Best Transmission Jacks

Fully adjustable jacks provide perfect angle, versatility, and flexible enough for a wide range of repairs and servicing jobs.

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  • Ideal for handling heavy transmissions
  • Adapter plate for road ranger transmissions
  • 360 degrees of pump handle rotation
  • Heavy-duty 2 Ton jack
  • Adjustable corner brackets
  • Saddle tilt and size adjustment
  • Air pressure of 0.75-0.85 MPa
  • Fully adjustable saddle
  • Maximum height capacity upto 74-1/2
  • Reaches a maximum height of 74 inches
  • Wide base with four swivel caster wheels
  • Two stages of hydraulics for great lift range
  • Fine adjustments to stabilize the load
  • Maximum extension capacity upto 800 lbs
  • Jack to safely hold front and rear axles
  • Threaded support slotted bars
  • Composed with high-quality materials
  • Rustproof structure for enhanced performance
  • Construction with a safety feature
  • Paint finish resist rust and corrosion
  • Safety chains for secure transmissions
  • Secure transmissions on a saddle
  • Strong heavy-duty steel construction
  • Fully adjustable saddles with corner brackets
  • Four leg base with swivel casters
  • Ideal for light truck transmissions
  • Spring load for automatic halt lowering
  • Superior quality multipurpose design
  • The anti-rust covering of a sturdy structure
  • Finest grade material for durability
  • Jack with Four leg-mounted base
  • Strong heavy-duty steel construction
  • Great lift range with telescopic system

Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Transmission Jack?

Looking for an easier way to work on your vehicle? Tired of the cumbersome methods of repair? Well, then all your problems can be solved with the help of the ever-handy transmission jack. A transmission jack is something you will need for easily installing a new transmission or removing an old one from your vehicle. Whether you plan to do it yourself or you are doing it professionally, the transmission jack will make the task easier for you. You will also find a wide variety of transmission jack Tools from different manufacturers so you can choose the one which will suit your requirements.

Key Features Of Transmission Jack

The following are some vital features to look into before buying a transmission jack.


Differential units and gearboxes are a few of the many heavy components of bigger vehicles. Poor quality jacks may diminish its usability faster because of lesser durability. You should always look for jacks constructed from sturdy and heavy-duty elements for the safety of the user. When buying, check the warranty, make (materials used), and brand.

Weight Capacity

The amount of weight a transmission jack can handle is a very important factor you should keep in mind while shopping. If it is intended for home use, the weight capacity of 1000 pounds should suffice. However, commercial tasks require higher weight-bearing capacity, around 2000 pounds would be sufficient.

Range of Motion

This feature allows the adjustable height of the transmission jack to be determined. Usually, a vertical distance of 35-75 inches is regarded as sufficient. However, you should conduct an accurate measurement in order to safely fit the transmission underneath the vehicle.

Ease of Assembly

Assembling the jack is usually easy. Some may have instructional manuals that are difficult to understand. It can be fatal to use a poorly assembled transmission jack. You must try to buy the jacks which can be easily assembled or have it assembled by your provider same like Two ton low profile transmission jack.


While mobility is important, you also need a jack that is stable enough to keep the transmission firmly in place. To ensure this, the jack must consist of a wide ground contact base for better stability. The wide base of the leg firmly anchors the transmission to the ground and prevents it from tilting or slipping when elevated or lowered for repair work.

Different Types Of Transmission Jacks

Under Car Transmission Jacks

This transmission jack is extendable for height to allow it to access the transmission of the vehicle that has been elevated up on a lift jack. It can be used with either a two or four-post car lift. This transmission jack allows the operator to easily stand and work under the vehicle to either remove or install the transmission.

Low Profile Transmission Jacks

These transmission jacks are used for changing or repairing a transmission in a vehicle that isn't elevated above the ground by a lift. The majority of these jacks come with easy-roll casters, adjustable tilt saddle and versatile swivel pump handle, which are effective when you work on tight areas.

Heavy-Duty Transmission Jacks

Trying to work with heavy vehicles? Well regularly engaging in heavy lifting in calls for a heavy-duty transmission jack. You can easily and safely use them on a heavyweight truck with a capacity ranging between 2,000 to 3,000 pounds. They are made up of heavy-duty steel, so they can handle heavy trucks while also staying versatile enough to work on lesser weighing trucks and cars.

Bottle Jacks

It is also known as the whiskey jack, this heavy-duty jack looks similar to a bottle in its shape. The core component of this jack is the vertical hydraulic ram that is situated at the center. It functions via a hydraulic pressure through a foot pump that will push the ram through a pressure hose. This jack is mostly limited to cars with higher clearance.

Price and Warranty Information

Transmission jacks which are lower in price may not have a high weight holding capacity. They are usually suitable for lighter weighing vehicles such as motorcycle engines and small-sized cars.

You will find most of the best transmission jacks in the higher price category. These are the most useful for commercial purposes, transmission jacks in this range have a high weight holding capacity. They are made of strong and robust elements and oftentimes have many more premium features.

While the cost of the jack may be vital, you need to make some other considerations as well. For instance, a comprehensive warranty for the equipment will be equally valuable. Paying a little extra for another product having a better warranty may be worth your money and you'll have peace of mind.

Benefits Of Transmission Jack

  • Easy usability: Transmission jacks use hydraulic fluid to elevate vehicles. You only need to work the mechanics to easily raise or lower the vehicle. The simple motions allow the jack to accomplish tasks that are usually hard.
  • Uniform lift: The One ton transmission jack allow you to get a uniform lift, unlike other methods such as manual lifting. All you require is a transmission jack with a wide leg base at a flat plain to get the desired results.
  • Economical: Using force through hydraulic systems the best of the best transmission jacks available today makes it cheaper to accomplish what is normally a very expensive task. You would not only need an operator but you would probably also need dozens of individuals to get the same task done without a transmission jack.
  • Saves time: You may one day wake up to find a flat tire before it's time for you to go to work. What do you do? This is a major inconvenience that may disrupt your mood for the day, or even for the week. The transmission jack allows you to change the flat tire in a shorter period. It is not easy to find people to manually help you to lift your car in these situations.


The OTC transmission jack tool are vital for working on your vehicle. The transmission jack has become a ‘must-have’ in today’s date when everyone is heavily depending on automobiles. This tool is bound to make your life easier, save a lot of your time and is every bit worth your investment.

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