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Highly-skilled designers help to create an awesome book covers with illustrations that reflect your style and passion.

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  • Designs e-book layouts and covers
  • Creates 2D and 3D covers designs for magazines
  • Unlimited revision until complete satisfaction
  • Various genres of business and marketing designs
  • Experienced and certified resume writer
  • Custom cover letter with easy modification
  • Creates attention-grabbing content for resumes
  • 2 design concepts with jacket covers
  • Provides logo and business card publishings
  • Very responsive and helpful professional team
  • Unlimited revisions with source files
  • Highest quality work delivers in 5 days
  • Advanced back and spine designs
  • Variety of styled designs to create attractive content
  • Awesome and eye-catching 3D designs
  • Unique content with advanced photo editing
  • Unlimited stock images for creative designs
  • Non-expedited order delivery
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Creative kindle designs of 3D mockup
  • Cover designs with premium stock photos
  • Unlimited revisions with fast delivery
  • Provides high-quality work in a timely fashion
  • Attractive spine and back designs
  • Award-winning front back cover designs
  • High-resolution JPG and PNG file formats
  • Handcrafted designs based n specifications
  • Utilizes advanced stock images for creation
  • Fast communication and response time
  • Free 3d mockup for book covers
  • Allows unlimited revisions with unique content
  • High DPI and powerful source file formats
  • 100% unique and creative content
  • High quality professional graphic designs
  • Professional designs with top quality work
  • Advanced back and spine designs
  • Create a unique and creative design for covers
  • 3d images for websites and social media
  • Source files with 3d mockups
  • Allows high-resolution files upto 300 DPI
  • Supports JPG, PNG, JSD and PDF file formats
  • Converts 2D flat designs into 3d covers
  • Get transparent files with no backgrounds

Buying Guide To Choose Book Cover Design Services On Fiverr Platform

The bulk of Fiverr customers pick the most highly regarded gigs and business services on the top or have the highest rating. Are you shocked to hear this? Check the reason below. The most traffic and, as well, the most selling is received from those producers of Fiverr, the freelance platform, who hit the highest search results. So they are going to make their money as long as they do not get many negative reviews.

Types of Book Cover Design Services 

Stock Image Manipulation

The term 'stock picture' is sometimes used as a four-letter term. In the mouths of non-designers, they are seen as a symbol of artistic faint-heartedness — as unkind as it is not. In the first instance, the benefits of using inventory pictures for the cover concept are prices. They are reasonably cost-effective, professional photos that come in seconds exclusively for Fiverr service users.

Time is also an asset in comparison to prices. For an artist, dealing with a pre-existing picture is easier than illustrating one from the ground up – this often means it is cheaper. Quite commonly, several hybrid images are made up of covers. At this point, the designer's task is to match the multiple visual elements with the form. The artist is a talented collage artist.


The greatest value in illustrated covers is the artist's unique artistic style. Drawing types can range from tricky to too complicated. Some genre readers love the illustrated services by Fiverr. Fans of fantasy and science fiction are, for example, often drawn to detailed images encouraging viewers to visit their universe. It is important to remember that not all the cover designers are illustrators and that not all can objectively draw a cover. Quite frequently, an artist commissions an illustrator to partner with them on a concept — so that the illustration is compatible with their idea of the title treatment. Overall, a cover picture would not be sufficient to include a description and the author's name to make things look worse.

Original Photography

Custom picture book coverings are uncommon. This is because of the time and money of our old colleagues. If you found it expensive to hire an illustrator, wait until you know how much it costs for a photoshoot or Photoshop to take place. This route is typically only achieved where it is not feasible to catch the publisher's wishes using drawings and inventories. There are two genres: celebrity remembrances and romantic fiction directly in view.

Advantages Of Designing Services On Fiverr

Limited Budget 

You will get the covers at a very low price. So you have a limited budget, you can always refer to Fiverr. The best one would cost around fifteen to thirty dollars approximately on Fiverr because additional revision is included. However, Fiverr is a perfect way to play with and get a cover design in little to no time, often even for a couple of hours if you are pushed for time and do not want to waste any money on the cover.

Test Model Cover

You can roll the dice specifically for as little as five dollars and show them an illustration of a book cover you prefer. If the mark is absent, you should carry the work to another artist who can nail the work because they have a guide.

Side Note 

The framework Fiverr has, based on various reasons, listed sellers at certain amounts. It is easier to look for designers, but it also takes time. In comparison, some better-classified book covers do not always provide professional work, whereas some low-ranking artists do really good jobs. These are the covers on which artists who work tirelessly and can have a client base. Pro_ebookcovers and Boomsa are very popular for unique content with advanced photo editing.

Seller Response

Some of the best books cover designers in Fiverr who strongly do not speak the English language. Even though they would draw a cover like nobody else, they make a thousand little mistakes since they do not understand English very well. Any of these designers find their way off, but typically they end up being pricey. This makes them expensive. Those designers are a sword with two rims. They are the best in Fiverr, but normally you wait too long trying to get them to understand what you need.


When you judge a book by its cover, the readers typically want to see coverings that stand out from the multitude of books that the same person seems to have crafted. You may need to think twice before you get your cover designed for five bucks, irrespective of the site you choose if your book's exclusive cover design stands out and impresses your readers. Cebooker is best known for creating 2D and 3D cover designs for magazines. In short, our experience in Fiverr has been informative. It featured useful knowledge about the way designers work and how designers can give you adequate book covers at low prices.

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