Best Video Game Design Services by Fiverr

Fiverr platform helps to get outsourcing designing including animations and illustrations on various gaming platforms.

By Customer Feedback

  • Environmental and characteristic design
  • High-quality artworks and fast turnarounds
  • Layered source files to easy uploadings
  • Coloured in simple flat shading style
  • Carefully handcrafted characteristic designs
  • Professional studio design for game illustrations
  • Draws colour characters to choose
  • Colour scenes based on descriptions
  • Piel art like characters and animations
  • Rapidly adjusts to modifications
  • Flat colours with simple shadings
  • Professional maps and backgrounds
  • Passionate professional in digital art
  • Unique styles to draw the characters
  • The helpful and amazing final product
  • Makes retro art media and stuff
  • Licensed for commercial use cartoons
  • Enhanced detailing including animations
  • Fullmap textures and animations
  • Immersive portfolio with multiple designers
  • Complete characters ready animation formats
  • Creates 2D assets for game characters
  • Game screen designs and sketches
  • High-quality drawings with great service
  • Adventurous and RPG video gaming
  • Concepts designs on monsters and cartoons
  • Quick and responsive characteristic designs
  • Unlimited reviews and edits sketches
  • High-resolution JPG and PNJ file formats
  • Creative growth with vital valuable experience

Detailed Buying Guide for Video Game Design Services By Fiverr

When it comes to software designing business services, you will always need specialists trained to build software designs. Code the functionalities on both the front-end and back-end, and deploy the software for the end-user applications. 

As you already know, games are also a kind of software built by special software specialists who have done certifications in animations, gaming, and other types of program development courses. 

Hire the best video game design services by Fiverr rather than doing everything on your own and spoiling the new video game software's entire concept. 

Why Are Freelance Game Services Better?

The video game design services are available in two forms- one that works for an agency while the other is the freelancing platforms. People usually themselves in jeopardy when they are asked to hire any of these two groups. After all, both the software development agency and the freelancer have their own set of cons and pros. 

Top 5 Things To Know Before Employing Game Design Fiverr Service

Today, however, we will talk about those freelancers who work for Fiverr- the most popular freelancing community where one can get jobs and offer jobs. 

Here, we will discuss how hiring a freelancer for Fiverr's video game services will help you and your business. 


With an agency, you won't be able to alter the working time. Let's say that your in-house testing team has logged a defect at night, and you need it resolved at the earliest. 

Unfortunately, you won't resolve the issue with the agency sooner since they will work the next day again during their scheduled working hours. 

However, if we are talking about a freelancer from Fiverr services, you will get the opportunity to work flexibly with the development since they can work according to your timeline. 

Area of Expertise

When you have decided to hire freelance video game or video designing Fiverr services, you will hire experts who have gained superior knowledge of some specific fields you want. 

For example, let's say you want a front-end expert and the agencies you have looked into aren't a pro. Under such cases, a freelancer will help you since you will get tons of names of experts dealing with front-end development for years at Fiverr.

Wide Array of Freelancers

When we are talking about Fiverr's freelancing professionals, we are talking about a wide range of talent that you would never find anywhere else. Get various aspects of the video game development process since you can hire the experts as per the talent you need.

Let's say you need a PLSQL developer to create a static database for the video game. So, you will search for the same on Fiverr. There, you will get not only the PLSQL developers but also experts who handle various functionalities and branches of the database, including deployment, migration, management, and so on. 

Contract-base Jobs

If you are hiring an agency, you will have to hire them on a long term basis, say for two or four years. The problem with such a long term plan is that you won't end the contract without showing a valid and justifiable reason. 

But, if you are hiring a freelancing service, you will be able to terminate the contract whenever you feel the freelancer isn't living up to your expectations. 

Higher Working Speed 

Without a doubt hiring freelancers will give you the upper hand on the project's delivery if you had estimated a total time of seven months to complete the video game's development and deployment. A freelancer would be able to finish off the job within five to six months. This will further reduce your costs and will allow you to launch the video earlier than expected, thereby earning your end-users' trust. 

How To Choose The Best Freelance Game Services from Fiverr?

As we have said earlier, Fiverr is a wide platform where you will find freelancers having different talents. If you search for a particular video game service, you will at least get fifteen to twenty names, if not more. 

So, choosing the best video game design services by Fiverr will be overwhelming for you without a doubt. For this reason, we have explained some of the tips with which you can hire the best freelancer without putting much effort. 

Look for Highly Rated Freelancers

Your first task will be to look for freelancing services that have gained quite a lot of appreciation in recent times. The appreciations can be based on the number of bids the service has received or the number of likes. More appreciation will assure that the freelance service is trustworthy, genuine, and worth hiring. 


As we have already discussed earlier, you might not need all the video game design services at once. If you think that your project only needs a specific service, you have to look for that service only. When you will list down the names, make sure that they have gained expertise in your required field of development services.

Bid Prices

When we talk about the freelancer platforms like Kevinregan and Gamedsgn, you can't hire a freelancer based on a fixed amount. First, you have to place the job offer and then state the bid. Based on the bid, freelancing services will respond to your offer. 

So, when placing the bid, you have to make sure that your offered money is within your budget limit. This will help you to avoid any financial confrontation later on in the future. 

Check Their Portfolio

Lastly, you have to check the previous clients or works of the freelancing video game service you will choose. The feedback and the reviews from the previous clients will help you to understand the freelancer deeply. 


One thing is clear and that the moment you decide to choose a freelancer for your video game development from Fiverr, you will have to work hard to get the best service. 

Once you will do your homework and act accordingly, no one will stop you from selecting the best of the best like Doantrang - a freelancing video game expert in coding, logo designing, artwork, and so on.

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