, several small business owners are switching to a VoIP system to ensure a better experience. If you're still unaware about the features associated with VoIP for small businesses, then check them out below:

Recording Calls

One of the most important features which everyone wishes to get is call recording. But the traditional landline systems fail to supply this feature. With the advancement, this feature is also enabled in the VoIP systems. If you're willing to note the reference, then you can easily record the calls and keep it with you. As per the service, call recording can be done on behalf of the business or individual reasons. When you're involved in handling customer service, then call recording sounds as an essential feature to get hands over.

Call Transfer

This is something which one might be missing using the traditional landline mobile systems. When you start using the VoIP systems, you'll get to enjoy call transfer and call hold facility. This is something that can help you build smooth relationships with customers. Simply, you can get the order placed for customers and keep the call on hold to complete the formalities. Many times, one may need to contact other members to talk about a certain issue and keep the customer on hold. In such a situation, you can also transfer the call to other members to solve the problem.

Forwarding Calls

In any business, one might wish to get this feature enabled over their mobile system. With the traditional landline system, it is not possible to enjoy the call forwarding feature. Though, the upcoming of VoIP for small businesses have made a great entry with the call forwarding feature. You don’t need to enable this feature as all your inbound calls will get this feature enabled automatically. If you're willing to lower your lost leads, you can redirect the calls using when no one picks up the phone on the desk.

Though, there’s no guarantee with call forwarding features that leads are never going to the voicemail step. It is a reason why some business owners wish to enable the answer mechanism along with the call forwarding feature.

Screening of Calls

With the call screening service, workers can be controlled whether calls they need to pick. In simple words, using the caller ID gives details about the person behind the call to decide whether to pick or decline the call. Or you can even know that you need to send a voicemail to the person or not knowing the caller ID. This can also demand all the callers to give identification to them. If your business holds busy employees, you can use the VoIP system to control the calls to pick, which are worth your business and; VoIPs accessible with Mac device for businesses. 

Programmed Attendant

The programmed call attendant is an astonishing feature enabled with VoIP for small businesses. This reduces the need to ensure a live staff is available to answer the call in holiday hours or office closure hours. You can just use this feature and get all the incoming calls answered automatically.

Benefits of VoIP for Small Businesses

People often assume VoIP as an advanced system that might turn out to be complex to handle. Though, it is regarded as one of the most proficient systems to be used in businesses. Along with the long list of features, the best VoIP for small businesses works as an excellent system with astonishing benefits. VoIP enables users to receive any calls or make calls just by switching to a broadband connection. It avoids usage of the ordinary phone line. With this advanced technology, the sound gets converted into packets and gets transferred over the internet in the form of data such as emails. Read on to know the benefits associated with the VoIP system.

High Productivity

When you start using VoIP service in your business, it can improve productivity levels. It does so by reducing the occurrence of phone-tag, which is a clashing condition when both the people call them and fail to get the hold. A phone tag can be a frustrating thing that can make your customers feel bad about it. It can even cause a decline in your sales and affect your business revenue. With the help of a VoIP system, a program gets enabled over the phone numbers to ring again and again before heading to leave a voicemail step. As a result, it reduces the chances of phone tag occurring between the calls.

Superior Call Quality

One of the biggest advantages available with VoIP systems is the superior quality of calling. With this superior technology, you can either make a call or receive a call without letting the person on your call know about your mobile system, whether it is landline or VoIP. In the present time, the VoIP system exists as a superior option over the landline system when ranking the quality of calling. You can select the best VoIP for small businesses to enjoy the best call quality.

Multiple Function

No doubt, VoIP doesn’t support a single function of calling. In the modern systems, it does incorporate multiple functions such as information presence, messaging, voicemail receiving, teleconferencing, faxes (by email), and video conference calls. With the system supporting multiple functions, it becomes a beneficial mobile system for small businesses.

When you use a video conferencing feature, it helps you stay in touch with your business's employees. It can give you ample chance to discuss the crucial matters without worrying about your far away location from them. VoIP system enables employees to connect being on faraway locations within the world. This means your employees need not stay present at the office physically to participate in the conference.

Secure System

When comparing VoIP with the landline system, it emerges as a secured system. In the modern system, you get the standard protocols available with encryption. These protocols enable safety over your calls, and all the data stays protected. This is something that can't be achieved using a landline service.

Automated Support

The modern system or VoIP phone system features programmed support, which includes customer service calling once the office hours are over. In the holiday days or other odd hours, you can easily use VoIP to program customer service calling and give them a full day and night service.

Highly Portable

Until your internet connection is good, the VoIP system can be used easily from any location. With this system, you can easily connect the calls or receive calls on different gadgets such as smartphones and others. This ensures that customers can easily connect with you and solve their query irrespective of your location in the world. You can also transfer the customer call to anyone else without asking the customer to dial any other number. Using this system, one can enjoy high portability and keep updated with all the business status.

Lower Costs

Generally, people get worried about the cost of using such an advanced system. There's no need to think about it since VoIP comes with a low operating cost compared to traditional options. This sounds an amazing thing about the VoIP system, which makes it a much more demanding option.

Conclusion - Pick The Best VoIP Services For Small Business

One can't deny the fact that VoIP for small businesses is a valuable phone system when compared with the traditional system. This is an advanced phone system that enables ample features to be used by businesses. Whether it is about call forwarding or video conference, all the features are activated in the best VoIP for small businesses. Seeing the advanced scenario, Unitel Voice VoIP fits best as a phone system for businesses.